The province’s employment security for the disabled to impose new regulations on the use of manageme

since July 1st, the "measures" gold collection management of Qinghai province for the implementation of the employment security for the disabled in Qinghai province formally implemented, no arrangements for employment in accordance with the provisions of the organizations, enterprises and institutions and private non enterprise units to pay the disabled employment security fund, in the collection, use and management of funds, combined with the actual situation in our province to make the new regulations. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and commerce measures to stabilize prices to protect the basic l

is the total level of consumer price stability, protect the people’s basic life, city Industrial and Commercial Bureau recently will carry out a special inspection of law enforcement to crack down on "business behavior follow the trend of prices", for the people’s livelihood escort.

Industrial and Commercial Bureau from mid December to mid January 2011 to carry out special rectification, grain, edible oil, meat, non-staple food, vegetables and other goods as the focus, increase the large shopping malls, supermarkets and bazaars and inspection efforts to strengthen the operator to perform the purchase inspection, certificate and invoice, purchase and sales ledger system of supervision and inspection crack down, adulterated, shoddy, Quejinshaoliang and other illegal activities and follow the trend of prices "business behavior, maintaining market good trade order. During the period, each business will be assigned to the area every day farmers market inspections, pay close attention to the market price of vegetables, meat and other agricultural products; to urge dealers bright business, the price tag of education; the majority of business operators and business integrity, law-abiding business, leading to comply with national laws and policies, shall not use fraud, collusion etc. a legitimate means of manipulating commodity prices, shall not fabricate or spread bad information related to the price of agricultural products, to create a tense atmosphere, not to engage in hoarding and profiteering monopoly, and consciously safeguard the market order of the agricultural products. At the same time, the city of Industrial and Commercial Bureau will also work with the city development and Reform Commission, the Bureau of Commerce, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau and other departments to coordinate, cooperate with each other for common agricultural products market and "two" market prosperous and orderly make positive efforts, and in conjunction with the public security departments to carry out joint inspection of law enforcement, severely hit "Caiba, PA meat and fish tyrants and disrupt the market order of evil forces, and effectively protect the market supply, to maintain market stability. read more

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This year there are 40 graduate employment

Recently, the reporter from the Xining municipal development of Talent Exchange Center learned that this year, the province registered to college graduates in 1829, registered to 40 graduate students, the number of home last year increased significantly, especially to the number of graduate students is two times last year. At present, the graduate file registration work is still in progress.

according to the person in charge of the development and exchange center of Xining City, the rapid development of the province’s industrial economy, so that the size of the province’s enterprises continue to rise, the majority of science and technology professionals are willing to return to employment. Since June of this year, the Xining talent development and Exchange Center for a total of 4 graduates tailored for the recruitment of a large number of job seekers about 5500 people, the direct employment agreement reached a total of 1816 people. read more

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Special treatment of meat products

carry out special treatment of meat products in the food and drug administration before the inspection of key enterprises of food safety management system to standardize the implementation of meat products, veterinary drug residues and raw meat purchase acceptance checks the situation.


management focus from the following aspects: check the enterprise raw meat purchase acceptance checks, whether in accordance with the provisions of the certificate and invoice, whether for raw meat inspection and quarantine certificates, certificates, raw meat supplier qualification; check the source of raw meat enterprises, through the inspection of corporate raw materials purchase inspection records and verify the enterprise invoice, check whether there are enterprises or without the unknown source or origin meat processing meat inspection and Quarantine Act, whether the use of spoilage of meat, meat, Sizai dead meat, there is no legal import certificate of inspection of imported meat, frozen food processing and recycling of expired meat products, whether the use of other animal meat fake beef and mutton meat check whether the enterprise of veterinary products; raw meat residue inspection acceptance checks, or entrust the third party inspection Check the problem and take the recall measures and report to the supervisor; check the implementation of the production process management system; check the unqualified products and raw material handling. The Council asked the province’s food safety supervision departments at all levels to carry out supervision of veterinary drug residues in meat products for sampling, we found that the company has the use of dead livestock and poultry or without inspection, inspection and quarantine unqualified raw meat and processed meat products, veterinary drug residues exceed the standard sampling, severely punished. read more

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The city’s 144 thousand and 800 enterprises retired pension

reporter learned from the Municipal Social Security Bureau, the city’s 144 thousand and 800 basic pension for enterprise retirees increased, this work will be completed in March 21st.

according to the city social security bureau responsible person, the municipal government attaches great importance to the work of the enterprise retiree basic pension adjustment, the city will increase again from January 1, 2014 onwards, the basic pension for enterprise retirees, this is our 10 consecutive year since 2005 to adjust the basic pension. The basic pension for enterprise retirees as soon as possible to ensure that the city as soon as possible to get a new city, human resources and Social Security Bureau, Social Security Bureau will adjust the city as a center, careful organization and arrangements, the establishment of the leading group to be adjusted, working overtime, one by one check for every retiree to transfer data. Ensure data quality; allocation of funds, the funds needed to ensure timely; coordination mechanism to ensure that on behalf of the bank, through the bank socializedproviding let enterprise retirees in time to get the new pension. read more

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Xining this year will focus on cultivating 500 small and micro enterprises

This year, Xining city in accordance with the industrial policies of the state and province, city industrial development requirements, to assist small and micro, transformation and growth, cultivation of carrier "as the focus, open up" Easy Access "for small and micro enterprises, focusing on cultivating 500 small and micro enterprises, promote rapid and healthy development of the city’s small and micro enterprises.Informed of the private economic development conference

reporter from Xining held on to the 60 policy measures focus on the implementation of the provincial government to support the development of Small and micro businesses, Xining city to further reduce the access threshold, in accordance with the layout of concentration, land intensive, industrial agglomeration, circular economy "development ideas, to further improve the level of planning and construction of County Industrial Park small and medium-sized enterprises, leading the park cluster development, leading a group of science and technology, innovative Small and micro businesses entrepreneurship development, and built 3 entrepreneurial base of small and medium-sized enterprises in the district during the year, and strive to start the year halal Industrial Park infrastructure construction. read more

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Xining 2870 farmers brokers actively contribute to the promotion of agricultural development

July 23rd, reporters from the Xining Municipal Association for science and the supply and marketing cooperatives organized "Xining city farmer broker and plateau agriculture development of academic seminar" was informed that, as of the end of July, after the formal training of supply and marketing cooperatives in Xining City broker reached 2870 people, the majority of brokers and farmers signed orders every year about 5 acres, 2 sales of agricultural products million tons, has become the agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income and an important way to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products. read more

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The democratic parties in the urban areas to learn the spirit of the eighteen

the morning of November 26th, the city district united front organization of the Democratic Party grassroots organization representatives, concentrated study of the spirit of the party’s eighteen branches, the democratic parties (Agency) and the United Front Work Department of all cadres of nearly 30 people attended the meeting.

At the

meeting, the Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Ma Chaoying interpretation of some of the contents of the eighteen reports, combined with Party work put forward three requirements: to seriously study and implement the spirit of the eighteen. To further unify thinking and consensus; to build "concentric" brand, adhering to the "concentric" concept, the practice of "concentric" thought, highly consistent with the Communist Party of Chinese, according to their respective strengths and wisdom, give full play to the functions of political participation; to combine their actual work, play an active role for the central economic and social development many people say for remonstrance, Limin policy, to focus on the new situation and new tasks, conducted investigation and Study on major global problem, the region’s economic and social development and strategic, to further clarify ideas, clear goals and tasks, focus the work, strengthen the development of measures to make new contributions to the development of the district. (author: a)
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The distribution center of 100 thousand tons full table

With the arrival of winter, I grown vegetables gradually reduced, in order to ensure market supply, stable prices of meat, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as the center) will take 100 thousand tons of dispatching reserve task, the maximum guarantee people to eat cheap meat, put the heart.

distribution center as the province’s largest vegetable basket project, since the official operation in November 16th, has taken a series of relief measures to allow businesses to get the greatest benefits. In combination with the city this winter and spring vegetable transport activities, starting from November 16th, to April 15th next year, will organize the distribution center more than 10 big business, three companies from Shandong, Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Henan, Yunnan, Guangzhou organizations transporting garlic, cabbage and radish, cucumber, eggplant, tomatoes, cabbage and nearly 17 varieties vegetables. Every day in the distribution center for transporting vegetables will reach more than 1 thousand and 100 tons, the city agriculture organization of vegetables from Sichuan Deyang big day transported 30 tons of Chinese cabbage supply market. All vegetables are in accordance with the principle of "low income". read more

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The city’s 67 traditional Chinese medicine hospital put into use

Recently, a reporter from the City Planning Commission was informed that since 2014, the City Planning Commission with the comprehensive reform of primary health to promote the deepening of the grass-roots work mode of service innovation, the county organization carried out a comprehensive Tibetan medicine service capacity of urban and rural primary health care institutions to enhance the construction, in the province to organize the city’s community health service centers, township hospitals to carry out the "Chinese Medicine Museum" construction work, and achieved results.

it is understood that the city basic medical and health services "Chinese Medicine Museum" to enhance the construction of grassroots in Tibetan medicine service ability, strengthen grassroots organizations in the contents of Tibetan medicine service. At the same time, through the implementation of national basic medical centralized service, led to the promotion and application of appropriate technology service base of Tibetan medicine, the traditional acupuncture, fire needle, moxibustion, medicine steaming, scraping, massage, massage, physical therapy and traditional Chinese medicine appropriate technology gradually return to the community health service centers and township hospital, back the people of all ethnic groups in urban and rural areas, basic medical and health institutions in Tibetan medicine service volume also gradually increased significantly.  
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Two sessions blowing rigorous pragmatic wind

"NPC and CPPCC" is held on behalf of members from the reports to the opening ceremony, has been highly concerned by the masses of people of all nationalities, exciting news a constantly heard from the venue, at the same time, more rigorous and pragmatic style will blow to the earth.

Yan: strictly on behalf of members of the Committee at the beginning of Qi Qi Zan

strict leave system, the need to submit a written report to leave; to participate in the general assembly, should be 15 minutes ahead of time to enter the venue; not treat each other dinner, gifts, not private bus…… This year’s two sessions on the basis of previous years, the meeting will make a more clear and strict discipline requirements. read more

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The city’s industrial and commercial system to carry out special rectification of confiscated plasti

recently, the city’s industrial and commercial system conscientiously implement the national "plastic limit", carry out special rectification work to seize the plastic shopping bag.
specific work, one is the market access business scope involved in the production and sale of plastic shopping bags, to be audited strictly in accordance with the provisions, strict market access, according to the law dealt with unlicensed operation, operating beyond the scope of illegal acts. Two is the requirement of plastic shopping bag sales units to establish the purchase and sale ledger system, commodity retail sites through formal channels to purchase environmentally friendly plastic shopping bags, and obtain the relevant certificate for inspection. Three is to strengthen the sales, the use of plastic shopping bags supervision and inspection, illegal sales do not meet the relevant national standards of plastic shopping bags in accordance with the law to investigate violations. Such as: the West Branch has launched the "white pollution elimination, rooting out unqualified plastic shopping bags" special rectification action, check 342 households, collection of unqualified plastic bags more than 1 months, 2400 disposable lunch boxes. The East branch through Mopai clues, seized on suspicion of unqualified plastic shopping bags 19920. The four is a combination of the daily supervision, carry out administrative guidance, put forward suggestions to strengthen the administrative, sales in the market and the use of plastic shopping bags to guide the management of retail establishments operating unit, guide the operators to abide by the relevant provisions of the state, urging the commodity trading market opened units to implement the first responsibility of the persons, to provide convenience for consumers with shopping bags or baskets shopping. Five is to increase publicity and education efforts to guide consumers to establish energy-saving emission reduction, environmental protection concept of consumption. The six is to give full play to the role of the 12315 administrative law enforcement network, timely acceptance of consumer complaints and reports, and earnestly mediate consumer disputes, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and the legitimate interests of operators. read more

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Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee on the approval of the city of Longhua Hui A

(adopted at the thirtieth meeting of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress on November 25, 2016), adopted by the Standing Committee of the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress

of Qinghai Province, the twelfth people’s Congress of the thirtieth meeting of the Standing Committee decided to approve the "city of Longhua Hui Autonomous County and sanitation management regulations", by the Standing Committee of the Longhua Hui Autonomous County People’s Congress promulgated. read more

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Reform and innovation to stimulate new vitality of discipline inspection system

two responsibility to become hot words, but also to become the plateau of the party committees and discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels of practical action.

vigorously promote the "two oriented" reform, to achieve a dual leadership system specific, procedural and institutionalized, to ensure the authority of the Commission for Discipline inspection.

provincial Party and government organs and the people’s Congress, the CPPCC, the court, the procuratorate stationed supervision full coverage, to solve the provincial authorities and other supervision under the lights black problem. read more

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Public financial funds to help the United States and Qinghai, the United States moving Quartet

"12th Five-Year" since, I actively play leading role of public finance investment, increase tourism investment, establish a diversified investment mechanism, improve capital efficiency in the use of tourism development, promote the rapid and healthy development of tourism in our province.

in increasing downward pressure on the economy, fiscal revenue growth narrowed, payments have become increasingly prominent contradictions, our province to promote the development of the tourism industry as an important part of steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting reform and improve people’s livelihood, "12th Five-Year" during the special arrangements for the provincial tourism development fund 1 billion 60 million yuan, an average annual growth rate of 18%. Key support for tourism promotion, tourism promotion, publicity and transformation of comprehensive service ability level a scenic areas of industrial upgrading and new tourism industry development projects: the arrangement of performance incentive funds for outstanding tourism enterprises and explore overseas market to reward; arrange tourist cultural integration projects, support Tibetan medicine, Tibetan Culture Museum, Museum of Cultural Industry Park, La state Archaeological Park construction projects, expand the tourism industry value chain; key area infrastructure construction projects, support Qinghai Lake and other scenic spots around the brand building and a tourist service center, parking lot, toilets and other facilities construction; arrange new tourism industry projects, support the self driving tour camp, field development activities, the depth of experience, leisure picking, ecology and rural tourism projects. Arrange funds for the construction of tourism infrastructure and tourism scenic area and the surrounding environment for 890 million yuan of funds, focusing on new road traffic travel toilet and scenic five-star toilet, perfect scenic roads, water supply, emergency rescue, waste water treatment, fire safety and other infrastructure construction and the surrounding areas of environmental remediation.

to play the provincial tourism guide the development of special funds in support and guidance, leveraging effect, promote the development of the tourism industry in 2014, the provincial government will take direct investment into the previous financial discount loans, performance incentives, built up after the first, the government purchase services in favor of a new investment way to promote tourism sustainable development, and play the amplification effect of fiscal funds; focuses on promoting the transformation and upgrading of tourism quality and efficiency, and promote cultural tourism and sports development, the tourism development of the depth of integration of new formats and increase tourism promotion, promote key scenic infrastructure construction and other aspects of support, accelerate the effective docking of tourism resources in the province and capital; financial tilt to the grassroots in 2015, to take the project loan discount, performance incentives, such as after the first build up new financial investment funds for up to 1 .35 billion yuan, the city (state) 147 million yuan. read more

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The new measures for the administration of urban water supply in Xining shall be implemented as of O

Reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, the new "Xining city water supply management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures") will be implemented on October 1st, the Xining city water supply management measures for the Xining municipal government issued the "August 14, 1998" (municipal government Decree No. seventeenth) will be abolished at the same time.

"method" is divided into eight chapters, detailed provisions on the water supply planning and construction, water management, water supply facilities management, city water management, city water management, legal liability and other aspects. "Approach" provides that the urban public water supply network should be gradually extended to the surrounding areas, the integration of urban and rural water supply, regional water supply integration, and encourage multi-channel investment in the construction of urban water supply facilities. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce means of production and marketing of the market foc

Xining city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau production materials market business with the area of key market commodity quality complaints hot, for the potential safety problems of fake and shoddy building materials commodity circulation peak season, began in mid August, the quality and technical supervision departments jointly Province focus on qualification and quality of goods, building materials market in accordance with the law for inspection, the inspection work the basic end.


inspection and rectification to business qualification and focus on the quality of goods, to combat illegal operations, investigate and deal with fake and shoddy goods, clean up the market environment of fair competition, safeguard the interests of the majority of consumer groups for the purpose of taking daily inspection and random sampling combination. To September 16th, inspection of operating 315 households, 110 households involving random sampling of goods, commodities, nine categories of 51 specifications, banning unlicensed 1 households, 1 households and inspection according to the specified. And the first batch of 3 of the detection of wire and cable business operators suspected of selling substandard goods shall be investigated and dealt with according to law. read more

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Thousands of people escort the Lantern Festival

last night, Xining fireworks bright, in order to protect the provincial capital of the Lantern Festival traffic order, Xining City Public Security Bureau invested thousands of police escort for the Lantern Festival night.

February 24th, the city of Xining during the Spring Festival cultural activities reached a climax, the city district lightshows, Nanshan Park, Huangzhong Kumbum Monastery fireworks show, Huangyuan lantern show and butter fireworks and other eighteen large-scale cultural activities, to participate in the activities of the masses as many as hundreds of people. In order to ensure the safety of cultural activities of the Lantern Festival, the successful conclusion of the Xining public security organs invested a total of more than 6500 security forces (times). (author: He Yaojun)
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