Soil environmental protection law included in the legislative plan

Said Wu Xiaoqing

, Vice Minister of Ministry of environmental protection 8, NPC and CPPCC at the press center held a press conference, water, air and soil pollution is the environmental protection work involves the vital interests of the people focus on efforts to solve the problem.

soil environmental protection law has been included in the legislative plan of the NPC, has formed a draft. I will work with relevant departments to further intensify efforts to speed up the legislative process, to provide better legal protection for soil environmental protection and pollution control." Wu Xiaoqing said. read more

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Xining city is about to usher in the annual assessment of the city

Reporters from the work to create a national civilized city to promote the meeting to the end of October or the beginning of November, Xining will usher in the annual review of the central civilization office in Xining city to create a national civilized city work. According to the Xining municipal Party committee, Minister of the Propaganda Department, City Union president, City Civilization Commission Director Wang Haihong at the meeting arrangements, the region of Xining City, the responsible units will focus on the new revision of the "national civilized city evaluation system" content and evaluation criteria, in strict accordance with the evaluation task decomposition table arrangement requirements, spare no efforts in the year check evaluation work.

it is reported that the new evaluation system is more prominent on the livelihood of the people oriented, people look forward to a better education, more stable jobs, more income, more reliable social security, higher levels of health care services, more comfortable living conditions and more beautiful environment so as to respond to. At the same time, increase the mass weights, which will promote the country to firmly establish the mass viewpoint, do people care, basic needs of social concern, the good things, to create a civilized city really made for the benefit of the masses of the people’s livelihood project.   read more

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This year the province’s comprehensive renovation of 500 villages environment

The reporter learned from the provincial Environmental Protection Bureau was informed that this year, our province fully grasp the home beautification action and ecological protection, will arrange 500 villages and Nomadic Settlements environmental comprehensive renovation project, covering the whole county province and strive to reach 24. At the same time to carry out national and provincial railway traffic along the scenic spots and surrounding environment, combining along the Huangshui River, remediation and surrounding environment in the west of the cocoa inscription on the environment, key scenic spots, mainly along the traffic problems in-depth investigation and rectification. read more

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The city’s passenger transport industry to carry out winter transportation safety production inspect

to do a good job in our city winter road passenger transport safety, to protect the safety of life and property, according to the November 8th national traffic transportation safety work conference held in our city, with winter transportation safety situation, winter transportation safety work immediately for the passenger transport enterprises carried out the arrangements, then organize someone to the urban areas 24 Road passenger transport enterprises to conduct a comprehensive inspection dragnet. read more

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Xining city police fire brigade fire brigade formally established the Gan River ndustrial Park

June 2nd, Xining city police fire brigade fire brigade formally established the Gan River Industrial park. The establishment of the team, will improve on the Gan River Industrial Park Fire Prevention and control capabilities, to promote the rapid development of economic construction, to ensure peace and play a positive role.

Xining (National) Gan River Industrial Park Economic and Technological Development Zone in July 2002 approved the establishment of. At present, the park has formed a 112 thousand tons of electrolytic aluminum, 50 thousand tons of electrolytic lead, 100 thousand tons of zinc, 200 thousand tons of high purity silicon body such as the main industry and the capacity to lead, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, nickel and gold, Ying, silver and other precious metals processing and chemical fertilizer industry and high risk project the initial formation of the main industrial clusters. read more

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The Xining municipal government work conference improper mediocre officers lazy officer honest and d

"we promise the municipal government leadership on the direction to take the lead, in the hard work to take the lead in, said Li Li line should take the lead in maintaining unity, to take the lead, to take the lead in clean politics, please Comrades over us." The afternoon of April 25th, vice secretary of Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo in the municipal government work conference stressed to hundred-percent to implement the spirit of the two plenary session of the eighteen Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Council, the provincial government work conference and the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the thirteen plenary session of the three, the improper mediocre officers, not lazy officer, honest and diligent people, do against oppose formalism, bureaucracy, against inefficiency, oppose extravagance and waste. read more

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The show opens our eyes

August 31st, the reporter saw in the South International Convention and Exhibition Center, the first Cordyceps festival held not only attracted the participation of various businesses from the province, but also attracted a lot of foreign businessmen and tourists. People in twos and threes gathered in front of the exhibition, or to ask the staff to identify the true and false Cordyceps, or on their own goods and exhibitors interested in bargaining…….

Zhang from Shaanxi visited the booth one by one, he said, Cordyceps festival held well, here to learn a lot of knowledge about cordyceps. Now on the market a lot of fake Cordyceps, I do not know how to identify, here today also learned to identify the authenticity of a lot of harvest. read more

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Xining in the first three quarters of economic and social development to achieve steady growth of th

this year, Xining actively respond to the complex international and domestic environment, and strive to overcome the constraints of factors, the city’s economy and society continue to maintain a stable development trend. 1-9 months of the city’s GDP reached 62 billion 223 million yuan, an increase of 14%, to achieve a total of GDP, investment, fiscal revenue, income, total retail sales of social consumer goods grew steadily by five.

this year, with the macroeconomic environment tight situation, Xining city industry efforts to overcome the economic downturn, sluggish external demand, increased production costs and other unfavorable factors, thoroughly implement the general policy of maintaining stability, the city’s good in quickly, in accordance with the overall goal of building people’s satisfaction with the "life of the city, the city of happiness", solid work to promote the city’s economic and social development of sustained growth, optimizing the economic structure, development potential, enhance livelihood significantly improved the situation. Preliminary estimates, 1-9 month the city’s GDP reached 62 billion 223 million yuan, an increase of 14%. Among them: the first industry added value of 2 billion 65 million yuan, an increase of 5.1%; the completion of the value of the industry to increase the value of 32 billion 458 million yuan, an increase of 14.3%; the completion of the value of the third industry added value of 27 billion 700 million yuan, an increase of 14.4%. read more

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South City branch of the police station to combat the prevention and control of the two sides to pre

For the area to crack down on the "Pirates" illegal and criminal activities, the South Beach Branch of the city police station to seriously implement the "special action to combat pirates" plan spirit, vigorously carry out publicity and prevention, after a month long tour campaign, area of all kinds of cases has declined, and achieved good results

is the area to crack down on the "Pirates" illegal and criminal activities, the South Beach Branch of the city police station to seriously implement the "special action to combat pirates" plan spirit, vigorously carry out publicity and prevention, after a month long tour campaign, the area of all kinds of cases decreased, and achieved good results. read more

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