Review the history of the party to be pioneer city traffic bureau to carry out traffic 51 and cele

2011 is the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, but also the implementation of the 12th Five-Year plan of the first year. To commemorate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of Chinese, praise China valiant record to further stimulate the majority of traffic, the global system of cadres and workers love the party, love the motherland, love people, love their jobs, and the cadres and workers of the wisdom and strength to the "12th Five-Year" plan. The morning of April 28, 2011, Xining city traffic bureau in the seven floor conference room held a celebration of bureau of the global system of "51" and "the Communist Party was established to commemorate the ninety anniversary of China review the history of the party, striving to pioneer traffic history," the union knowledge contest. read more

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Xining integrated forces punish corruption corruption

For the effective integration of the discipline inspection organs handling power, continuously improve the quality of the work of investigating the case and scientific level, before the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau issued a "on the strengthening of the work force of integration" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the introduction of the "opinions" alone will effectively break the grassroots discipline inspection organs. The basic problem of handling the situation, crack formation, effect of investigating cases of fist.

"opinions" pointed out that the discipline inspection organs at all levels should focus their work, work and personnel to discipline supervision and investigating cases of tilt, city and district (county) Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau of handling power of not less than the units of the 50%. Grassroots discipline inspection and supervision organs to handle the case with the proposed requirements of not less than 2 people.

"opinions" stressed that in handling cases work should strictly implement the regular reporting, interviews and accountability system. District (county) Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau, municipal organs and units of discipline (Committee) (Discipline Inspection Group) in the important clues to investigate and deal with the case to the same level Party committee (party) report at the same time, must report to the City Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision bureau. City Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau on the occurrence of major corruption cases and long-term growth and spread of local unwholesome tendencies, departments and units, it is necessary to investigate the responsibility of the parties, and to pursue the investigations related to the leadership responsibility, the implementation of one case double check. At the same time, according to the work of handling the situation in various regions, at any time to interview the implementation of the task measures are not in place, poor leadership, weak handling of the Discipline Inspection Commission leadership, put forward the work requirements, the implementation of corrective measures. To have the case without investigation, the case report of the subordinate discipline inspection organs, seriously pursue the responsible person in charge and responsible persons.   read more

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Recent rainfall prone period

Affected by the plateau south of the southwest and northern cold air, April 15th to 16, the greater part of our province a spring rain, which Xining City, mutual aid, people and other places has reached the standard of soaking rain. According to the latest forecast of the Provincial Meteorological Observatory, the province’s recent frequent rainfall into the stage, the next few days there are precipitation patronize.

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West District government to encourage the lake tournament highlight tax style


6 29, the opening of the eleventh session of the Qinghai Lake international road cycling race in Xining Lake Lake grand opening of the New District, the day of the 154 countries participated in the race around the world. 50 cadres of the bureau to organize the staff and workers took to the streets for the Lake Race Athletes cheer, 2 hours of game time, local cadres and workers who dress neatly, full of spirit, for speeding athletes applaud, fully demonstrated the spirit and passion of Xining local people movement. read more

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Provincial Foundation for the love of poverty relief activities held

10 10, provincial public funds will be held in aid of love in Tongren County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture issued ceremony, scene 60 widows, sick and elderly people received the aid. At the same time, Huangnan area a total of 246 widows, sick people get funded, solve them as pressing danger. The donation by the provincial CPPCC members, Huangnan CPPCC Standing Committee gendeng sangbu generously, he also for the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and other areas of poor farmers and herdsmen also donated a total of 2 million yuan. Provincial Hui Love Charity Fund plans to rescue 3118 people in the province in 2016, the difficulties of the masses, funding amounted to more than 600 yuan. read more

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Xining city in 2011 to complete the sense of security and satisfaction with the investigation team

In order to accurately and objectively grasp the masses to reflect the social security situation of public security and social order, the true feelings, identify the main factors affecting the safety of the masses and the existing problems, according to the unified arrangement of the Provincial Bureau of statistics in Xining City, the security of the people and the political and legal team satisfaction survey work in the city carried out within the scope of

in order to accurately and objectively grasp the masses to reflect the social security situation of public security and social order, the true feelings, identify the main factors affecting the safety of the masses and the existing problems, according to the unified arrangement of the Provincial Bureau of statistics in Xining City, the security of the people and the political and legal team satisfaction survey work in the city carried out within the scope of. read more

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Xining intelligent traffic to create a new model of convenience

December 2nd, reporters from the Xining intelligent transportation project briefing was informed that the intelligent transportation projects in our city has been running for half a year, at present, in support of Xining city traffic police detachment has built a comprehensive information platform for motor vehicle regulation as the core, 6 months have already realized the vehicle illegal, illegal driver the application of mobile phone inquiries, as the carrier of the handheld vehicle, illegal exposure of the query system of 14 convenience measures. read more

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The end of the implementation of urban and rural pension merger

Reporters from the city human resources and Social Security Bureau, city of the new agricultural insurance and home insurance two system will be implemented in the city and at the end of 2014, the city will have 24 thousand and 500 City home insurance insured, 611 thousand and 200 new agricultural insurance insured, incorporated into the unified urban and rural social endowment insurance system. The new city of our country and the protection of the two cities of the merger, which will be presented? September 26th, the city human resources and Social Security Bureau of the relevant person in charge of pension insurance to the reporter exclusive interpretation of the new deal. Highlights: individual payment level increased to 12 files. The original new agricultural insurance payment standard is set to 100 yuan to 500 yuan 5 grades, the city is located in the security of $100 to $10 class. After the merger of the two systems, individual payment level will be set to 100 yuan, $200, $400, $300, 500 yuan, $600, $700, $800, 900 yuan, $1000, $1500, $12 grade. Increase the payment level will give the insured more choice. Highlight two: government subsidies increased standards. Has been the government of the new rural insurance and urban residents to protect the insured payment staff to give appropriate subsidies, the new agricultural insurance premiums paid by the annual class given 30 yuan, $35, $40, 45 yuan, ranging from subsidies. City residents in accordance with the annual premium payment given 30 yuan, $35, $40, 45 yuan, $50, $55, 60 yuan, $65, $70, ranging from subsidies. After the merger of the two systems, government subsidies also increased by 100 yuan, the annual payment of 30 yuan subsidy, pay 200 yuan subsidy 40 yuan, pay 300 yuan subsidy 50 yuan, pay 400 yuan subsidy 60 yuan, pay 500 yuan subsidy 70 yuan, pay 600 yuan. The subsidy of 85 yuan, pay 700 yuan subsidy 100 yuan, pay 800 yuan subsidy 115 yuan, pay 900 yuan subsidy 130 yuan, pay 1000 yuan subsidy 145 yuan, pay 1500 yuan subsidy 165 yuan, pay 2000 yuan subsidy 185 yuan. Government subsidies included in individual accounts. Highlight three: Municipal Finance to undertake more payment subsidies. After the implementation of urban and rural residents pension insurance system, severe disabilities per person per year by the level of 300 yuan paid by the government to pay the full amount. The minimum contribution to the insured person to pay 30 yuan and the full payment of the full amount of disabled persons required funds of $300, the provincial financial commitment to the city’s financial burden of 20% (this part of the financial subsidies to the county seat of the financial burden of the original), the financial burden of $80%. Insured people choose to pay a higher level of premium subsidies paid by the district (county) financial commitment. Highlight four: payment of more than $1 per year over the past year to increase the basic pension of 10 yuan. In order to encourage the insured to actively pay, continuous payment, pay more, pay more, the cumulative payment period of more than 15 years, on the basis of the past 15 years, an increase of the number of years for each additional year, the monthly increase of basic pension of $10. In the interpretation of urban and rural residents pension insurance system, the city human resources and Social Security Bureau official said, urban and rural residents of old-age insurance in the insured period of death, the government; read more

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Xining 44 key projects completed investment of 7 billion 35 million yuan

After 8 months of efforts, as of now, Xining City, a total of 44 A-level key construction projects completed a total investment of $7 billion 35 million (excluding the proposed projects and industrial projects), accounting for 64.5% of the annual target task. Among them, 19 construction projects all the construction work, the rate is 100%; 18 new projects started construction of 16, capacity utilization rate of 88.9%; 7 of the project started construction of 1, the project is being steadily according to plan. From the progress of the project construction, municipal road engineering construction projects, Begonia park construction projects 11 projects have been developed rapidly, the annual target to complete the task more than 80%.   read more

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Xining two rural highway project through the review

In August 7th, the reporter from the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau learned that the design drawings of Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County in the West and Huangyuan county road to Mongolia road in the village has been through the review.

it is understood that the Datong County West Road is the main road linking Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Xihai Town, remediation mileage 22.3 kilometers in length. The construction of this highway will be of great significance to improve and promote the development of transportation in the region, to facilitate the lives of the people, reduce transportation costs, improve transport efficiency, and promote local economic development. read more

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To strengthen the emergency response ability training to improve the comprehensive quality of health

in order to further enrich the knowledge of health supervisors deal with public health emergencies, strengthen the ability to deal with public health emergencies, improve the quality of health supervisors comprehensive law enforcement, City Health Bureau of health supervision in August 24, 2010 held a public health emergency measures and health supervision and training. City and four districts and counties of the 49 health supervisors participated in the training of the three.
through training, to further clarify the health supervision and law enforcement officers in the disposal of public health emergencies in health supervision and law enforcement work position and responsibilities, lays a good theoretical basis for public health emergencies, improve the capacity of the health supervisors in dealing with public health emergencies and comprehensive law enforcement quality.
  read more

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Turn style to really do practical things for the masses

"correctly handle the relationship with the grassroots" imprisoned "," imprisoned "to sit still, to do good service for the masses, the grassroots to sink to the line, solve the practical difficulties of the masses." Park to resolutely curb high pollution, high energy consumption, low efficiency projects into the park, can not recruit the impact of future generations." May 7th to 8, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee, Secretary Su Rong, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the city of Ma Haiying research mediocre lazy luxury special rectification work. read more

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Shape of the western region of the ideological foundation of building

Change the style of work is a major political task, can not be a discount; the masses are expected to be the first signal, can not tolerate the slightest perfunctory. Recently, the west district party organizations at all levels of innovation, rich content, pay close attention to the party’s mass line of educational practice of learning and education links.

– leading science committee. In order to deepen the study of education principle, the West District standing committee to convene the Committee and the theory of central study group will be more than 10 times, to take the lead by the Party committee, to intensive "the party’s mass line educational practice learning," selected documents "on the mass line — the important theory", "excerpts of austerity against waste — important" as the focus of discussion excerpts, held to carry out "Five" (a mass line, a theme of the essay on the mass line, we talk about a "build modern West, how shall I do" study and discussion, a mass line should be aware of the knowledge test, a reading notes airing activity) the whole region, and formed a strong atmosphere of leading cadres take the lead, demonstration study, in-depth study.

– visit control study. Party members and cadres into the Chinese Red Army xilujun Memorial and the national defense education base Atomic City Memorial to the memory of martyrs, martyrs revolutionary as a mirror, look in the style, close ties with the masses of the gap, strengthen the party spirit and style to develop.

– I believe the people learn. Learning and education links invited three special teachers for Party members and leading cadres in class, telling them to do the work of the masses in the forefront of the experience of the past few years. Sun Lan, director of the financial community of the West Branch of the medical community, with a piece of fresh examples of the work of the community staff rushed to work, with hard work for the masses to understand and support. Vivid and moving carefully, leading cadres at all levels of the west area of the next contact point to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice, to actively carry out self anatomy, revealing problems from.

– party service practice. Play an exemplary role in serving members of the contact service people in the community, according to the working party members in service intention, set up a volunteer service team, and with the working party signed the agreement, helping poor people "working party members into the community service undertaking, the working party members according to their actual situation at any time to claim and complete service tasks.

– network platform easy to learn. On the basis of formulate special learning plan, make full use of the Communist Party and other new media network platform to carry out learning activities, the use of mobile phone SMS platform to send the information of more than 700, to enhance interaction, enhance publicity universality, flexibility, pertinence and members of public awareness and participation. read more

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Qinghai provincial Party and government delegation went to Tianjin to study and study the counterpar

11 month 2 to 3, Qinghai party and government delegation went to Tianjin study tour. 2 am, Tianjin counterpart support cooperation forum held in Tianjin. Tianjin municipal Party committee secretary Li Hongzhong presided over the meeting and delivered a speech, Qinghai provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng speech. Tianjin Municipal Committee, acting mayor Wang Dongfeng, deputy secretary of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee, governor of provinces and municipalities were introduced in the economic and social development of the situation of the two. read more

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Xining Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau on campus heating boiler safety inspection

  Xining City Campus in order to ensure the safe operation of the boiler heating in winter, to prevent the occurrence of safety accidents, malignant Campus Recently, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau in conjunction with the Municipal Education Bureau of the city’s 42 schools of boiler of the joint inspection, inspection and remove hidden dangers of accidents 3.

school is a relatively crowded place for personnel, and the use of pressurized boilers for the monitoring of special equipment. To this end, the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau recently issued a special on the strengthening of heating boiler safety management notice, requiring schools to strengthen the management of boilers, and with the City Board of Education jointly carried out a safety inspection activities. The joint inspection focus on examination of the school safety management and boiler boiler safety situation in the field to further clarify the requirements of the boiler safe use of management, and points out matters of atmospheric hot water boiler in use should pay special attention to. Law enforcement officers on the 30 schools of the boiler room for safety checks, a total of 57 boiler inspection, including pressure boiler, the atmospheric pressure hot water boiler of 31 units, timely detection and removal of hidden dangers of accidents in the 3. read more

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Xining 12th Five Year national economic and social development information planning

city developed or not, information is an important part of the value. As the day before the "Xining" 12th Five-Year "national economic and social development of informatization planning" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") the introduction of the next five years, Xining will start from seven, platform construction, e-government, education, medical information network, digital city will become Xining to focus on the development of information technology city mai. read more

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Prevention and treatment of ADS work

Reporters from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission has learned, recently, the provincial AIDS Working Committee Office under the office of the provincial government, combined with the "State Council AIDS Working Committee member of AIDS prevention and treatment work responsibilities" and provincial AIDS Working Committee member units will be based on the actual work, solicit the opinions and suggestions. The introduction of "Qinghai provincial AIDS Working Committee member units of AIDS prevention and control work responsibilities develop". The "responsibility" of AIDS prevention and control work to further clarify the duties of the member units, the requirements of the member units to develop the system of AIDS prevention and control planning, monitoring and evaluation of AIDS prevention and control plan and the annual work plan of the Department, and organize the implementation; organize publicity and education of AIDS prevention and control of the system of workers; give full play to the advantages of this department, this system in AIDS prevention and control work the responsibility to perform their duties, to promote the province’s AIDS prevention and control work in depth. At the same time, the "duty" members clearly provincial AIDS Working Committee unit to participate in the study and formulate policy, the province’s AIDS prevention and control policies and planning; coordination to solve the major problems of AIDS prevention and control work in the province; mobilization of various social forces to actively participate in AIDS prevention and treatment, guidance and support of relevant social organizations to carry out AIDS prevention and control work; to participate in the province’s AIDS prevention and control work of investigation and supervision; the implementation of other tasks in HIV / AIDS prevention and control committee agreed.   read more

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The four rule to the reform of government institutions

In July 10th, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Party Organization Department, Municipal Supervision Bureau, the city organization management office jointly issued the "notice" on strict discipline to ensure the smooth progress of the reform of government institutions, require all departments and units strict "politics, organization, finance, security" four discipline, to ensure that the institutional reform work steadily.

notice stressed that all departments and units should strictly abide by the political discipline. In keeping with the party in politics, the implementation of hundred-percent Municipal Committee on institutional reform policies, in accordance with the "thought lingers, order is not chaos, work continues, no loss of state assets", unswervingly promote institutional reform. Leading cadres at all levels should firmly establish political awareness, the overall situation awareness, sense of responsibility, and consciously safeguard the authority of the municipal Party committee, correctly handle the relationship between the state, the collective and individual, the three party spirit, the overall situation. Major issues must be reported to the superior. Strict adherence to organizational discipline. Conscientiously implement the principle of democratic centralism, involving the reform of personnel triage, asset disposal, appointment and dismissal of cadres and other major issues, we must adhere to the collective discussion. Prohibited assault into people, assault promoted cadres or good at internal organs to assess professional titles. It is strictly prohibited to refuse to implement the decisions made by the organization on the adjustment of the organization, the change of position and the exchange of cadres. To strictly abide by the discipline of Finance and economics. Strict implementation of the state’s financial discipline and the provisions of the management of state-owned assets, earnestly implement the asset management responsibility system, and effectively prevent the loss of state assets. Departments and institutions should earnestly change registration, asset inventory liquidation and disposal of assets, shall not resort to deceit, omission concealed, change and destruction of accounting certificate accounts. May conceal, interception, misappropriation, false impersonator, embezzlement, embezzlement of public property. No special funds and materials, real estate and other state-owned assets unauthorized transfer, lend, transfer, change, change the use of. To strictly abide by the confidentiality discipline. Education of Party members, cadres and workers to strictly abide by the confidentiality of discipline, strict party and state secrets. To strictly in accordance with the provisions of confidentiality, careful inventory, custody of documents and files, and do a good job related to the handover. In order to maintain the integrity and authenticity of the personnel files of cadres, it is necessary to alter, extract, forge or destroy files without authorization.

notification requirements, discipline inspection and supervision organs and organizations, institutions and departments should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the relevant provisions of the implementation of the reform and discipline. Found violations of discipline, we must resolutely investigate and deal with serious cases, causing adverse effects should be held accountable for the leadership.   read more

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Xining City area the security guard tongue without end

Today, more and more people dining out, the public in the pursuit of different tongue delicious, but also how to protect the safety of the tongue, for their own health checks it? Just a few days ago, the city has passed the provincial food service food safety demonstration zone of the assessment work, to become the province’s first provincial food service food safety demonstration zone". With a number of catering service food safety demonstration shop "landing", the city district carry out the food service food safety "baiqianwan" demonstration project to create activities for the public to provide more safe and delicious. read more

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