Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin share some resources can be obtained even outside

network favorites

many people are now in use the forum to go to the company, because the forum can add URL in the signature, just return to a back post, a post, you can get to the outside even here in Shenyang, Yang Lin also visited Shanghai Longfeng forum, forum will organize a lot together to release it effectively, so we have to prepared a forum, then registered. There are many forums are registered.

, a blog site

Hello, I am Shenyang Shanghai dragon Yang Lin. Today is to share the resources even get outside. The share of this article, because there are a lot of friends have asked me to go there even. I will tell you something about the place I often go to release even. A good resource is to share the resources, but also to organize. read more

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The acquisition of search search integrated sequel how to play


search engine integration

is a search engine, in the view of the square dimension network, its core assets are mainly five. One is the brand equity, which belongs to the intangible assets, can be estimated according to the search engine market share; one is technical assets, mainly is to search the proprietary technology and intellectual property, different search engines search technology will certainly exist differences. One is personnel assets, namely the search engine operations team, including agents in different regions. One is the customer resource assets, namely in the search engine advertising advertisers. A search is affiliated the content of assets, such as Wikipedia, ask and so on. Therefore, the integration between search engines, it is the integration of five assets. Integration and customer resources between the two operations team more easily, and technology integration is more difficult, this is because the search technology is a new undertaking and continuity of the technology, it is difficult to achieve short-term blend of two kinds of technology. Brand asset integration efforts, depends on two search engines with the cooperation of the determination. read more

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Site content first at the statistical tools or will show you the way

Of course

this is the era of big data, an exquisite precision marketing era, precision marketing is what? Rely on is not to send data to do more accurate promotion for eyes? So the data no matter what industries are very important. For we do website optimization of people that is more important, the data here suggest that every day you go to the site observation. In fact, when it comes to this website data there are many things to say, but today just want to speak a little bit with you, that is the use of data to do the content. Keywords using statistical tools inside user search come in to do the content, keywords only statistical tools inside is the real needs of users. read more

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Taobao a year off site how to love Shanghai 7 100 thousand weight flow analysis

analysis of the website chain: the chain number 606; the main source of the website chain (see directly with a picture to explain everything!)

still feel love Shanghai 6.28 and "black Friday" for the website which will have Taobao guest website, why this seems garbage sites have not been K? What this site is "not secret"



chain does not have any advantage, a 1 year and 2 months the site only 606 outside the chain, and the chain is the most Shanghai dragon why forum signature and forum posting (or submission), and did not find the so-called high quality chain. read more

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The Robots txt file to the web site of the benefits

first, Robots.txt file save server broadband

We all know that

as a web site optimization personnel, we are well aware of the importance of the Robots.txt file on our website, Robots.txt file is a text file, it is like the site map, search engine to point the way, when a spider search site, it first climb to check if the Robots.txt file exists the root directory of the site next, if present, the search engine will be in accordance with the contents of the file to determine the scope of access, if the file does not exist, then the search engine will link to crawl along. The programmer should be aware of the documents to our website which has brought benefits when setting the Robots.txt file read more

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nternet worker’s road to entrepreneurshipCompared the sentiment of the three station on the search


Xia Tao: you know little about me in this respect. I graduated in 97 years, worked for Alibaba in 2001, and worked in global resources for 05 to 06 years. 06 only started my own company. In the field of foreign trade marketing, I have done for 10 years, for the export industry, for e-commerce, I also spent a lot of thought. Contact nearly 3 foreign trade enterprises, and they have also carried out the corresponding practice. E-commerce for many enterprises, individuals are greatly affected, and great room for development. read more

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Electricity providers practitioners must see every guest is doing so mobile nternetOn behalf of mem

6, where customers find, the best application stores and channels, including 360 mobile assistant, sh419, 91, pea pods, Tencent application treasure, Taobao Amoy applications, millet software mall, etc.. I think these app stores will account for 70% of all channels in the future.

"I had the worst should be the question of money, for example when we open the hotel, at that time I did not expect to do so, the money decoration, like sand to flow into, I only have teeth, then quickly collapsed, also do not know how to find the bank, how the money, because the bank must have collateral, only everywhere to borrow money," the National People’s Congress, Jiangxi GOLDENCOAST industrial company chairman Hou Yuwen entrepreneurial road, from the beginning of laid-off maibing gun. Recalling the hardships of entrepreneurship, she feels that money is the biggest bottleneck. read more

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Where is the way forward for the novice TaobaoThe Li Xiang review business for 16 years to write thi

for the grassroots webmaster how to make Taobao customers, make their sites survive? I am thinking Taobao + + customer information advertising alliance, for the novice webmaster, this chance of survival will be larger. Compare a month, space, domain name and other expenses is to take out.

time to about half of the dial, BBS Fido net to pop up, we use 14.4K Modem to start dialing, and mailing list as to discuss issues including recrimination. By the time I was in my sophomore year, I began to have personal websites, and I was able to surf the internet. I applied for my personal website, which is called the home of the video card, because the 3D display card was the hottest one at that time. At that time, I was ranked first in my port of information and another competitor ranked second. The second, who became my partner, fan zheng. read more

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Many stations grew into a liar accomplice still in the darkFifth horizon mportant Notice

League pop-up ads are routine maintenance, maintenance period 08.2.13 15:00-18:00.

5., and then click the submit button, which shows the server error when processing URL. Please contact the system administrator. Don’t worry about it, turn this page off. Then go back to the home page of 91pm mall, refresh. Do you see M coins: 5?. Ha ha, if you see is also, the explanation is successful! originally thought that as long as repeat fourth steps repeat charge, will repeat recharge, the result found that at most can seem to charge 5, a little disappointed… read more

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Lu Xiaodong the self reflection of blog traffic decline

recently, every day to see the 51 background, a day of IP up to more than 60, mostly from Baidu, GG and other search engines, is through some long tail keywords, few are directly enter the URL to flow through. Reason: blog should be updated recently.


, one thing I do every day is to write an article to the two original articles, after writing the article sent to other blogs to other popular websites such as Sina blog post, submission, iResearch, stationmaster net, some forums etc.. Every day, writing original article is very tired, racking my brains to write the article, the purpose is to let others can come to your blog to see, even if look at a second, or go. read more

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Friendship link friendship or naked business

my blog, in addition to the website collection, there are several sites frequented by myself, the link has been controlled in a certain number, the future will not be more than 20. Many webmaster crazy to do links to improve PR, but in fact, the role has become less and less. For example, you and web site do, even if it PR10, there can be hundreds of connections, according to the principle of PR share, PR10 website share hundreds of sites to connect, you can get only 0.1 less. Google PR to now, it has become garbage, my friend registered last month domain name, this month PR 3, long lost the original meaning. read more

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From the initial site to enter the SEO industry five months of experience

I am a

entered the SEO industry of small webmaster, remember that in stationmaster the threshold is a chance, because when I first learned the choice is the electronic commerce (which is making the website construction, the optimization of SEO) can be said to be utterly ignorant of, once for a we want to say the website customer website optimization (PPC) promotion, remember when customers want to do is the word "loadometer" (a popular keyword page is full, promotion) customers want to have your website do second pages can through technical means to achieve read more

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Web content is a key factor in improving website traffic

Home Furnishing website should not only introduce the product, you should stand in the position of customers, to see what kind of information they need help, around these information, add rich content, to meet customer needs, meet customer needs, let customers rely on and trust on the website, is to win customers. Home Furnishing network construction, general manager Mr. Zhang Fuxin repeatedly asked the site management personnel, must from enrich website content on efforts to make websites the content rich, make content and associated products, brands, so the content of product for the user to help buy Home Furnishing. Around Home Furnishing industry around Home Furnishing products around the Home Furnishing to help users solve the problem, Home Furnishing network in order to establish their own brand, it must be in the website content efforts, with rich content in order to win the trust of users, the content is the first one, even more important than the interface landscaping. Only there are plenty of substantive content, Home Furnishing the site can be favored by customers, will be the healthy development. read more

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What are the operating skills of Western Restaurant

now the catering market is in a transition phase, with the main characteristics of the catering Western-style food began to occupy people’s consumption of the main  , for entrepreneurs, now investment restaurants catering to join what are the skills to follow in the business of the time? This is very important for the western food and beverage industry to join the shop novice, only to find out in order to open the store successfully. So the successful opening of the western food and beverage to join the project what skills do you need? Next, please follow the Xiaobian together to learn how to shop skills! I hope the following tips can help you.

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How entrepreneurs must know the whole opened a clothing store

a lot of people in the time to take into account the clothing industry, which is a very popular industry, it is worth everyone choose the industry, do the clothing business is a good choice to make money. But for inexperienced entrepreneurs, in order to successy run a clothing store, we must choose a good product, but also have a good business approach, so as to have the confidence to win. So, how to successy open a clothing store? Master the following five cheats, easy to earn non-stop!

successful cheats one, choose a good direction read more

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What are the whole to boost sales method

if there is only a small convenience store, then, this convenience store is able to do whatever they want, how to pricing on how to price it? Once the product is in a monopoly, this time the price of the shopkeeper said, how much is to sell, the customer does not have the choice and no alternative, only to pay for the purchase.

but we think about the problem today, the owner said the problem, the district is only a retail store, which is not what the surrounding residents will be sent to the needs of life. In fact, the current market competition is fierce, seemingly behind the exclusive, in fact, there are a lot of a lot of competitors not far away, but the store owner did not find it hard. read more

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Seven dimensional VR theme park is good a of high popularity

in our lives, there is always a need for entertainment. With the level of our consumption, living standards continue to change. The way we entertain has changed a lot. Seven dimensional space VR theme park? A very good entertainment experience. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the seven dimensional space VR theme park project, is the right choice! ~

Seven dimensional space

VR theme park, from the macro strategic planning layout VR industry, not only do the common market of VR museum is more focused on the development of VR equipment, build VR indoor scenes, as well as giving franchisee business support, to build the kingdom of VR three-in-one. Seven dimensional multi-dimensional space intertwined, multi-faceted sense of experience, member income + activity income + consumer gains + equipment revenue, the four model of gold, easy income bag. read more

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South weather Lane began wearing new clothes

South Lane Street meteorological reconstruction project 13 months before the end of the start to wear "clothes" to celebrate the arrival of National Day.

reporter yesterday from the West Main Street West District Street office learned that one of the Old Street South Lane weather in our city, food stores are more concentrated, the more than 500 meters long street, there are more than and 100 shops, many shops and seriously damaged. In addition, the streets on both sides of the bankruptcy of the families of the more buildings, the surrounding environment has a certain impact. In order to improve the lives of the residents and businesses operating environment, the Southern Qi Xiang Xiang streetscape renovation investment 17 yuan, according to the environmental remediation activities in west area, people benefit businessmen and clean, not for luxury, practical principles, will be carried out to repair the damaged shop door, whitewash on street walls, renovation project in September 13th to start, is expected to complete the end of the month. (author: Publicity) read more

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Xining city government will continue to build a temporary public parking

Xining municipal government attaches great importance to the masses of parking problems difficult. The municipal government has held a special meeting to study the solution, and the organization has been through intensive research and a lot of work in the early stage, and has formulated and promulgated the measures for the administration of the construction of temporary public parking lots in Xining. Approach has been adopted in September 17, 2015, the fifty-first executive meeting of Xining City, since November 1, 2015 implementation. The implementation of the measures, the city is part of slow blocking Paul Chang, to as much as possible the use of public space, city public space in the city road and the road to the external walls of buildings within the scope of providing service to the public parking places.

is conducive to the city’s road traffic control, ease traffic congestion; in accordance with the provisions of the road traffic safety management of parking and roads; alleviate the city parking pressure, convenient vehicle temporary parking principle, the municipal administrative department of planning and construction in conjunction with relevant departments and regions, according to the city’s road traffic conditions, combined with the surrounding parking demand, making the public temporary parking the plan, submitted to the Municipal People’s government for approval.

the temporary parking lot for parking

shall not be contracted and entrusted

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Xining City North Township fun Folk Museum to attract domestic and foreign tourists

in Xining rural tourism is still booming, is located in the north of the city of Xining District Baoziwan Town township fun Folk Museum has attracted many tourists inside and outside the province. From the painted pottery stone, ethnic costumes, in building components of the war to military equipment, the inscription publications until the 50s and 60s certificate of newspapers, attract tourists to watch her eye.

The north area of Xining city

to Baoziwan area as the core, to create a circle of agricultural leisure tourism, through support for the project, in Baoziwan town interesting farming culture ecological park built Township interest Folk Museum, and officially opened on September. Exhibition area of 420 square meters, divided into farming culture, folk customs, Hehuang ancient, red memory, family treasure exhibition, collection of exhibits more than 2500 pieces, involving living articles, books, clothing, building tools license, military, etc. more than 10 kinds of handicrafts, the paper-cut and photographic works of nearly 3000 one, fully demonstrated the development of production and life changes of Hehuang areas in different historical stages. (author: Su Jianping Fan Shengdong Yang Huawen)
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