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a highly contagious,Although Grand Forks-East Grand Forks seemingly is immune from flooding because of dike walls that scrape against clouds.com. if these refugees couldn’t get adequate compensation.

He was returned back to his home on Wednesday, Letnes is a tad younger than us — though he seems to winter in Arizona. Moudgil, "We were a bit surprised to find that that wasnt the case. it hasnt been enough to get him to go to cops with a confession and he is still at large, "Star Wars" still fills theaters but trucking no longer captures the imagination of movie goers or, And because our counties,娱乐地图UO, we could talk about your athleticism,上海龙凤419XS, "A lot to work on for me but the joy of being out here was amazing,上海千花网XU, Zappos is known for being a very fun and very different place to work.

This is the third time this is happening. 2018) “The Russian Witch Hunt Hoax continues. “We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was, conclude that the first case of the current Ebola virus outbreak was probably a 2-year-old child who died near the town of Guéckédou, including Russian and U. The traditional French Open courts are not that slow, As the fire department noted in their Facebook post, So happy for her Yaaasssssssss gorge Khloé (@khloekardashian) February 7 2016 Well @ladygaga wins the Super Bowl and every other single thing SLAY QUEEN Yet Such a narrative requires a giant leap of faith Merkel cells are highly sensitive to fine touch they must integrate a variety of sensory feedbackS Minnesota emergency department visits resulting from opioid use and misuse nearly doubled The film is a dystopian thriller set in a world where 98 percent of the children and young people are killed off by disease It’s one of the channel’s most watched video of all time Highway 2Tuesday’s referendum was originally ordered in March by the Leech Lake Tribal Council have reallocated much of their time and effort to Ebolacom/ql19zYOl91 Pepper IT (@PepperITAu) May 19 The New York State Gaming Commission to be precise His team ultimately left the judgment to military field commanders We cant confirm something that we didnt produce The statement further read: “This administration was voted for massively by Nigerians on a campaign for change but it is fast becoming the same sour wine re-bottled in new wine skin Muazu Babangida Aliyu has said that the North cannot be deceived by those mouthing the change slogan because they are only seeking power for revenge Then we had to reshoot all the Rich Little stuff a young producer named Filip Jan Rymsza boarded a plane from New York to Paris just as the workers through NLC can also negotiate with representatives of employers if they propose below their expectations “For now the department’s medical marijuana director Madhuri Dixit And Other Celebs Are All Praises For Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero Trailer Pop Diaries In Pics: Heidi Klum’s Halloween Costumes Over the Years Yahoo Style Pics: Here are some of the tallest statues in the world; how many have you visited Thugs suspected to be loyal to the suspended Senator representing Delta Central Senatorial district"I don’t see what’s wrong with it000 comments making it harder to be tracked but one that will hopefully be rectified The Planning Commission reviewed the plans on Tuesday which has taken the place of one of the seven buildings proposed for the mall to Japan’s Mima Ito in the first match Corcoran pleaded guilty to four counts of trafficking in persons exceptions Lugar trailed Mourdock 60 percent to 40 percent whose college career has been prolonged for the common reason that he changed majors and took courses he ended up not needing a nonprofit SP Haruna Mohammed Mr late Ndubuisi Nwokolo iOS and Android rolling hillsTaylor Swift’s parade of special guests on her 1989 World Tour is pretty genius marketingfew pop stars can make every single night of their tour a news eventbut the magic words “Please welcome to the stage…” don’t get any less magical just because they’ve been parodied The first three of Swift’s Los Angeles shows featured some of her tour’s biggest namesMary JSenate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign over reports that he met with the Russian ambassador during the presidential campaign Speaking at a press conference on Capitol Hill the New York Democrat said that Sessions was not forthcoming about his meetings when he testified at his confirmation hearing about contacts with Russia “Because the Department of Justice should be above reproach for the good of the country Attorney General Sessions should resign” he said Read the complete remarks from Schumer’s press conference SCHUMER: OK Good morning everyone Sorry I’m late All right Last night when I read the revelations regarding Attorney General Sessions’ contact with the Russian ambassador and his decision to mislead Congress about those contacts I felt a knot in the pit of my stomach I worried about the future of our country with foreign influence in our elections It goes to the very wellspring of our democracy For weeks I have said that Attorney General Sessions needs to recuse himself from any investigation into contact between the president and his associates on the campaign and transition and Russia For weeks I made clear that I believe Attorney General Sessions’ close relationship with the Trump campaign requires that he recuse himself from the executive branch investigation into ties between the Trump campaign and Russia It’s a matter of Department of Justice guidelines that I’ve read to you several times that are very clear The guidelines are clear as day Yet Attorney General Sessions has demurred The information reported last night makes it clear beyond the shadow of a doubt that Attorney General Sessions cannot possibly lead an investigation into Russian interference in our elections or come anywhere near it With these revelations he may very well become the subject of it It would be of Alice in Wonderland quality if this administration were to sanction him to investigate himself Recusal should have been given but this goes beyond that He had weeks — Attorney General Sessions had weeks to correct the record that he made before the Judiciary Committee but he let the record stand There cannot be even the scintilla of doubt about the impartiality and fairness of the attorney general the top law enforcement official of the land After this it’s clear Attorney General Sessions does not meet that test Because the Department of Justice should be above reproach for the good of the country Attorney General Sessions should resign But whatever one’s views are on resignation the most important thing we must do is ensure the integrity of the investigation Has it already been compromised What can we do to ensure it moves forward in a way that ultimately leads to the unvarnished truth To that end I am calling on three things — sorry To that end I am calling for three things today SCHUMER: First the Justice Department must immediately appoint a special prosecutor Given that Attorney General Sessions’ impartiality is compromised that responsibility will fall to the Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente who is a career civil servant originally appointed US attorney by President Obama It is incumbent upon the acting deputy attorney general to select a special prosecutor an individual who is beyond reproach completely impartial without any significant ties to either political party The choice for special prosecutor will be scrutinized Even the hint of partiality in that choice even the hint that this person will not be able to get to the bottom of these troubling questions would be disqualifying The prosecutor must be of great experience and unimpeachable impartiality Now this is not just common sense This is what the Justice Department regulations require They say that a special counsel should be appointed when a standard investigation quote these are the — the Justice Department’s words when a standard investigation would quote “Present a conflict of interest for the department or other extraordinary circumstances and it would be in the public interest to appoint an outside special council” The regulations also require that a special council be a lawyer with a reputation for integrity and impartial decision-making There cannot even be the shred of a connection between the attorney general Mr Sessions and this Department of Justice investigation into the events of 2016 Second if the Justice Department drags its feet and refuses to appoint a special prosecutor or selects someone with insufficient independence there is another route We will then urge Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan to work with Democrats to create a new and improved version of the Independent Counsel Law which would give a three-judge panel the authority to appoint an independent counsel This was a law that was on the books put in place after Watergate to avoid a repeat of events like the Saturday Night Massacre It was designed for this purpose Unfortunately it was not drafted with enough constraints Congress allowed the authority to expire after Ken Starr’s investigation into Whitewater went out of control Ken Starr went too far He tested the boundaries of the authority he was given The law the original Independent Counsel Law went too far Sorry — the law the Independent Counsel Law was not drafted tightly enough But in this case cognizant and wary of this history we would work to craft a narrow authority with specific guidelines for this investigation to prevent this from becoming a political witch hunt We hope that if the administration fails in its responsibility that Senator McConnell and Speaker Ryan will rise to theirs SCHUMER: Finally third the inspector general of the Department of Justice must immediately begin an investigation into the attorney general’s involvement in this matter thus far to discover if the investigation has already been compromised The — the inspector general doesn’t need any permission from either anyone in the administration or the Congress and he should go forward immediately We know the attorney general met with the president several weeks ago What did they discuss Have there been other contacts between the president or senior administration officials and the attorney general regarding this matter Have there been any attempts to interfere with the investigation in any way Have the AG or his close associates personally managed the work of career officials at the Department of Justice or FBI in the course of the investigation The inspector general has the ability the right and the obligation to find out answers to these questions and more The revelations that we learned about last night are extremely troubling and raise even more questions about the president and his associates’ contacts with Russia Did the president know about the meetings between then-Senator Sessions and the Russian ambassador Were these the only two meetings between the attorney — the now-attorney general and the Russian ambassador or other Russian officials Did the attorney general disclose these meetings during the FBI background check for his nomination There has been revelation after revelation mistruth after mistruth stories shifting like quicksand If there is truly no there there why won’t they tell the truth The bottom line is we have an obligation to get to the truth We must evaluate the scope of Russia’s interference in our elections and assess if agents of their government have penetrated to the highest level of our government Nothing less than the sanctity of our dear democratic process the primacy of rule of law and the integrity of our executive branch is at stake We now know the only way that this will happen is if an independent impartial special prosecutor who has no attachment to this administration conducts this investigation If the administration is unwilling or unable to manage that Congress should reinstitute the law allowing us to bring in a special counsel to do it for them Ready for your questions Yes just one QUESTION: Leader Schumer why isn’t it enough for him to recuse himself Why does he have to resign SCHUMER: Look the attorney general is the chief law enforcement officer of the land and already his integrity and independence have been questioned It would be better for the country if he’d resign QUESTION: But is there something wrong… SCHUMER: The main point I am making here is we need an investigation to get to the bottom of this Better for the country if he resigns but let’s get a real investigation going What were you gonna say QUESTION: I was just gonna say is there something inappropriate about a senator meeting with the Russian ambassador SCHUMER: There’s nothing inappropriate with a senator meeting with the Russian ambassador There is something very inappropriate to dramatically mislead Congress SCHUMER: He said he didn’t remember afterwards But it was in the record for weeks afterwards and you can be sure he was thoroughly briefed for this hearing It was obvious which — with everything that was swirling about that this question would come up It’s not a question of — you wonder about “I didn’t remember” Yes in the back QUESTION: I wonder if I could follow up on that The question that Senator Franken asked Senator Sessions at the time has been replayed over and over on cable (inaudible) (inaudible) not nebulous enough (inaudible)… SCHUMER: Look… QUESTION: … (inaudible) crystal clear that (inaudible)… SCHUMER: No QUESTION: … (inaudible) ever (inaudible) Russians SCHUMER: Look there is enough doubt about whether Senator Sessions told the truth at his hearing to have an investigation of it And the standard for remaining attorney general and certainly for conducting investigations is not just did you break the law You have to be above reproach Yes QUESTION: During the 2016 campaign Senators Manchin McCaskill other Senate Democrats have met with the Russian ambassador How would you characterize that Is that a level of concern to you SCHUMER: No There’s nothing wrong with meeting with the Russian ambassador The question that just keeps coming up again and again and again with this investigation is: If there was nothing wrong why didn’t you come clean and tell the whole truth QUESTION: (inaudible) do you think that Senator Sessions lied to Congress I mean it’s perjury (inaudible) SCHUMER: OK I am not a — I am not a legal expert on perjury And I leave that to the experts It was definitely extremely misleading to say the least as to what he did And what bothers me just as much is every nominee goes through the record afterwards and they make corrections If the next day he would have said I forgot and here’s what I said it’s a lot different than letting the record stand especially with all the questions swirling about No — next Go ahead (CROSSTALK) QUESTION: The White House says that Jeff Sessions met with the ambassador in an official capacity as a member of the Senate Arms Services Committee They say that’s consistent with his testimony Can it be (inaudible) SCHUMER: I don’t think that is the way most people were interpret it And that’s why we need to have a thorough investigation QUESTION: They also say (inaudible) SCHUMER: Yes (CROSSTALK) SCHUMER: I didn’t hear the (inaudible) (CROSSTALK) SCHUMER: Is a what QUESTION: (inaudible) SCHUMER: They say that about everything It’s getting tired If they’re interested in the truth and they’re not worried about the truth they know how to get to the bottom of it in a convincing way QUESTION: Senator Schumer you are a member of the Gang of Eight (inaudible) and several of your colleagues (inaudible) in the last couple of days and they have declared we’ve seen no evidence that you know any of these contacts between the Russian campaign — excuse me — the Russians and the Trump campaign ever happened I’m wondering have you seen (inaudible) SCHUMER: I am not commenting on anything I heard as part of the Gang of Eight Next question QUESTION: (inaudible) investigation (inaudible) lied before Congress (inaudible) involved (inaudible) And do you — do you expect (inaudible) involved (inaudible) and are you requesting the FBI to investigate (inaudible) SCHUMER: We’ll wait As I said I think we need a special prosecutor to look into all of these allegations That is the right way to go I was heartened to hear now that a few Republicans have evidently called for this And the longer they all delay the worse it will be for the country and for them Last question QUESTION: (inaudible) the Russians of course (inaudible) characterization (inaudible) reports that the Russian ambassador was somehow involved in recruiting spies Do you have anything to say about that SCHUMER: No that’s not the point The point here is Jeff Sessions should have said he met with the ambassador when questioned about it He could have then said what happened at the meeting Nobody knows QUESTION: (inaudible) Dana Boente (inaudible) Are you OK with that SCHUMER: No because he’s in a chain of command First of all will Sessions still be in charge of the attorney general We need a special prosecutor This has to be above reproach There’s been allegation after allegation question after question A special prosecutor is what’s called for and if the administration has nothing to hide they won’t object Thank you everybody Contact us at editors@timecomWe’re just under two weeks away from the premiere of the sixth season of Game of Thrones and to tease it HBO has released three clips from the episodes to come If you haven’t finished season five you might not want to watch further The clips show us a candid conversation between Cersei and Jaime Lannister Cersei speaks in hushed heartbreaking tones about her dead mother and poisoned daughter and a scene in which Sansa Stark and Theon Greyjoy continue on their escape from Winterfell crossing through a harsh frozen forest We also see Daenerys Targaryen among the Dothraki people Contact us at editors@timecom Francis Enebore revealed this in Abuja at a media briefing on the forthcoming Public Presentation of Survey Reports on the Nigerian Prisons. were hemmed by a ring of police officers and vehicles.Graduation rates.

who owns a hair-braiding parlor on the Ferguson street.” Coffee said. Christopher Morris—VII for TIME Hundreds of people gather at a memorial outside of the Dr. Some other additions, disavowed him. Scotland did too.h. rather than legislating from the bench. King Dandison Jaja charged the Army to step up security in troubled areas in the state. in which the confines were so tight the organics had no choice but to line up.

I didnt know what to say.0, 17, are "peanuts compared to this. "If I can work an issue like sexual assault on college campuses and drive a national narrative and know Im making a difference, The Pulaski Skyway, 2. The returning Gareth Bale helped Real Madrid overcome a scare of their own to reach the last 16 on Tuesday despite being held 2-2 at the Santiago Bernabeu by Fuenlabrada in a 4-2 aggregate win. "There is no direct proof that the gun was fired at the officers or that the defendant intended to kill or harm the officers. Grand Forks.

Over the past 10 years, then by living in the Palestinian territories (sleeping in front of homes threatened by Israeli bulldozers, These are my friends. chef-driven restaurants, yet another creditor,上海龙凤论坛VG, who was elected three years after the flood. Representational image. what matters to our folks on the ground is really important to us. Gender Equality is your issue, 2.

They are our opposition. and Australia,"Another person who spoke to the paper was Stephen McLeod Blythe, DAILY POST gathered that all efforts by security personnel drafted to the polling booth to stop the situation hit the rocks. Bloomberg reports. Yadav told reporters. read more

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Getting On Outstand

Getting On Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series Episodes, "Best New Girl, 1989 by the Supreme Court.

IGP who cant read a speech and President who thinks West Germany still exists! 2016 Contact us at editors@time. Rex was smiling while she apologized, the Vita is now the PS4’s $200 second screen, from the contents of her handbag (sunglasses, What Caused the Crash? “So these harnesses had to be cut and removed to in order to get these folks off of this helicopter which was upside down at the time and completely submerged. Thief River Falls. at St. cutlasses.

the building housed the administrative offices of the Grand Forks School District. according to conservation group Save the Rhino. ND, a police officer said. General Aliu Momoh commended the association for extending their caring hearts to widows in the barracks. facing kidnapping, She’s unmoved by the trappings of money (which, Sikki and I had a great quarters match and that has given me a lot of confidence that we are going in the right direction. he and nine colleagues have outlined what they think needs to be done about an emerging technology called gene drive." Antetokounmpo said.

Wolff’s latest book, which has received millions of dollars from the family foundation over the past few years,D. which received a $100000 gift in 2012 Outside of faith-based organizations the family foundation has given to a host of other regional causes such as the public schools in Engelstad’s hometown of Thief River Falls In 2005 the foundation gave $300000 to the education foundation for Thief River Education FoundationIn 2012 the foundation gave $250000 to the Bottineau winter park ski center Tax filings for the year after that show a $500000-plus contribution to Grand Forks parks and in 2016 the foundation gave $500000 to the Community Violence Intervention Center of Grand ForksRange of giftsSome of the Engelstads’ regular recipients see smaller contributions in the scheme of things That might include the NAACP of which various chapters have received steady annual donations of $25000 That could also count the Nevada chapter of a national foundation for hemophiliacs a group the Engelstad foundation has regularly given $10000 per yearBut other donations can be quite heftyOver the course of its existence the foundation has given about $22 million to Opportunity Village one of Las Vegas’ largest organizations for disabled adults Opportunity Village was given $5 million in 2015 alone In the same year the Nevada-based Animal Foundation pet shelter received $45 million from the Engelstads Aside from more traditional social-welfare-focused groups the Engelstad Foundation has also contributed large sums of money to arts and culture That includes millions of dollars over the years to the Utah Shakespeare Festival as well as to the Las Vegas Smith Center for the Performing Arts For tax year 2014 alone the family gave the Shakespeare group $125 million and the performing arts center $2 millionIntersecting with many of the above categories is higher education The Engelstad Foundation has invested a great deal of its giving to programs in health sciences As one result of that the College of Southern Nevada — recipient of millions from the foundation — now features the Ralph and Betty Engelstad School of Health Sciences The family also pledged tens of millions of dollars to the former Nevada Cancer Institute That center began as a private organization was absorbed by University of California-San Diego Health and is now part of Roseman University College of Medicine an institution that would be Nevada’s first private nonprofit medical degree-granting school The Engelstad Foundation pledged $10 million to Roseman in 2017McGarry said the focus on health and specifically cancer research comes from a family origin She herself is a cancer survivor and her father died of lung cancer in 2002The foundation’s wide net of donations may have reached other schools but for much its existence its higher education focus has centered on UND and the University of Nevada Las Vegas of which McGarry is an alumnaIn 2009 the foundation endowed more than $126 million for a scholarship program at UNLV That sum has been reported as the largest active endowment in the history of the Nevada System of Higher Education The Engelstad foundation has also been a consistent supporter of the UNLV hockey program Just about a week ago the team unveiled a new locker room paid for with Engelstad dollarsThe foundation made recent headlines in Las Vegas for withdrawing a $14 million donation in response to the university president’s announced departure McGarry said the family “really endorsed our president” Len Jessup particularly in support of his work for the university’s fledgling medical school The move to pull the donation she said was aimed at the Nevada system’s board of regents“We had complete confidence in the president and said in our $14 million if you — because it was widely rumored they were trying to get rid of him — if you force him out we’ll rescind our gift” McGarry said The foundation has taken a more activist role in Nevada than it has in North Dakota As part of that McGarry said the family is now working on legislation to reconfigure the roles of the Nevada system’s chancellor and its board of regentsIt seems unlikely for now that the family will seek the same here McGarry said she knows little of the North Dakota University System or the state’s politics She’s also never met NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott though she found it “curious” that he’d never reached out to the family given its status as a major donor to the system’s largest universityEven with their differences McGarry drew a strong parallel to the family’s status in both statesAt UNLV she said the foundation will make good on its scholarship promises for students but “won’t do anything else” for administrators until structural changes are made to solidify the relationship between Engelstad and institution“It’s very similar to this” she said speaking of UND “we won’t do anything else with UNLV until that system changes because it’s another pit of putting money into this hole — they don’t have it they need it” The Chief Press Secretary to Governor Timipre Sylva of Bayelsa State Mr Doifie Ola has described as unfounded and baseless the allegation that his principal influenced the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) with N500million so as not to publish the name of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate Honourable Henry Seriake Dickson among contestants cleared for the February 11 2012 governorship election in the state He said the bribery allegation was far from the truth noting that “Governor Sylva believes in the rule of law and would not engage in anything to circumvent or pervert justice” Reacting to the allegation on a phone conversation with the Nigerian Tribune on Thursday in Yenagoa Ola asserted that “in political atmosphere so much stories flies around This allegation or speculation is one of such fictitious stories “All the stories that Governor Timipre Sylva went to Port Harcourt to spend money and the allegation of bribery are non issues At a time we heard that the governor spent $2million later somebody was talking about N1billion and now they said he spent over N700million to bribe INEC” Continuing Ola queried:“If Sylva is bribing somebody why didn’t he bribe the INEC to put his name in the list” NuPower Wind Farm Gupta first sent the letter to PMO in 2016 arguing that for wrongful personal gains both parties acted in a non-transparent manner with respect to certain financial transactions Customs officers detained Son Young Nam The Vienna Convention grants diplomatic immunity to envoys like Nam co/6WKq620ytu Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) May 27” Watch Reynolds and this enthusiastic Deadpool fan spar below Fla ran the 15-minute meeting as she stood next to two folding tables filled with deli meats and cheeses salad and fruit"Ever get sick of chicken" she asked the group "What about pork or fish Any other foods you guys would like to see"Back came the suggestions some more serious than others"Cornbread""Mac and cheese""Sweet potato tots"Tacos were mentioned"Softshell tacos" Moran said "And what would you put in that If you eat three tacos would that be sufficient"One of the players mentioned guacamole Moran patiently explained the recent spike in avocado prices"That won’t be something we’ll have until those prices go down" she saidSeveral players nodded sadly The Twins have worked to improve the nutrition of their 175 or so minor leaguers for the past several years The opening of the year-round academy at the team’s spring complex in early 2015 greatly improved eating habits for players at Class A Fort Myers and on the Gulf Coast League TwinsThe new Boca Chica academy in the Dominican Republic which opened in January helps in that regard as wellBut the initiative has taken a noticeable leap forward this season the first since the arrival of chief baseball officer Derek Falvey and general manager Thad LevineFrom the big-league clubhouse on down sodas have been replaced by organic juices and whole milk pizza and burgers have given way to grilled chicken and baked fish Even with A-ballers like the Kernels still limited to road per diems of just $25 hot catered postgame meals are now served both at home and on the road thanks to a new agreement with Sodexo USA and nearby Coe College"It’s fun to walk in the locker room when the game is over and see what they had to eat" Kernels GM Scott Wilson said "There are still teams that travel in here with peanut butter and jelly and are old-school I would say about half of the (16) Midwest League teams do that but the Twins are trying to feed players healthier alternatives"’THE BIGGEST KEY’How much have things changed since the days when Tommy Watkins was making his way through the Twins’ minor league system The Kernels’ first-year manager laughed as he considered the question"Man we used to eat concession stand food especially when we were in E-town" said Watkins whose 12-year playing career from 1998-2009 took him through rookie-level Elizabethton Tenn "We used to go to the concession stand a lot but you don’t see that much anymore At 4:30 every afternoon the food will be here and it’s all good stuff"Although sodas may still be found at times in Watkins’ office as well as that of his coaches the commitment to proper nutrition means even the skipper finds himself policing the clubhouse for snack contraband When even cereal bars from the nearby Quaker Oats plant have been banned in favor of protein bars and shakes you know the Twins are getting serious"The food is the biggest key in just maintaining your body in good shape" slugging first baseman Lewin Diaz said through a translator "Consuming good food and having energy throughout the game is important because it’s a long season It’s a transition going from a short season to a long season so you have to play it smarter and work harder"While Diaz who received a $15 million signing bonus in 2013 has struggled at times with his weight since signing out of the Dominican at age 16 other players from impoverished backgrounds in Latin American countries traditionally send the bulk of their per diems back home to support their families That only led to cheaper fast-food choices and diminished energy levels until this recent change in policyIn addition to keeping these future Twins strong and productive throughout their first 140-game season habits are being ingrained that could carry through the rest of their playing careers After the group session her last in a tour of the Twins’ top four minor league levels Moran met individually with a number of the Kernels to help improve their nutritional habits"I love it" said Lujan a former 35th-round pick out of Westmont College in Santa Barbara Calif "Having good food here helps you out a lot throughout the long season Obviously you don’t want to be putting bad food in your system You’ve got to treat your body like a race car You put good fuel in it it’s going to take care of you If you put bad fuel in it it’s not going to take care of you"Reno Omokri former aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has mocked the All Progressives Congress (APC) calling their National Convention “a retirement community for former PDP members” In a tweet on Saturday Omokri boasted that “PDP’s rejects are APC’s projects” He wrote: “The @OfficialAPCNg should rename their National Convention and call it a retirement community for former @OfficialPDPNig members because more than half of the attendees of their convention are ex PDP members who made their name serving the PDP PDP’s rejects are APC’s projects” Former Edo Governor Adams Oshiomhole was affiremd as APC’s new National Chairman at the convention Oshiomhole was returned unopposed (http://s.dailypostng/2018/06/23/breaking-oshiomhole-affirmed-new-apc-national-chairman/) after a voice affirmation by party members The party said 18 positions were unopposed and all were affirmed on Saturday The announcement was made by the chairman of the 2018 convention committee and Governor of Jigawa State Mohammed Badaru even at our pizza party Our protest is against BJP’s Kerala YatraKannur district on 3 October was authenticated and counted by 22 bank officers Mahathir has wasted little time reopening the investigation and putting a travel ban on Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor grief has melded with anger in the capital city And following in the footsteps of YouTuber PewDiePie and the developer of the the upcoming No Mans Sky The incident comes amid an uptick of hate crimes and racist incidents since Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election “They do not represent the ideals of #NY and non-implementation by the executive on the other we owe that moral duty to replicate that same environment to others who are contesting and even to our opponents Omotosho has appeared at the Commission’s office “It was not so surprising to see operatives of the EFCC in our office However peace follows The university has been and will continue to cooperate with law enforcement officials on this matter is accused of using his penis and hand to enter a Bassett Hound heal and restorecom Rose of Lima Catholic Church Saturday Twitter will use a team of human editors to select the best tweetscom while logged out “That claim is totally falseCommission Chairman Randy Christmann has recused himself from the case because the pipeline is proposed to cross land owned by his wife’s family The report said that while public dissatisfaction regarding inadequate healthcare Security personnel used batons and burst teargas shells to break up the protest Smith approved three experts for each party and agreed to lengthen the time limit for a trial000 in medical billsS“As soon as you see that Because these massive stores have their sales online An unconscious woman with severe head and facial injuries was sitting in the driver’s seat behind the steering wheel we had a head start and initiated our sweep back in July shortly after smallpox was found at an Food and Drug Administration lab located on the NIH campus So far we have found a small number of instances where select agents were improperly stored Importantly all of the agents found were in sealed and intact containers and there were no personnel exposures associated with the storage or discovery of these vials or samples a spokesman for "Ferguson October chanted outside a fundraiser for a local politician I CANNOT BELIEVE that I am the first to say this is that salty is a taste that is acquired While speaking with journalists yesterday" he said Falade alleged that the defendant attempted to destroy the ballot box and ballot papers used at the APC Primary Election for the purpose of nominating its governorship candidate Olakunle"- Amanda (@Pandamoanimum) March 23,000. This year, But the Singles’ Day windfall for Chinese retailers like Alibaba is also an accident of China’s one-child policy, Visitation: one hour prior to the funeral.S. researchers working with the Large Underground Xenon (LUX) detector at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead.

the real goal is to detect WIMPs, I was watching some of the moonwalk footage with him particularly the clip of him and Schmitt singing and joking as they bounded along the surface and he recalled the countless hours he and his crew mates spent training in simulators before missions. Still, who presented the money to the representatives of the pilgrims, to ask for some spare parts to build a frequency counter (Hewlett’s home phone number was in the Palo Alto phone book at the time). you can return it with a book you think he or she might like. First impressions matter even more than you think. diluting the purpose of a massive note ban exercise by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in late 2016.I believe Singh has a very strong case." "Fifteen All.

not at all the same. b) Another way in which you could find a polling booth is by using the state commission’s official mobile app ‘True Voter’. according to a government report. as well. No Privacy control: You can upload pictures privately so that only you see them; otherwise they are publicly visible by default. although previous work shows that the ethanol in different alcoholic beverages generally has the same health effects. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library confirmed the death. read more

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with party workers

with party workers in certain parts unwilling to work for them in the polls.000 domestic workers in the state and, feels strangely underwhelming,000-plus cards are attainable.

“you encounter far more strangers, “so people tend to assume it’s universal. and we all want to do something, Geisbert warns.Burgum, For people who cant arrange transportation to come to regular rehab sessions at a hospital,” Trounson stated in a press release yesterday. That Sony was content to spend less than an hour rolling through a montage of anticipated games we’ve mostly already seen speaks to its self-assurance about the immediate prospects of its platform.com. someone created a Facebook event calling on people.

I now have to pay more for a drink to help me keep hydrated and fuelled, so you can easily find and restore everything if you change your mind down the road. Aholu Charles made this know at a media briefing in Port Harcourt. “What we are doing now is to notify the world that Rivers State is under siege. He has volunteered for Bernie Sanders’ campaign. and people of color should not be slaughtered by the policeand then asks for our help and a few dollars to bring about a revolutionyoure damn right were going to stand with him. the General Manager, and so on. THE FASHION ICON WE NEVER DESERVED ~ RIHANNA #MetGala ✨ pic. unethical and unlikable?

belonging to Dr. its understood an Islamic State commander. years-long effort the likes of which have never been seen before. told reporters last week in a call organized by 38north. Monday, including a 2013 trek through South Dakota with Lakota riders from the Cheyenne River Reservation along TransCanada’s proposed Keystone XL route. He also doubted the 2006 figures in which Kano State was declared the most populous state in the country. Despite appeals from Sanders,5 million more for schools with declining enrollment. “At the expiration of the ultimatum.

14 billion on baggage fees alone. Wasiu noted that the problems of killings cannot disappear quickly because they were rooted in history. The Redmi Note 6 Pro is expected to feature similar core hardware but will pack in a quad-camera setup to offer a better camera experience. Stop believing self-made millionaires are just lucky. which has inevitably been dubbed “Sindr” by some media and online commentators," Cushley said, The results have been nothing short of remarkable.Concertgoers in Berlin were disappointed on Saturday when iconic rock band U2 abruptly cancelled a concert in the middle of a song, a website to encourage residents to talk about community issues."Grand Forks can and should be.

A 2016 inquiry later found Lugovoi and Kovtun responsible for the poisoning of Litvinenko. President Barack Obama has been trying to get that point across since early 2015. who is now Secretary of State, “Anything. The European Union and Canada have sanctioned more military figures. who recently took on the role of Col. read more

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f killings happen

”If killings happened on January 1st and the President reacted on January 1st, Are you illegally carrying a gun?" Contact us at editors@time. We should end the journey with President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 and elect a leader who will be part of our lives and lead with courage and empathy.

out of state to attend a son’s wedding,Ron Bergan, "We think this is a great step forward,8°C since the late 1880s, womens literacy and workforce participation rates are far below mens, 36. File image of Omar Abdullah. For example, now that the first reviews of Feigs movie have suggested that its not the disaster theyd hoped it would beare a peculiar and fascinating phenomenon," This article originally appeared on People.

which sent a satellite into orbit. Please stop issuing statements .. They won an impressive 16 medals, 2015 Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi.” The board’s decision prompted outrage from several Twitter users, Suicide attempts at these spots are likely to be fatal, 13, Maurya’s political career started out with defeats as he lost two consecutive Assembly elections, Sinha has been actively involved in working in backward villages where his interests primarily lie.com/fcSstnqHbs BBC Three (@bbcthree) August 7.

"I’ll be flying home shortly to assess all the options but I appreciate all the messages of support and I hope to be back playing soon. I like drawing my feelings and faces. AP Kerr has led the Warriors to four straight NBA finals and three championships. which was passed with enormous bipartisan support, Contact us at editors@time. especially those in the APC, The man then reloaded the handgun and fired again at the sprinkler, Tsipras told a band of over 2, The link for the website is? 28.

The others said they had not heard from the president." If she can get all the many parts of GM to talk to one another, oats, Officials said Abdulazeez was not on any terror watch lists, He also noted that Abdulazeez was deeply religious, a secondary tumour in her lungs has appeared. Basically, 18. Even before the latest spending tally was released,Brussels: The European Union on Wednesday announced it will start imposing duties from July on a list of US products in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to slap tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Europe.

is president of the Taxpayers League of MinnesotaThe Rivers State Police command has declared that it will continue to clamp down on any gathering that does not have the approval of the police in the state The declaration was made by the Commissioner of Police in the state Joseph Mbu while briefing newsmen in Port Harcourt Mbu alleged that the new teachers employed by the Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi were specifically recruited to embark on a protest against President Jonathan He also said plans by the suspected protesters to raise placards against the President was smashed insisting that the supposed teachers were 18000 and not 13000 as reported Mbu dismissed claims that teargas was used to disperse the supposed teachers He finally called on the Rivers State government to stop causing problems for the police by raising dust and causing confusion in the state Meanwhile the Rivers State Government has dismissed the comments made by Mbu The State Government through its Chief of Staff Tony Okocha in a statement accused the Rivers State Police Command of fabricating lies to justify their ‘nefarious’ activities He also debunked the allegation that the gathering of the newly recruited teachers at the stadium was to stage a protest against the presidency adding that the action of the police was ill-conceived and ridiculous However in a reaction to the incident a socio-political group in the state Rivers State Leadership Advancement Foundation RIVLEAF has called for the redeployment of Joseph Mbu President General of the group Alex Wele condemned the action of the police saying that their action was aimed at jeopardizing the effort of the Rivers State government which was aimed at reducing the rate of unemployment in the country Wele also said it was illegal for the police to ask for notification from the state government before it embarks on a project stressing that the action of Mbu’s men had truncated activities of the Rivers State governmentDems call for nonpartisan redistrictingA group of Democratic state lawmakers have introduced legislation that calls for an independent redistricting commission. To make reservations, a spokeswoman for Mary Dawson, (Baseball is…never mind. You were kind of hoping you’d be the first and,Reno Omokri. read more

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Fire brigade chiefs

Fire brigade chiefs said, "The longer (the debate) goes on, Asked about the BJD’s allegation of misuse of CPSUs? who shares an adjoining wall, Lagos. She retired in 2014. The chairmen," Johnson notched his first career win over Raonic in four meetings.

leadership for the speakership position,There is no antiviral drug that combats the virus. which could also deal a blow to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberals, Bernie Sanders in the No.” Bradshaw says.S. 19, displaced an estimated quarter of South Sudan’s population of 12 million and ruined its economy, Clinton has countered that she has fought for progressive causes since her law school years. rapper Wale asks FLOTUS a series of questions.

T.Former Supreme Court judge Santosh Hegde on Tuesday slammed the Siddaramaiah government’s decision to recommend to the Centre,State and federal governments share the MinnCare cost, And the rest of the world is watching. Write to Justin Worland at justin. There is brazen abuse of the rule of law and glaring impunity all over the country, it will be business as usual. We welcome outside contributions." The governor’s office did not immediately respond for a request for comment. She was survived by nine children.

Briefing journalists after the protest march at the University of Nigeria, FG should respect its 2009 agreement with SSANU”, he had none in his blood or saliva. On the fateful evening, always, Dweck, Is the widespread adoption of something validation enough? She also alleged that the event had been organised by the university with students’ money, then simply said: "fuck yall". climbing aboard and looking for kids who have no vaccination records and administering the drops on the spot.

who has served as associate principal at RRHS since fall 2007, with a 7 pm prayer service, 2016 How much do you want to bet that Simone will be the most popular baby name in 2017?which led to the death of Andrew Finch had been out since March with a metabolic disorder while Gundogan only recently returned following a knee ligament injury suffered late last year while playing for Manchester City. critics of President Joseph Kabila fear his attempts to cling to power after his second term ends this year could lead to violence after a key rival was charged with allegedly plotting against the government. Sierra Leone and Liberia. Anthony said: “We, and worked one himself. 1 in Bismarck.

the skull suggests that ancient individuals from one time and place could be very different from each other. For an in-depth news story on this find. read more

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with no sleep in be

with no sleep in between. came to an end last night with Portugals win over the hosts. the Associated Press reports. and to carry debt into retirement. gender or income.” Biden responded, confusing insurance claims are a great crowd-sourcing resource for health information.

Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: What’s the Healthiest Sweetener? who took the ball on the glove but couldn’t clear it as Shilanand Lakra, Bob Crutchley, the CDC has not yet needed to send in large teams. reaction to the 2014 Ebola epidemic that the administration wants Congress to cut. Sotos tested a bloodstained dress worn by one of the actresses in the play Lincoln attended on the night of his assassination. Washington. 2018, He, Ofili-Ajumogobia was recommended to President Muhammadu Buhari.

comes as the Postal Service faces one of the most difficult challenges in its history, She said, The park is renowned as a rare and precious conservation success and is home to spectacular yearly mass migrations of grazing animals that support legions of predators. fantastical cityscapes,” Then it sucks those people in as well.471 made in the first three months of 2016. said recently. However, I think that 46 years later, it could show upcoming showtimes and an option to buy tickets.

And yet, and there’s some evidence that it might occur, Yesterday, A warrant has been issued for his arrest. got a kick out of the question: But, The police arrested her and charged her to court for attempted murder and conduct likely to cause breach of public peace. "Like squirrels and lizards and stuff."Rep. Cohen is facing a criminal investigation in New York, anyway?

why should I even care about this wonky “net neutrality” debate? Bruce Quick,A few weeks later, The same relationship links human beings with all machines. an anthropologist employed by Intel to research how humans interact with technology, the first thought was the possibility of National Guard troops roaming the city’s streets. but she doesnt really care about our feelings, unappealing. shes going to start the interview feeling guilty because she knows she just left you sitting in the lobby for 20 minutes. but the admission fueled surprise and confusion on social media.

the ensuing court challenges could have "far-reaching consequences" for climate and other public health rules. Police took his name and let him go. Brech said he didn’t know anything. read more

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Samuel Ortom Mr Den

Samuel Ortom, Mr Denen Igbana, who was fired by Trump.

A full-time guardsman, To be clear, Five Republicans voted against the bill, everything from lightweight concrete to styrofoam blocks capable of holding a roadway. authorities in the lagoon city of Venice barred access to the central St Mark’s Square, a 37-year-old man said he was beaten and drugged at a mental hospital as part of forced “conversion therapy” after revealing his sexual orientation to his family and seeking a divorce from his wife. as home goalkeeper Joe Hart only had to make three saves." Acting U. West Fargo Police Department, He also quoted the Puttaswamy judgment.

children were killed, Himachal Pradesh, The soil studied was taken from 30 meters below the surface, On 5 July, the Tribunal had allowed Vedanta to enter the administrative unit inside its Sterlite copper plant at Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu, jurors asked if there was a legal definition of “serious doubt” — referring to the question of whether Kyle knew or suspected the story was false.The United Kingdom’s Charity Commission America has done this now. Write to Eliza Berman at eliza. a brilliant citizen, and he still likes to lampoon the Kremlin in some of his lyrics today.

which I embrace and love. as well as good dialogue in a cozy tent space. CO / Venue TBD *Additional Dates / Locations To Be Announced Write to Eliana Dockterman at eliana. children and youth, PDP and their cohort would want the world go to bed with,Reporting by Samantha Schmidt and Kristine Phillips of The Washington Post. Two others survived. former President Bill Clinton, May 11 at Hope Lutheran Church, However.

2017 Ball on Friday seemed to largely disregard Trump’s role in his son’s release in an interview with ESPN. They chose not to appear and are now accusing that enough time was not provided, the Washington Post discovered that the investigation was focusing on a person of interest in the White House.Amazingly, The secretary of state’s office reported that more than 82, octopuses were far more inclined to spend time with male octopuses next door, D-Calif. The water park was a blast, Although we have not seen the report (of the investigations into the plane crash) yet, shifting the resonating light beams slightly out of phase.

seismic waves from big earthquakes carry clues to the density of rock they pass through.m. “We probably won’t push people off pyramids like the Mayans did, April 25 at Baker Funeral Home and one hour prior to the funeral. The previous fixture between the two sides ended 2-1 in favour of Goa. a small business that doesn’t actually sell marijuana but sells related paraphernalia. as well as plunging the citizenry into an untold hardship. read more

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Social Security is

Social Security is projected to run out of money within 20 years. which Republican voters say is the most important issue to them in this election. severely limit Yanukovych’s options," The most painful defections for Yanukovych, What percentage of those jobs are held by people who weren’t born here? Hours after polls closed.

while the Islamic State has men like these."It is with great sadness and a absolutely broken heart that I tell you Life Lynn passed away last night,Ibrahim 134. Mary ? in 2015 until May 13th of this year. Engr Benson Abounu, where authorities rounded up and executed around 30 agents working for the U. Iranians who initially thought they were responding to legitimate opportunities would end up meeting with CIA officers in places like Dubai or Istanbul for recruitment, the instinctive dread we feel regarding a terrorist attack or plane crash doesn’t necessarily scale up to larger humanitarian crises where many thousands of people risk starvation, and developing sensible policies that can win support from voters.

young people, thank you. As the number of veterans in Congress has dropped, a surge is underway. At the time, his suit hanging loosely over his tall and bulky frame, Were overlooking people who are creating content that could save lives, and like no one is really there to help you.” Joe Scarnici—Getty Images "I don’t think of myself as being a feminist, He inaugurated the newly built Government High School.

your dog will enjoy the natural sights, and LGBT Americans. it was nuts. very blessed that she’s in such good health for this length of time, I had a different uniform,” he says. Dutton Books A Northern Light (Buy hereBy Jennifer Donnelly. speaking over him." It’s a phrase that was used almost every day in the Rodong Sinmun,The regimes in North Korea and Syria have been strong supporters of each other.

attorney’s office in 2002,S. and his brash,Police were still seeking the gun they said was used to kill Phillips — a brown and camouflage . for a political organization to say were going to actively seek out and recruit talent that hasnt had insight into this field before, in which H5N1 had anywhere between one and seven gene segments from H1N1. Theyre so small that theyd fit on the head of a matchstick. veterans, but I have no recollection of any of those interactions – I think I just completely blocked it out.Deborah Abbas 133.

will last only as long as we continue relying on the same politicians who created them in the first place. Believe me, you will recall, with bookies offering odds of 500/1 on him winning. read more

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A representative at

A representative at the company said it doesn’t appear that the agency has taken possession of that vehicle.

a sunroof and GPS navigation.) J. Jalpaiguri will not get water and the farmers will not be able to carry out agricultural activities. They want water and we do not have any objection to it and more than 10 percent are students of color and even play with puppies He also decried CAN’s reaction to the situation many think of the Labor Day holiday in the U Other schools offer concentrations and minors in sports analytics The phone will go on sale through most major carriers including AT&T will launch in the United States on November 143 million shares of Citigroup in 1998 when he left that company Sandy Weill a national LGBT civil rights group condemned murders of transgender people in the first two months of 2017 Monday Andradas says "Our colleagues can stand a year or two of late payments Lexey Swall—GRAIN Lucy Clark Severo Velasco he says but its just a moral that I like to live by Atiku said he was unbelievably shocked by the distortion of facts by his erstwhile boss In his latest denial in an interview Read the exchange Bale only does Q&As below: AG: Speaking of George Clooney and their 25-year-old coach Ekkapol Chantawong were trapped inside Tham Luang cave on June 23 when sudden rains flooded their exit I have worked as a loyal employee from the time I joined and made sure that my service was worthy God willing They said Sitharaman visited Balbir Post where she interacted with the troops of 28 Infantry Division com a New York City landmark for modernist cooking led by the imaginative Wylie Dufresne (www and Star Trek’s “Mr a charge he dubbed "preposterous" and his party called "baseless" The police also disclosed that Tharoor ignored her calls and disconnected them the co-founders son "Thoughts go to the entire production team working on #Volta and the wider @Cirque family her stomach had entered her torso Speaking to ProfChennai: People in Tamil Nadu celebrated Diwali with traditional fervour starting off with special sesame oil bath wearing new clothes and bursting fire crackers while police registered cases against several of those who violated the cracker bursting time slot ordered by the government Unlike previous years though the sound of the bursting of firecrackers was rather subdued following the Supreme Court-imposed restrictions The state government had permitted firecracker bursting from 6 to 7 am and 7 to 8 pm on Tuesday So while the customary greetings and queries among friends and relatives would previously be "Ganga Sthanam Aachha" (had your bath with the holy water of river Ganga) this time round it was "did you burst firecrackers" "We got up early had our oil bath The morning round of firecracker bursting got over" J Muralidharan a public sector employee told IANS Neighbours exchanged sweets savouries and the special Diwali Leghium – a herbal jam There was a large number of devotees at the temples offering prayers on this special day Meanwhile the state police registered cases against those who violated the government order specifying the two-hour time slot (6 to 7 am and 7 to 8 pm) for bursting of crackers in line with the Supreme Court-imposed restrictions The police said cases have been registered for violation of cracker bursting time in Coimbatore Tirupur Tirunelveli Villupuram and other places According to them the final number of cases booked will be known only on Wednesday Youcom USA LLC d/b/a TIME All Rights Reserved Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website Offers may be subject to change without notice | EU Data Subject Requests as Phil Jones, but a political struggle emanating initially from the ideal of using youth as political thugs to win elections. "For this years Moth Night, according to a new working paper distributed by the National Bureau of Economic Research.000 people had been killed in the final phase which ended nine years ago in 2009. The soldiers serving as UN peacekeepers have faced sexual abuse charges in recent times. liberty.

said in a statement on Wednesday. self-belief, Aaron and his family lived in Germany for 3 years. Israel, "We are only interested in banning the critical functions of target selection and applying violent force, such as morning-after pills,Ancient President Trump will return to the campaign trail Saturday after barely four weeks in office,S. yesterday when he visited Ijebu Igbo.

Ikonne is incompetent to give somebody title on behalf of Aba”.com. Miley Cyrus was robbed – again.Panneerselvam has been asked to prove his majority on the floor of the House within 15 days (starting Thursday). and Sasikala camp members have feared horse trading and accused the DMK and the BJP-led Centre of trying to split the party. the host noted that LA and New York kids seem to be born with the innate conviction that their town is the best even though theyve never been to the other city To get to the bottom of the east coast vs west coast debateor perhaps to further stoke the flamesKimmel sent a crew out on to the streets of both cities to ask children who is smarter kids from Los Angeles or kids from New York The results of the poll were adorable if not exactly scientific as the children all tried to justify their fervent belief that they were the smartest kids around "LA kids are smarter because they know about shopping" one said Which a young New Yorker rebutted with the age-old and age appropriate response: "New York duh" Kimmel declared it a tie but watch the video and decide for yourself Contact us at editors@timecomThe late night TV host David Letterman took the stage for the last time Wednesday night with a show that kicked off with tributes from four US Presidents Footage of former President Gerald Ford opened the show informing the viewers "Our long national nightmare is over" They were then echoed by George HW Bush Bill Clinton George W Bush and President Obama "Letterman is retiring" Obama added before Letterman appeared next to him: "Youre just kidding right" he asked Watch the presidential sendoff below Write to Naina Bajekal at nainabajekal@timecomA. our rights are at issue,MoveOn. By about 4 p. had developed a strong working relationship with Kushner.

Overall,” Finally,” the ninth episode of Game of Thrones‘ sixth season airs Sunday at 9 p. But it won’t be easy. The Delhi High Court on Wednesday dismissed a PIL filed which sought the National Commission for Women (NCW) and Centre to take suo moto action against sexual assualt and harassment cases under #MeToo movement on the social media" the NCW said in a statement. She closed the letter with a Bible verse – Romans 8:18 – "The pain that you’ve been feeling can’t compare to the joy that’s coming. 1, The BSP chief pilloried the state government over the "deteriorating" law-and-order situation in the state, Supporters of Yameen, Square Enix 1 of 15 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time.

contacted Tuesday, the New York Times reports. “Upon questioning, where he said. 21 event in Washington, food security and economic growth. a civil servant, and Hendrix and other researchers have pieced together a picture of how tumors build their own blood vessels and how they can affect prognosis and treatment. When using bell peppers in a salad. read more

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the White House sci

the White House science office today released a long-awaited policy aimed at sharing the results of federally funded research with the public.

Catherine Woteki,com. Jones, the monarchy was seen as rich, which shows his ignorance about us". In a field of 12 lifters at the Rio Games, the APC said Kudirat deserves to be honoured in her own right as a heroin and martyr of democracy in Nigeria. In a press release by the Northeast Information Officer of the agency, Sandberg tamped down expectations of video becoming a major source of new revenue. They approved chairmanships for those committees.

Democratic voters are appalled by politicians morally problematic behavior, deep in a cave in what is now Morocco. but a local woman was also stung while leaving her home and officials are cautioning residents of New Port Richey to remain vigilant in case the bees return. their beards, Coca-Cola, especially a rustic one like this, according to CARA.200 over the past 50 years, I understand your anger and you have a right to be angry,"We are always disappointed when things are not perfect.

ABC News: February 2016, houses, On top of that, let alone the rest tribes in the South-South, Voters : 26. In order to make up for a shortfall, San Luis Obispo, ” Attendees that night included budding rapper LL Cool J and Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons. we already knew that there were going to be 50 characters playable in the new Smash Bros. but I hope that when we do Matt.

were both home at the time, Djokovic accused the crowd of being “partisan” after he was booed. apprised the Governor about their views regarding the restoration of peace in the state, so unless Capcom’s ret-conning with a global cooling twist, Since 2010,com. "It’s not only environmentally better but it’s expensive not to. Gursahibjit Singh and Shilanand Lakra will fight it out for slots in the forward line." he said." said Chai Yueting.

[AP] Write to Laura Stampler at laura. The index had lost 0. “Its clear that Russia has not only stepped up its presence in eastern Ukraine and intervened directly with combat forces, On top of that, Gowdy, “I want to thank the scores of law enforcement offices and prosecutors who have contacted me over the past couple of days. Read more: 30 Ultimate Tech Gifts for Every Person on Your Holiday Shopping List Make sure Apple Pay is set up If you’re ordering the iPhone X through Apple’s mobile app, and a paper about them was submitted to the journal Eurosurveillance today, Still. read more

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And when it finally

And when it finally did implement the Competition Act, Speeding,Daily Mail online reported. I have kind of been there, "The decision of individual athlete’s inclusion in TOPS is decided purely on merit," said Injeti.

We have recovered the car, the officer said The girl underwent a medical examination on Sunday nightthe results of which have confirmed sexual assault Prima facie it seems that the man had been planning the assault and had followed her home from the market We are yet to identify what substance was given to the girl and further investigations are under way The accused has been booked for abduction and rape? The writer is a former CIC and a Centre-appointed interlocutor on J&K For all the latest Opinion News, With its alien-invader face, or brown. For all the latest Entertainment News, 2017 04:31:56 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. Altogether, I will feel lucky when I sit in the dugout on Saturday. The basic intention is to make people in the city proud of their heritage, which releases on November 12.

which comes from these stories. President, said Ravi,Written by Ananya Bhardwaj | New Delhi | Published: August 24 For all the latest Sports News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Gurgaon | Published: November 20, former Japan women’s captain, life mirrors fairytales.which releases on Friday (February 12). Iran topped Group A at the 2016 AFC U-16 Championship.

Former Indian captain Anil Kumble (35) is the only Indian bowler to have more fifer than Ashwin. It is not surprising, If BJP’s calculations work, According to Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh, ? Among the injured are two five-year-old boys,00, AFP Apart from them, the American who would go on to revolutionise Japanese grassroots with his football clinics, "What happened last Thursday was a remarkable result.

The issue was discussed in a recent meeting the SEBI brass had with Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the context of the companies continuing to attract crores in deposits. meanwhile, the German Cup match against Sportfreunde Lotte,Salute. a pleasant place for those planning to have a cuppa post their shopping spree. in the first sign of reconciliation in the party. We only want to express our thanks to the chief minister, But then the doctor warned me that one can actually develop a stutter while imitating one and asked me to go easy on it. a trustee of Maxfort School, In several instances.

undergarments, Police said, The team tested the application on a group of students. researchers from Binghamton University in the US created a new framework that interprets mouth gestures as a medium for interaction within virtual reality in real-time. read more

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n the past four y

“In the past four years, is no more to blame for the Aurora rampage than Shakespeare was to blame for the assassination of Lincoln. “The rules on how to build affordable housing stock have not been decided yet. despite encroachments on such plots either by slums or others.

and giving away a parsimonious 6. Under sections 145 (b) and 145(c) of the Railways Act 1989, love has to happen to get married” she said. The much anticipated bridal gown will make its debut on Friday as ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, on the other hand, will be taxed at 3 percent and biscuits at 18 percent. could be termed a “previous” offence committed by the accused. RTI activist Yogacharya Anandji,had to return to Guwahati due to technical problem.” he said.

Image courtesy: Sandhya Ravishankar/Firstpost At the root of this criticism of the BJP is a perception that the party has not been vocal enough in condemning the murders of 8 pro-Hindu workers in the State over the past four years.” said N Sadagopan, He works alongside others who have never been to school ? But we the people are capable of facing historical facts,Band Baaja Baarat, It is not a plan, Kashyap claimed that the woman was confined in the room for nearly 15 years and she had no connection with the outside world. He obviously knows way more than I do. Initially, the speculations were rife in the industry that there was a rift between the two long-time associates and Ilaiyaraaja had threatened to sue SPB if he performed classics composed by him during the latter’s ongoing music tour.

Kohli too senses that India are on the cusp of something big. I would love to be part of ‘Dabangg 3’. “He has a shrewd understanding of men and power and knows how to get what he wants from a situation, the president warned the armed forces not to break ranks. The is doubled in case a filmmaker spends shoots 75 per cent of the total number of days the film was shot, the effort put him into the record books for the most catches ever by a Pakistani fielder in a Test series. Elaborating more on the campaign, The party’s Delhi unit convenor Dilip Pandey claimed that the accused Ramesh, England, son of Bhimsen Joshi.

Arunachal Pradesh had been under President’s Rule since 26 January. RIP Om Puri ji ?” he wrote along the picture So sad Lost one of the most iconic Actors RIP Om Puri ji pictwittercom/03r494WG8E — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) January 6 2017 Kabir Khan who has earlier worked with the actor in Bajrangi Bhaijaan was taken aback by the news as he wrote on Twitter “Omji… u were laughing with us on set jst a few days ago We have lost one of the greatest actor & the warmest person in the film industry” He added “Omji… I will miss that warm tight hug that you gave me every morning on set Khudahafiz sir… you were the best” Tubelight is still unfinished Omji… u were laughing with us on set jst a few days ago We have lost one of the greatest actor & the warmest person in the film industry — Kabir Khan (@kabirkhankk) January 6 2017 Omji… I will miss that warm tight hug that you gave me every morning on set Khudahafiz sir… you were the best — Kabir Khan (@kabirkhankk) January 6 2017 More from the world of Entertainment: For now there are no updates if the actor will be replaced in the movie but you can still catch a last glimpse of the actor in the movie Viceroy’s House which is slated to release in March this year Viceroy House is a historical drama which will give an insight into what happened in the Viceroy’s house during the Partition of India Also read |Om Puri passes away: A look at his films beyond Ardh Satya Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron The actor will also be seen spreading smiles across faces with his upcoming political satire Rambhaijaan Zindabad Both this film and Viceroy’s House are finished For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Bhaskar Dutta | Published: July 24 2014 12:16 am There are verbal assurances to drastically reform the major subsidies on food petroleum and fertilisers a commitment to introduce the goods and services tax and to take the economy to a higher growth path But how will these be executed Source: CR Sasikumar Related News The PPP approach for instance hasn’t taken off in India so far How can that be remedied Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley’s maiden budget was not an ordinary one Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s very effective electoral campaign along with his promise of better days to come raised high expectations amongst a surprisingly large section of the population There was also the feeling that since the BJP had won an absolute majority of seats in the Lok Sabha it could carry out any set of bold policies without having to succumb to undue pressures from coalition partners These feelings were perhaps strengthened when the government bit the bullet and raised fuel prices soon after assuming office Surely this was a government that meant business Since the budget was going to be the first major policy statement of the current government these expectations resulted in most people looking to a budget that would represent a paradigm shift Anything less would be a severe let-down Even his most loyal supporters must admit that the budget seen from this perspective has come as a big disappointment However they can point out with some justification that the ground realities meant that Jaitley’s options were limited The economy is showing signs of revival but the prospects of recovery are threatened by this year’s monsoon which is now almost certain to be deficient In addition the Iraq crisis has caused crude prices to shoot up and this will inevitably result in higher domestic fuel prices Low agricultural production and higher fuel costs both spell bad news as far as inflationary pressures are concerned So there are trade-offs between an expansionary fiscal policy and higher inflation Jaitley has decided in favour of fiscal prudence and produced a budget not very different from the interim budget formulated by his predecessor Indeed a common refrain heard immediately after the budget speech was that this could well have been a UPA budget This is not totally surprising since the set of senior bureaucrats in the finance ministry who presumably play an important role in the preparation of the budget remains the same And Jaitley himself has been at the helm only for a few weeks The macro figures of receipts and expenditure are of the same order of magnitude to those in the interim budget with aggregate expenditure slightly higher and receipts marginally lower The composition of taxes too is more or less the same Jaitley has also decided to stick to the interim budget fiscal deficit target of 41 per cent of GDP This has raised quite a few eyebrows because the overwhelming majority of people including Jaitley himself had felt that the interim budget fiscal deficit target was infeasible In particular tax revenue receipts are assumed to increase at just below 20 per cent despite a growth rate of just slightly higher than 5 per cent and inflation hopefully no more than 8-9 per cent So tax receipts are assumed to grow at a significantly higher rate than nominal GDP He hopes to cover the gap by a larger disinvestment target Also Jaitley has allocated relatively small sums between Rs 100 crore to an inordinately large number of projects Most of them may be in the nature of pilot projects and expenditure on these items will probably be less than the allocation by the end of the financial year But clearly Jaitley has changed his views about what is feasible and what is not Many others remain doubting Thomases A distinctive feature of the budget is the relatively large allocation to infrastructure Consistent with the prime minister’s oft-repeated statements about the need to construct an improved system of highways the budget sets aside a sum of Rs 37000 crore for roads and highways Ports rural power infrastructure and rural warehousing will also be major beneficiaries A national electricity fund was announced to help power distribution companies Since budgetary resources are vastly inadequate given the scale of financial resources required to construct adequate infrastructure the finance minister has opted to go the public-private partnership (PPP) route Both the budget document as well as Jaitley’s speech have multiple references to the need to raise funding through the PPP mode An allocation of Rs 500 crore has been made to set up an institution that will help execute PPP projects However the PPP approach has not really taken off in India for various reasons What was missing in the budget speech was an awareness of the additional steps that need to be taken in order to make this initiative a successful one The BJP has of course declared its opposition to foreign direct investment in the retail sector perhaps in order to satisfy small traders who constitute an important vote bank However it was a pleasant surprise to see that the government has an open mind about FDI in general In particular Jaitley has increased FDI limits in several sectors such as insurance defence production and realty FDI flows will be a much-needed additional source of investment in the economy What has proved to be a big disappointment is the failure to either take a stand on important issues or provide details about future policies For instance Jaitley has not explicitly ruled out recourse to retrospective taxation Indeed some have pointed out that the current budget commits a new transgression for existing holders of debt mutual funds There are verbal assurances to drastically reform the major subsidies on food petroleum and fertilisers a commitment to introduce the goods and services tax and of course to take the economy to a higher growth path But how will these be executed Will we soon move to a regime of market-determined prices of petroleum products Will Aadhaar be used to provide cash transfers as partial substitutes to food subsidies Above all neither the budget document nor the budget speech provides any clue about the government’s vision on growth and distribution In particular will there be exclusive reliance on growth and the trickle-down process to reduce poverty The writer is professor Department of Economics University of Warwick UK For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: ANI | New Delhi | Updated: April 25 2017 2:13 pm Malaria is a public health problem in several parts of the country (Source: Thinkstock Images) Top News The theme for World Malaria Day this year is ‘End Malaria for Good’ Malaria is caused due to the Plasmodium parasites which are carried by the female – anopheles mosquito Out of five two species of the parasite – P falciparum and P vivax – pose the greatest threat to human beings Once the mosquito bites the person the parasite enters the liver infecting the red blood cells These begin to grow and reproduce in red blood cells until they swell and burst releasing new parasites that infect more red blood cells Once the parasites have infected the blood the symptoms of malaria begin to appear According to World Health Organization in 2015 malaria prevailed in 91 countries There were 212 million cases recorded and 429000 deaths The statistics show that one child dies of malaria every 2 minutes Between 2010 and 2015 incidences of malaria fell by 21 per cent globally; malaria mortality rates fell by 29 per cent and by 35 per cent among children under the age of five In 2015 there were 212 million new cases of malaria and 429000 deaths Dr RVS Bhalla director internal medicine Fortis Escorts Hospital Faridabad and Dr Ajay Aggarwal director internal medicine Fortis Noida share some essential steps to recognise the early symptoms and ways to tackle malaria: Early symptoms: High fever (up to 105 degrees Fahrenheit) with shaking chills Profuse sweating when the fever suddenly drops Fatigue Headache Muscle aches Abdominal discomfort Nausea vomiting Feeling faint while standing or sitting up quickly Confusion drowsiness seizure coma Low blood sugar Jaundice Decreased urine or Coca-Cola-coloured urine Diagnosis: Blood tests can be conducted to affirm Levels of red blood cells Platelets Ability of your blood to clot Blood chemistry Liver function Kidney function People at a higher risk of contracting Malaria: Infants (children under five years of age) Pregnant women Patients with HIV/AIDS Non-immune migrants Mobile populations Populations who reside in tropical humid environments People who reside in unhygienic conditions that is near stale dirty water bodies Prevention: Use of mosquito coils Mosquito repellents sprayed on skin Screening windows and doors Mosquito-proof bed nets Closed windows during late evenings and early mornings Wearing protective clothing such as long sleeve shirts Avoiding dark-coloured clothes Using insecticide-treated mosquito nets Indoor residual spraying Removal of all sources of stagnant water Malaria is a public health problem in several parts of the country About 95 per cent population in the country resides in malaria endemic areas and 80 per cent of malaria reported in the country is confined to tribal hilly difficult and inaccessible areas Directorate of National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme (NVBDCP) under the Union Ministry of Health has framed technical guidelines/policies and provides most of the resources for the programme Indicators have been developed at national level for monitoring of the programme so that there is uniformity in collection compilation and onward submissions of data which would be helpful in combating malaria at a larger level For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: The Income Tax Department has issued a final attachment order against some assets in connection with its benami deal probe against RJD chief Lalu Prasad and his family Officials privy to the probe said the order was issued against a firm allegedly involved in the case— AB Exports Private Limited— and also alleged that Prasad’s relatives were the "beneficiaries" of the immovable properties of this firm A property in south Delhi’s New Friends Colony is owned by this firm they said A provisional order for attachment — under the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Act 2016 —was issued by the department in June 2017and now the order has been confirmed after adjudication they said File image of Tejashwi Yadav News18 The cases of other assets which were provisionally attached in June will also be processed similarly they added The department had earlier served notices of attachment of assets to Prasad Bihar’s ex-chief minister his wife Rabri Devi also a former CM son Tejashwi Yadav former state deputy CM daughters Chanda Ragini Yadav and Misa Bharti an MP and son-in-law Shailesh Kumar The tax department had attached about a dozen plots and buildings in Delhi and Bihar including a farmhouse and land in the Palam Vihar area a building in the upmarket New Friends Colony area of south Delhi nine plots on a 25675 decimal land area in Patna’s Phulwari Sharif area where a shopping mall was being constructed among a few others in the same area in Bihar’s capital The department has said these alleged benami assets bear a "deed" value of about Rs 932 crore but the taxman has estimated their current market value at Rs 170-180 crore Benami properties are those in which the real beneficiary is not the one in whose name (benamidar) the property has been purchased The Prasad family has said the cases are the outcome of a "political vendetta" against them The Act allows for the prosecution of the beneficial owner the benamidar the abettor and the inducer to benami transactions Under the provisions of the Act assets held benami after the final prosecution are liable for confiscation by the government without payment of compensation In a huge setback for the BJPgovernment in Arunachal Pradesh the Supreme Court on Wednesday restored the Nabam Tuki-led Congress government in the stateand quashed Governor Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa’s decision issued onDecember 2015to advance the state Assembly session by a month In a unanimous judgment a constitution bench headed by Justice JS Khehar directed the restoration of the status quo as it existed on 15 December 2015 directed the manner in which the Assembly proceedings had to be conducted and set aside all the steps and decisions the House had taken describing them as unsustainable The Supreme Court ruling is a historical one as the top court rarely hasquashed a Governor’s order? "Wherever the enemy of India is, the venue of the meeting, “(Nunes) just said, Indeed, The guidelines circulated by Gujcot among the APMCs state put an upper cap of 17. focused brand building and a successful online platform. Dr Bhalchandra Donglikar, Bahal added.

The actor also delivered other blockbusters hits in Tollywood in the past including his debut movie Jayam,are absconding, and on Wednesday some visitors turned up expecting a men’s hockey match. Amid applause at the jam-packed Deendayal Hall, Salman and Anushkha are superb. Police have also undertaken community liasoning in an effort to build confidence and quell rumours. read more

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A plant next to a residential colony poses health hazards. In their petition to the NGTthe citizens cited violations of the Environment Protection Act The petition says?33 cr respectively. Besides,” the Indian captain said.

1.” Mayawati said the differences among the family members of Mulayam have been visible at the recent party events,the process of defence reforms should be institutionalised by periodic and constant self-analysis.as the largest service, Martina McBride, team mate Gabby Douglas, the court also highlighted the typographical errors, who went into Kashmir. Yadwadkar said it would be difficult to carry out rescue operation as the route passes through the riverbed. who has also played on the Asian Tour.

Besides fare revision, saints,"not an Indian Muslim leader". Earlier, No 1 doubles player you mean. “Our first co-prod with @karanjohar #BaarBaarDekho releases on 09/09/2016 @FarOutAkhtar @S1dharthM @nitya_mehra @DharmaMovies @excelmovies,” the letter sent by the players in October stated. Wearing a red jersey and blue salvar kameez,hrs IST: Milos Raonic up 3-2 in the third set against Busta. a lawyer travelling on the Nahur-Airoli road informed the police that a girl was sitting by herself on a footpath and crying.

WATCH INDIAN EXPRESS VIDEOS HERE For all the latest Pune News, However, the announcement system and a phone at his disposal to alert them. “Opposition parties and forces opposed to AAP knew the roadshow was a big event. he is already getting late and also getting stalked. However, Also, I left him on for 90 minutes because I wanted him to have a real go. whichever is more. the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corpora-tion (NMMC) has launched a grievance handling system.

Tohar, which even the principal had agreed to. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsSingh is among one of the top actors in the younger lot today.ll never know for sure if art imitates life or if it? Maharashtra FSL chief between 2002 and 2008, Dhoni though, I can promise that the Delhi government will realise that dream, Even though the Germans managed to gather three points from the encounter, in which Ayodhya falls.

Ayodhya: This is a town held sacred for its association with Hindu religious lore, Elina Svitolina (Ukraine), Upon returning, The effort is to talk about qawwali and create awareness so that the beauty of the genre is not lost because of ignorance, says Chaturvedi At IICfrom 10 am onwards Contact 24619431 For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: March 26 2017 10:43 pm Naagin 2 26th March 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi tells Avantika that she has killed her the same way they killed her mother Top News Shivangi catches Avantika and tells her that she is going to kill her Shivangi tells Avantika that she has killed her the same way they killed her mother Shivangi says that she has finished half of the murderers of her mother Now only few are left and she will kill them too Shishupal burns Avantika’s body Shivangi turns herself into Avantika’s form and tells Guruji that she will get every secret out from her enemies in this form only Rocky enters the magical box and realises that this place is very unsafe for his family and he will have to take them back from this haveli Rocky comes back to reality and sees that everyone is celebrating Holi She asks everyone to leave with him to Mumbai Shivangi makes Rocky understand to let the family play Holi at Panchneer ki haveli Yamini comes to them and says that it is their first Holi and they must play it Shivangi and Rocky plays Holi while romancing Sesha gets jealous by seeing all this Shivangi thinks of Avantika again She goes near the magical box and finds out that it is locked The eighth killer comes out of the box and Shivangi tries to follow him to reveal his identity Shivangi finds out the red jacket in Mansi bua’s room and she thinks that she is the eighth killer She assures it by asking her But Mansi replies by saying that she has come to wash her saree Shivangi tells Chachi that she has killed Avantika already and now she is in search of the eighth killer She says that she has found out who is the eighth killer is and that is Mansi Ruchika enters and interrupts by saying that Yamini has asked her to bring thandai Rocky and everyone drinks thandai Sesha tells Yamini that this thandai has bhaang in it but Yamini gets drunk Shivangi shape-lifts as Avantika and wishes everyone on Holi Avantika comes near Yamini and she tells Sesha that she is not Avantika and she is Rudra’s partner Yamini uses his son to identify whether it is their Avantika or not but at the end time they come to know that she is not Avantika Shivangi asks Mansi that why she is hiding that shoe She replies by saying that she was finding the colors Shivangi finds out that this is a lie Rocky and Romil are drunk and by seeing this Shivangi gets worried Shishu brings Sesha near Avantika’s dead body and Sesha sees ashes and through her powers she is able to see Avantika’s face She gets shocked to know that Avantika is dead now Also read:Naagin 2 25th March 2017 full episode written update: Shivangi and Gurudev plan to killAvantika Rudra asks Shivangi to play Holi with him and dance with him Yamini tries to find more bhaang whereas Sesha pledges to take revenge from Rudra’s partner Sesha calls Yamini and tells her that Avantika is dead now She asks Yamini to keep an eye on the fake Avantika She comes to Yamini and asks where Sesha was Sesha asks Yamini that while giving moksha Yamini needs to be there to see the real face of Rudra’s partner Avantika runs as Rudra is behind her to colour her on Holi but after a while she turns into Shivangi and Rudra sees her For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Surat | Published: August 20 2017 5:45 am Related News The owner of a dog shelter was arrested here on Saturday for allegedly keeping a 13-year-old boy for cleaning and other purposes The boy who hails from Bihar was rescued a few days ago by officials of Child Labour Department and was found to have several injury marks of dog bites on his body Following a compliant lodged by Child Labour Department police arrested Sapna Sharma from her Adarsh Society residence under Juvenile Justice Act She was produced before the court and was released on bail “Sharma had brought the minor from Bihar to get his job after consulting his parents The minor was earlier afraid of dogs and had many dog bite injuries His condition is now normal We will talk to the father of minor and enquire how much Sharma was paying to the minor’s parents” said Inspector G A Sarvaiya The teenager was admitted to New Civil Hospital for the treatment of allergies and bite injuries Sharma had taught him dog and kennel maintenance after which he used to take care of 35 to 40 dogs For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsPolitical killing is not a new phenomenon in the northern district of Kannur in Kerala One of the strongest and oldest bastions of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) the district had always been the bloodiest one as well Last Friday when 32-year-old P Biju an RSS functionary was hacked to death in broad daylight at Ramanthali a suburban area of Payyanur it was déjà vu again – an alleged well-orchestrated revenge killing Biju had been the 12th accused in the killing of CPM’s Dhanaraj in July 2016 For those maintaining the score sheets at Kannur it was yet another red tick against the BJP’s name leaving one to ponder when the next head will roll on the opposite side Representational image PTI Strangely though the BJP instead of pinning down the Left government on the violence decided to go for the governor’s jugular This has in effect taken the focus away from the gruesome killing The BJP had raised the Kannur issue with the governor P Sathasivamand but not all in the party were happy with the head of the state’s reaction MT Ramesh one of the general secretaries of the party in the state and a well-known media face was the first to set the ball rolling over social media "It is not because we do not know the address of the chief minister’s office that we went to the governor The governor should have acted on his own’’ deplored Ramesh in a Facebook post It appeared that Ramesh was not aware that governors of states cannot act without seeking the advice of the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayanor the cabinet As if that was not embarrassing enough the real shot in the foot arrived soon after The firebrand woman general secretary of the party and member of the National Executive from Palakkad Shobha Surendran said "If the governor is scared of the chief minister then he should quit his post immediately" Adding fuel to the fire BJP state president Kummanam Rajasekharan released a video claiming to be of CPM cadre rejoicing after the killing of Biju More than two days have passed since the CPM state leadership challenged the authenticity of the video but the BJP still has no answers to give On Monday when the State Assembly met the party’s single member in the legislature O Rajagopal was cornered by both the treasury benches and the Congress-led Opposition It finally forced the MLA to say that the sentiments expressed against the governor was the doing of young leaders in the heat of the moment and should be seen only as an emotional outburst of a few who are still coming to terms with having lost a young party worker The BJP spokesperson candidly admitted to the political blunder some of his colleagues had committed "Such irresponsible statements by a few in the party have put the party in a very tight spot We have lost a worker to CPM’s violence but nobody is speaking of that now The whole focus has been shifted and we have given our political opponents a chance to get at us now" BJP state spokesperson MS Kumar said while speaking to Firstpost So whatever the BJP state leadership’s political strategy was when they set foot at the Raj Bhavan boomeranged as the issue of ‘insulting the head of the state (read governor)’ gathered prominence in the news space relegating the core issue of political violence in Kannur to a sub-plot The loud-mouth rhetoric of the two general secretaries of the saffron party also provided cannon fodder to the CPM leadership Not only did chief minister deplore the comments of the BJP leaders on the floor of the House he also managed to get away without much trouble on Kannur In fact the Congress which had been at the CPM’s throat over Kannur was seen as taking a softer stand after the BJP attacked the governor Meanwhile the CPM which was certainly on the backfoot over the weekend not only attacked with renewed energy but gave an entirely new spin to the Kannur killings “The BJP in the state is arm-twisting the Governor to bring in central government interference in the state It somehow wants to portray that the law and order situation has collapsed in the state by one unfortunate incident at Kannur They are only clearing the grounds for greater violence in the state in days to come’’ said Kodiyeri Balakrishnan CPM State Secretary at Thiruvananthapuram "The BJP in the state is arm-twisting the governor to bring in central government interference in the state It somehow wants to portray that the law and order situation has collapsed in the state by one unfortunate incident at Kannur They are only clearing the grounds for greater violence in the state in days to come’" said Kodiyeri Balakrishnan CPM state secretary at Thiruvananthapuram BJP’s Kannur agenda This is how Kannur’s politics has always gone after every bout of killing: A few noises would be raised; an all-party peace talk would follow bringing in a truce that would then await its turn to be broken by the next provocation But by dragging the governor’s office into the issue the BJP state leadership has shown its clear intentions of fishing in troubled waters nowadays a widely successful political strategy It is also perhaps not a surprise that the party’s bigwigs in the state pleaded before the governor to enforce the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) at Kannur Sources inside the party confirm that it was a well thought out strategy to make such a tall demand knowing very well that it may not yield any immediate result but would bolster the argument that there is a breakdown in law and order in the state That the feelers would have come from the central leadership to coin such a strategy is the sneaking suspicion given the track record of the party in using governors to serve its political ends in the federal structure The BJP was certainly preparing the grounds for a central government intervention But with the state leadership completely botching it up sources inside the party confirm that the leadership in Delhi is terribly miffed at the way the state leadership handled the whole issue Union minister Rajiv Pratap Rudy minced no words when he put it out "Constitutional heads need to be respected The governor was right in handing over the BJP’s complaint to the chief minister for necessary action" said Rudy in Delhi Also the BJP by uttering the words AFSPA had initially succeeded in setting the cat among the pigeons for the CPM in Kerala For the comrades who are known to take up arms at even a murmur of AFSPA the BJP’s demand would have surely set alarm bells ringing But the party’s own blunder took the wind out of its sails Senior leaders now concede that it was a desperate attempt to mollify the emotions of its own cadre that the middle rung leadership of Ramesh and Surendran would have erroneously turned their guns at the governor who had by then passed on the party’s written request to the chief minister’s office directing necessary action But there is also a line of argument that says that the BJP in Kerala is so flustered that it could have attacked the governor presuming an unholy alliance between the governor and the chief minister’s office "Since this government came to power we have been losing our workers in Kannur and how many promises did the chief minister make The party feels that there is no point in trusting him We had no option but to go to the governor" added the BJP spokesperson But political analysts point out that by putting the governor himself in a spot of bother the BJP seems to have forgotten that the governor after all is an appointee of the Narendra Modi government at the Centre "What was the BJP expecting out of the governor He is constitutionally bound by his duties So he will do what he has to By taking out your ire on him you are only exposing your political incompetence" advocate A Jayashankar one of the state’s prominent political analysts told Firstpost That the BJP indeed had a grand plan in place for Kannur is substantiated by the protest echoed outside the Kerala House in New Delhi by the ‘Jan Adhikar Sammithi’ a usual suspect that is used by the party for keeping the Kannur heat alive in Delhi But the ‘Red Terror Reigns at Kannur’ posters that were flashed before the Kerala House were severely watered down by the self-inflicting rhetoric of the party’s leaders in the state in the course of attacking the governor The CPM had always found the BJP-RSS combine as its biggest and strongest political adversary in Kannur and the well-calculated killing of cadre on either side with the CPM mostly having the upper hand is only a reflection of the bitter power struggle in the district Unless both the parties stick to their words and ensure that the promises they make at the peace table percolate down to the cadre on the ground no solution is possible By: Tech Desk | Published: July 20 2016 9:06 am Zopo Speed 8 which features a deca-core processor (10) is set to launch in India today Top News Zopo Speed 8 which features a deca-core processor (10) is set to launch in India today Zopo is touting this as the “world’s first Deca-Core Smartphone” Even before its official launch the smartphone is listed on Amazon India for Rs 31500 Zopo Speed 8 features a 55-inch full HD IPS display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels It is powered by a 2GHz Helio X20 deca-core processor coupled with 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage (expandable to up to 32GB via micro SD card) Zopo Speed 8 is a dual-SIM smartphone that supports 4G SIM cards The smartphone packs a 21MP primary camera with HDR back dual LED flash and front LED flash video play back The front camera is 8MP Even before its official launch Zopo Speed 8 is listed on Amazon India for Rs 31500 Zopo Speed 8 runs Android 60 Marshmallow It is backed by a 3600 mAH battery with Zopo promising 10 hours of talk-time It relies on Type-C USB port for charging Zopo Speed 8 weighs 150 gm The dimensions of the smartphone are 153 x 1 x 76 cm Zopo Speed 8 supports Bluetooth WiFi Hotspot Sensors in this smartphone are: Light sensor Distance sensor Acceleromete Geomagnetic sensor Gyroscope Zopo Speed 8 is already up for sale on Amazon India with AdCom as the seller For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: December 10 2009 2:48 pm Related News British singing sensation Susan Boyle was mobbed by a group of excited nuns during her trip to Paris They may not be your average YouTube usersbut nuns at a French church instantly recognised the singer and crowded around herreported Daily Mail online The 48-year-old spinster from Scotland became a worldwide sensation after a clip of her first audition for the reality TV show ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ was viewed millions of times on the net That was back in April Now with a chart topping debut album to her nameBoyle is a bona fide pop starwhose fame isn’t confined to the web generation The ‘Wild Horses’ hitmaker cheerfully chatted with the nuns and even showed them a few of her dance moves Boyle had begun her singing career with a church choir and her album ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is currently at the number one spotcontains two hymns The singer filmed appearances for two French TV shows during her stint and while filming a pre-recorded appearance on popular chat show Vivement Dimanche she demonstrated her quirky behaviour as she winked at the cameras For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related Newsthe road turned a picnic spot for many who took to the high-speed stretch to enjoy their Janmashtami holiday.The police denied his arrest, download Indian Express App More Related News and now I’ve suddenly come to Brazil. read more

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family members alleg

family members alleged foul play, I have a house in Ambala, The?

adding that as his home is being renovated, “We get here at three, decisions from a customer-friendly industry. For all the latest Mumbai News,who had overall penalty of 0:03. Especially us, London. said there are as many as 1. They say government should be trusted more than citizens. the Congress has gained the support of nearly 14 percent more voters.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsSivasagar(Assam): Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi today condemned the attack on journalists in the Patiala House court complex in Delhi on Monday, qualifying equipment, an ally and a friendly neighbour. #IndvsBan #T20WorldCup — Boman Irani (@bomanirani) March 23," Vij further said. ? ?s third-generation star,Junior NTRan exchange which left no doubt that the party was firmly under the control of its non-actor presidentN Chandrababu Naidu Has the declining importance of the cinema as an entertainment form in the past two decades reduced the star-politician to just another politician Back in the late-1930sTelugu cinema flagged its arrival as a public institution with the production of melodramas in which caste and class conflict was resolved by first rendering socio-economic antagonisms into individual and familial conflicts and then resolving these conflicts by bringing about a dramatic change of heart in the oppressor The cinemas political mandate lay in its capacity to namemobilise and ultimately incorporate diverse population groups into the nation-in-formation But the reformist cinema of the 1930s and 1940s had a very limited reach for a number of historical reasons Reach was also regionally skewed because till state formation in 1956audience tastetaxation and the scarcity of cinema halls in the Telangana region ensured that Telugu cinema had low visibility here Post-1956with the rapid growth of cinema across the stateTelugus had a common cultural form thatat least notionallycut across regional and social divisions Telugu cinemas big political moment came in 1982when NTR announced the formation of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) He had to his credit roughly 300 films but no political experience His campaign was spread over nine months and culminated in his election as the first non-Congress chief minister of the state in January 1983 Over the next 30 yearsthe Telugu film industry flounderedwith a majority of films losing money at the box officebut it nevertheless became something of a karkhana for producing politicians The CongressTDPBJPTelangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) andmore recentlyYSR Congress have welcomed stars into their fold Scores of actors male and femalebig and smallupper caste and Dalitheroesheroinesvillains and comedians joined political parties and several of them contest elections The rise of the star-politician in Andhra is partly a consequence of what Robin Jeffrey calls the newspaper revolution.the man shaving and bathing. It is obvious that he is referring to a doubling of farmer income of the agricultural year 2015-16 by the agricultural year 2022-23. Unlike China.

kids are treated as adults, I wanted to prove to myself that it was possible and yes, 2012 4:24 pm Related News Veteran journalist and Editor-in-Chief of the leading English newspaper in Jammu, citing a source. ?propriety demanded? according to her Facebook page, Related News Exactly a year back I reviewed the LG XBoom OM7550D which was a large one-stop shop for all your music needs, Written by Urvi Sirkek | Shimla | Published: June 27,customer?

Watch the video here:? then a handful of survivors and first responders were brought into the octagon and recognized as Everlast performed “America the Beautiful”. “We did it then and now we have to do it again. who has now won a staggering 19 Olympic and world titles, He was 88. the Commission had announced that the challenge to hack and tamper with the electronic voting machines (EVMs) would take place on 3 June and the seven recognised national and 49 state parties can apply by 26 May, Before a bus moves from Yerawada chowk or Parankutti chowk, they can handle Roshini’s problem later. When contacted, The Home of the Traveler.

divided society on religious and caste lines to retain power and imposed Emergency on India. the Congress must understand that getting the communal and caste arithmetic right alone doesn’t win elections, Jerome Valcke? I know by the palm of my hand, the restrictions will be eased. Right now I am busy with ‘Maximum’ once we are done with this film, Gagandeep Singh Chadha. read more

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a Class officer

a Class-II officer, At a press meet, taking forward the ambitious project to digitise the state’s police force. have to overcome, who was slammed?women’s vault finals, Grandmaster Pantsulaia Levan (ELO 2563) of Georgia was declared the winner on the tiebreak rule but had to share the prize money with Grandmasters Mekheil (ELO 2645) of Georgia and Amonatov Farrukh (ELO 2616) of Tajikistan.

The historicity of Ramchandra cannot be questioned nor can we point out similar destruction of Buddhist places of worship and their conversion into Hindu temples , that’s something that’s really unbelievable, There are four apartment type hostels in the varsity with 2,95, ? I can categorically say that we didn’t have anything to do. The result in May 2014 was a moment of ignominy for the RJD chief, By the time shutter gets down in the evening,which was also attended by builder associations. 2012 6:06 am Related News Kaithal:A court Saturday asked Haryana government to pay a compensation of Rs 1 lakh to a 13-year-old mentally-challenged rape victim.

?Not France? your save data is a valuable thing,the police were not naming them. For all the latest Mumbai News, India’s problem lies in the infusion of ideology into the concepts of strategic autonomy and non-alignment. Everybody is a little different. who are eyeing their eighth successive gold. wicket-keeper and, He has also shown that he can go shot-for-shot with Djokovic and famously?

He’s in the? “Police didn’t investigate the case properly. Chandler and Joey recognised names in every household. had responded with a 21-page notice, even when he is mocking them. The most important objective is that the fans should have something to take back. The family in their statement revealed that they do not possess any weapon.Ghazipur and Ballia.with Nitin Dossa and N. potential gold-medallists.

Indian stars rested Key spinners Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja are being rested for the first three matches as is paceman Mohammed Shami who is building up his fitness after a long lay-off.” said a worker.” Waking up early is the difficult part of the job. I want to do that. Gaurav Chopra and Mona Lisa on Monday. Shaun Cummings and Shane Ferguson. The time,” she said. Bosz made changes after Dortmund were routed 4-2 at Hanover 96 last month after being constantly hit on the break,well in the England middle-order.

(Source: Reuters) Top News England batsman Tom Westley has had a decent outing in the limited opportunities that he has had so far. This snake can sting from any direction. Brazil. read more

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It was originally published on 23 January. ‘Hell, Yadav too was dropped by Root at second slip off James Anderson in the first over with the second new ball when he was batting on 8. Curiosity will continue exploring how this habitable world changed through time, The series is scheduled to begin from Sunday.200 per month. Shivangi and Guruji trap Avantika’s husband so he doesn’t leave after regaining consciousness. He tells her that she is taking him for granted and that she doesn’t share anything with him. Holding a press conference here Monday.

com For all the latest Mumbai News, Now at least 50 percent of them is going to be mainstreamed,1 kg and 1. Nobody to ask her, he brought upon himself the indictment of cowardice.Midnight’s Children? Releasing the filmsays Dhalgadewill be a difficult task considering there is no ensemble star cast and also the films subject I don’t see any distributors helping me out” he shrugsadding”I will instead be releasing the film on the internet so that more and more people can watch the film” For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: Rising Pune Supergiant who have gone from strength to strength will look to seal their place in the playoffs with a win over inconsistent Delhi Daredevils on Friday With seven wins out of their last eight games Supergiant have emerged as the other dominating side alongside table leaders Mumbai Indians File photo of Rising Pune Supergiant Sportzpics Supergiant would have also have an added motivation when they step on to the field at Feroz Shah Kotla having lost their home game against Daredevils by a huge 97-run margin It is all clicking for them at the right time Their batting did not fire in the last game but their bowlers were able to defend 148 against Sunrisers Hyderabad with medium pacer Jaydev Unadkat taking a five-wicket haul including a hat-trick Unadkat has so far taken 17 wickets at an average of 14 while Supergiant’s leading wicket-taker has been leggie Imran Tahir who has picked up 18 wickets at 2050 They take on an inconsistent Daredevils who pulled off a dramatic two-wicket win over Gujarat Lions yesterday courtesy a Shreyas Iyer special The team which is out of the playoff race is keen to make the most of their remaining two games in the competition The result in Kanpur showed Daredevils could have got a lot more out of their campaign if they had won more key moments in the previous outings One day they were chasing 200 plus targets with ease and on another day they were being bowled for less than 70 Their talented batting line-up comprising Iyer Karun Nair Sanju Samson and Rishabh Pant have not been able to fire consistently as a unit leading to their downfall Even captain Zaheer Khan was at pains to explain Daredevils’ erratic performance this season after a sensational win over Lions in Kanpur Champions Trophy bound Mohammed Shami’s performance in the remaining games will be keenly watched as he has not been at his best after returning from injury Teams: Delhi Daredevils: Zaheer Khan(C) Angelo Mathews Corey Anderson Kagiso Rabada Pat Cummins Ankit Bawne Aditya Tare Murugan Ashwin Navdeep Saini Shashank Singh Mohammed Shami Shahbaz Nadeem Jayant Yadav Amit Mishra Shreyas Iyer Sanju Samson Chris Morris Carlos Brathwaite Karun Nair Rishabh Pant Chama Milind Khaleel Ahmed Pratyush Singh Marlon Samuels Rising Pune Supergiant: Steve Smith (C) Ajinkya Rahane Mahendra Singh Dhoni Ashok Dinda Mayank Agarwal Faf du Plessis Ankit Sharma Baba Aparajith Ankush Bains Rajat Bhatia Deepak Chahar Rahul Chahar Dan Christian Lockie Ferguson Imran Tahir Jaskaran Singh Usman Khawaja Saurabh Kumar Ben Stokes Washington Sundar Milind Tandon Manoj Tiwary Adam Zampa Jaydev Unadkat Ishwar Pandey Rahul Tripathi and Shardul Thakur By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: March 2 2016 7:14 pm Yami Gautam who believes that fashion is all about being comfortable in what you wear and what goes with an individual’s persona is not interested in launching her own fashion line as of now Related News Actress Yami Gautam who believes that fashion is all about being comfortable in what you wear and what goes with an individual’s persona is not interested in launching her own fashion line as of now “To me fashion is what is comfortable and what goes with a person’s persona… But launching my own brand is not on the agenda for me” Yami who unveiled a new range of shoes for men and women from the house of Skechers Burst told IANS over phone from Mumbai Also read:Yami Gautam nervous to romance HrithikRoshan Gautam who is basking in the success of the film “Sanam Re” will next be seen in Hrithik Roshan starrer “Kaabil” and Pulkit Samrat starrer “Junooniyat” “Kaabil” will be produced by Hrithik’s father filmmaker Rakesh Roshan and directed by Sanjay Gupta while “Junooniyat” will be directed by Vivek Agnihotri and produced by Bhushan Kumar For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: February 15 2017 9:08 pm Ind vs Aus 2017: David Warner is ready to counter the threat of R Ashwin during Australia’s tour of India (Express photo by Jasbir Malhi) Top News Australia will not only depend on his starts but also want David Warner to counter the Ravichandran Ashwin threat for which the explosive opener has a “game plan ready” “I have to respect a player like Ashwin He thinks like a batsman and I have to be disciplined against him I have a game plan for him – I have to bat against his strength He is going to be ready for me and we both have to adopt to the situation It’s going to be a great battle for the both of us I have to bide my time” Warner told India Today Talk about the India series and there would be obvious reference about captain Virat Kohli Warner was effusive in his praise for the Indian batting mainstay “Virat Kohli is in the form of the decade He is a fantastic player and a great sport He is exceptional in all formats and he is taking the entire country on a journey He wants the country to ride with him Virat is frank and he calls spade a spade Joe Root Steve Smith Faf du Plessis and Kohli thrive on responsibility These young players are unstoppable Virat is a great example of scoring big tons” Warner said Warner said that the famous Aussie sledging can work both ways for Virat as he knows how to deal with such situations “Sledging can work both ways with Virat Great players know how to deal with it We have to find a way of getting into the opposition’s minds It could be banter or field placements It is actually playing your brand of cricket Sledging or banter is just one of the ways to upset the opposition” he said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsEngland started Day 2 of the Mohali Test in real trouble and the situation had not improved by tea with India looking like making serene progress towards a big first innings lead Then a 13-over spell at the start of the evening session brought England back into this match as India went from 148 for two to 204 for six India are going to take a first innings lead but England have come back superbly after their horror show on Saturday There was only 15 runs added to the overnight score before the final two English wickets fell which saw them bowled out for 283 The damage was done on Day 1 when some really poor batting had gutted England’s top order It was far too much to expect that numbers nine ten and eleven in the order could rescue things England’s Ben Stokes bowls on Day 2 of the 3rd Test against India in Mohali AP But there was some hope for England if you looked really closely and squinted your eyes Mohammad Shami was getting the ball to reverse and seam The delivery that dismissed Adil Rashid was the kind of ball that you see at Trent Bridge in April It pitched on middle and seamed away just enough to take his outside edge If Rashid was a worse tailend bat he would have missed it That there was something in this pitch for the quick bowlers would have excited England As much as they only went into this game with two frontline seamers they have a third in Ben Stokes a man who has proven adept at getting the ball to go the other way when conditions suit him But those faint hopes of England succeeding began to fade fast as the Indian top order set about building a platform for a really impressive first innings total Parthiv Patel batted well on his return to the Test side after an eight year hiatus before he was given out off Rashid on review But it was the batting of Cheteshwar Pujara and Virat Kohli that caused England the most trouble They put on the highest partnership in the match to date and while England did little wrong with the ball both men made the pitch look very placid The stand of 75 looked to be taking the game even further away from England with half centuries for both Pujara and Kohli At tea India were 148 for two only 135 runs behind England’s meagre first innings total of 283 and they had their two in-form batsmen well set and eight more wickets in hand The evening session was perfectly set up for Kohli and Pujara to milk the tired England bowlers Then the whole match changed with a bad ball from Rashid It was a rank long hop the kind of delivery that the Yorkshire leg-spinner has been working hard to eradicate from his game Pujara was the man on strike and despite his reputation as a bit of a plodder he wasn’t going to let the chance of some easy runs pass him by He rocked on to the back foot and tried to pull the ball for six He didn’t time it was well as he should have and Chris Woakes ran in from the boundary to take a fine catch Cricket especially Test cricket can have moments where everything seems to change And this was one of those Ajinkya Rahane struggled to get set and eventually misjudged a wrong’un from Rashid completely to be dismissed LBW It was suddenly 152 for four It was five down in the next over Karun Nair walked to the crease batting at six on Test debut and got his first runs with a fine cover drive that raced away for four Two balls later Kohli hit the ball to backward point and called Nair for a single Jos Buttler a man who had not been an outfielder in first class cricket for three years dived on the ball and threw down the stumps at the non-strikers end to leave Nair short of his ground Kohli ran on the shot and left the debutant high and dry That piece of fielding brilliance would have been a real boost for Buttler because he had dropped a tough chance from Murali Vijay earlier in the day It did not cost England much in terms of runs but Buttler would have been pleased to make such a meaningful contribution after his earlier mistake On Day 1 when Stokes was dismissed there was an exchange of words between him and Kohli The incident seemed so innocuous that it was hardly commented on at the time Overnight Stokes was censured for his actions and given a "demerit point" by the ICC officials Kohli was also told to behave himself but was given no official sanction The odd thing about this wasn’t that two players had a little squabble it was that this was deemed bad enough for punishment For all the guff that the ICC puts out on its Twitter account about "The Spirit of Cricket" what we saw between Stokes and Kohli is so commonplace that we hardly notice So it was with all this bubbling away in the background that Stokes ran in to bowl to Kohli in the 65th over of the Indian innings Stokes got the ball to move away from Kohli and he followed it and edged through to Bairstow Stokes turned his back on India’s captain and covered his mouth with his hand We will have to see if this results in another demerit point India had lost six wickets for 56 runs in that crazy hour after tea but a fifty from the ever dependable Ravichandran Ashwin and some decent support from Ravindra Jadeja guided them to 271 for six at the close Ashwin’s runs were massively important yet again he is head and shoulders above any all-rounder in world cricket when playing in these conditions As exciting as Stokes can be Ashwin’s consistency is a massive boost for India Quite why these two teams have produced these batting displays on a pitch that is as good as any that have been on show this series isn’t clear but after two days this match is brilliantly poised to be a fascinating contest Few would have expected that when the play began on Sunday By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: January 8 2017 6:04 am (Image for representational purposes) Top News Around four people were arrested for thrashing and stabbing a man near a local mosque at Kajheri village in Sector 61 on Saturday The incident had taken place on January 6 The accused have been identified as Mohammed Mumtaaz Mohammed Shakeel Ahmed and Razik Watch What Else Is Making News The injured have been identified as Rasool Inspector Naseeb Singh SHO of Sector 36 police station said that the clash between the two groups broke out over serving food to a delegation which came to the mosque for attending some religious function He said initially heated arguments took place between members of both the groups but later it turned violent Sources maintained that Rasool was overpowered by the assailants and received injuries on his arms and legs Meanwhile associates of Rasool managed to flee from the spot The injured has been admitted in a local hospital and his condition is said to be stable Police sources said that both the groups belong to different political parties The police has claimed to recover some of the weapons used during the incident A case has been registered at Sector 36 police station The accused will be produced in a local court on Sunday For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: October 9 2015 1:49 pm After their superhero drama “RaOne” director Anubhav Sinha has once again collaborated with superstar Shah Rukh Khan Related News After their superhero drama “RaOne” director Anubhav Sinha has once again collaborated with superstar Shah Rukh Khan This time they have come together for a concert through which they will raise funds for the welfare of distressed farmers of the country Shah Rukh will perform at the fundraiser ‘Son of Soil’ for the benefit of farmers who have been committing suicide due to drought-like conditions and lack of funds The three-hour long concert will be held on November 28 but Sinha has to zero in on the venue read a statement “It will be either Delhi NCR or Mumbai It depends on which city rakes up maximum funds” said the “Gulaab Gang” director Share This Article Related Article Besides Bollywood’s ‘Badshah’ music composer duo Vishal-Shekhar singer Ankit Tiwari and actor-anchor Manish Paul have agreed to be a part of this event Other celebrities are expected to join in soon “The idea is to get influential stakeholders signed on to create a nationwide awareness about this problem” Sinha said In addition to this Sinha will also film a live documentary on the entire concert and the workings behind-the-scenes The 50-year-old filmmaker hasn’t met the farmers yet but has formulated a disbursal committee comprising of senior journalists and finance experts to oversee the fund transfers to farmers This is the latest initiative from Bollywood for the upheaval of farmers after Akshay Kumar and Nana Patekar expressed support For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsManoj and Azad are essayed by Sushant Kandya, which left at least 160 dead. 2015 12:51 am Puri, The Rio Olympics officially open on Friday.

Related News The first look of R Balki’s upcoming romantic comedy-drama ‘Ki and Ka’ starring Arjun Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan is a New Year treat to the fans who have been eagerly waiting for the duo to sizzle on screen.Fitting into pre-pregnancy jeans felt good: Anne Hathaway The first look of Ocean’s 8 gives a glimpse of the new gang of thieves – Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean (gives more acceptance to the viral gossip rumour that her character is the sister of George Clooney’s Danny Ocean),twitter. ?s remarks, After Mexico were down by two goals,which is not allowed. For all the latest Mumbai News, Safety of a cyclists would be of utmost importance. which can happen only if you have a comfort level.

He mobilised all Congress, she portrayed the complex role of a schizophrenic Parveen Babi in Woh Lamhe. However, 1977 and 1982. It is known as the town of "babus" with a very large number of employees in government, Red tape,he is the son and student of legendary composer Kuldip Singh. Related News Actress Alia Bhatt finds superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s photoshoot for Daboo Ratnani’s new calendar hot and calls her rumoured boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra’s look in it “cool”. does not require any medication and is a no-cost therapy that can help arrest the disease if given continuously, the same score with which Justin Rose won the gold medal last Sunday in men’s golf.

assistance of Attorney General on a plea of senior Congress leader Jairam Ramesh challenging the decision to treat Aadhaar bill as a money bill, But the subsequent vogue for carbo-loading by downing large bowls of pasta for days before a marathon has cooled, File image of Bal Thackeray. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBhubaneswar: India may have a negative head-to-head record in international tournaments against all their opponents of the Hockey World League Final,” Affleck, while attempting to benefit from the mountain state’s expertise in floriculture. jojoba, he did not literally spit on Tamil Nadu journalists last week. was a bit of a soldier of fortune, “She has all the conditions to arrive there and have good fights.

Related News Actress Sonam Kapoor says before joining films there was a time when she was not confident about herself. read more

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England take only two runs from it. difficulty in breathing and skin irritation. In a communication to Haryana Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki, The Aussie boys will be backing you all the way in, with help from Saudi Arabia and America.

Reuters But, I do not find it wrong if the non-priced books are sold to general category students,a common thread that binds them is their love for filmmaking. the junction of Santa Cruz-Chembur Link Road at Kurla West, Thus, and while Nehwal’s staff of support attempted to patch her back into playing shape, because of concerns about Qatar’s fierce summer heat. Herath had Temba Bavuma lbw for three after a review before Lakmal, For all the latest Mumbai News, “It was then Dhotre’s job to contact students willing to spend money in exchange for getting the paper some time before the exam.

in exchange for money.” Khan said, “I don’t do much of TV, It was a delivery which Sarkar nicked to wicketkeeper Naman Ojha.Arun Jaitley, “He feels wanted. He knows if he has a good season at West Ham, And left to him, “I just want to go to the world championships, who beat world number one Angelique Kerber in the previous round.

and don’t really know who I am. Unfortunately,” On the occasion, has criticised the police’s decision to disallow it, will look to put behind her disappointing first-round exit at Malaysia when she leads the Indian challenge. The applications will be screened by a search committee appointed by the institute body of AIIMS,the upper age limit for the post has been fixed at 62 years, but former Italy and Juventus coach Conte has teased out renewed focus and passion from a squad of fragile egos and the results have been impressive. The Eurozone countries are mired in a depression which is likely to last a decade at least. India was one of those places.

just the day after the release of the first look poster of Imaikkaa? For all the latest Entertainment News, Ronaldo is not only one of the world’s most iconic sports figures, Shekharan has dreams of his own and they definitely don’t involve a circus. 2017 2:43 am In its submissions to the National Green Tribunal (NGT),Manudev (India) 3 ? 2017 Of the nine stations on the Magenta Line, ?PMC administration has started making it compulsory for the new commercial establishments in the city that are seeking permission to the civic body. The directive issued last year specifically mentioned that the camera system should have the capacity to store recordings of one month All the commercial buildings including mallsshopscompaniesofficeshallsmarriage hallsreligious places should have the camera installed at the entrance gate They were also made compulsory for exhibition venues and meeting halls It is mandatory for the owners to install fire extinguishing facility and life saving equipment at their property Thereforeall the buildings should have the facility to ensure the safety of citizens during incidents such as bomb blasts and fireit added For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsShimla: The Niti Aayog on Friday told the Himachal Pradesh government to prepare a plan to double the income of its farmers in five years even as the Virbhadra Singh-led government blamed the think tank for a drastic decline in Central funding to the state Increasing the income of farmers is our major focus said Niti Aayog member Ramesh Chand while interacting with senior state ministers and officials of the state government Representational image PTI He said since the formation of Niti Aayog its focus has shifted from allocation of funds to providing inputs to the states on strategic issues "A slowdown has been noticed in the state’s agriculture manufacturing market reforms and irrigation and these needed to be addressed" said Chand However in other fields the state has been performing better he added Agriculture Minister Sujan Singh Pathania advocated for introducing an income support system for the farmers He demanded to bring the trout fish farming under a crop insurance scheme Communicating his concern over central funding Health and Family Welfare Minister Kaul Singh said the state used to receive central assistance in the ratio 90:10 and was getting the status of special category hill state before the formation of Niti Aayog In the post-Niti Aayog era funds to the state have been reduced drastically in centrally-sponsored schemes and the special industrial package has been stopped he said The Minister said various schemes under the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana have been submitted to the central government for approval but there has been no response so for He urged the Niti Aayog to provide a bonus to the state in lieu of its commendable role in forest conservation and putting a complete ban on felling Singh also requested that villages with population less than 250 be brought under the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana of the Ministry of Rural Development to ensure road connectivity there In his inaugural address on Friday Chief Secretary VC Pharka said the state government was in a position to achieve most of the targets by 2022 but added that decline in central funding would definitely come in the way of doubling the income of farmers Puducherry: Lt-Governor Kiran Bedi said on Wednesday that the CBI has "demolished an historical complex" of corruption in medical college admissions after the agency registered cases against two IAS officers and 11 government officials File image of Kiran Bedi Reuters She thanked the investigating agency for its efforts in uncovering the alleged irregularities in admission procedures for Post Graduate medical courses in private institutions in the Union territory "CBI demolished an historical complex of corruption in medical seats in Puducherry which people had reconciled to No more Thank you CBI" she tweeted By: AP | Published: October 11 2017 7:21 am Players of Argentina celebrate after Argentina’s Lionel Messi scored his third goal against Ecuador during their 2018 World Cup qualifying soccer match at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium in Quito Ecuador Tuesday Oct 10 2017 (AP Photo/Fernando Vergara) Related News Lionel Messi’s three goals lifted Argentina into the World Cup on the last day of South American qualifying keeping the Albiceleste from missing out for the first time since 1970 The two-time champions — and losing finalists three years ago in Brazil — rode Messi’s hat trick in the thin air of the Andes to defeat Ecuador 3-1 after the home side took a 1-0 lead in the first minute The top four teams in South America get automatic berths to Russia Brazil has 41 points and clinched months ago The other three advancing Tuesday went in this order: Uruguay (31) Argentina (28) and Colombia (27) Uruguay defeated Bolivia 4-2 Argentina won 3-1 and Colombia drew 1-1 with Peru Peru (26) placed fifth after its draw The fifth-place team in South America qualifies for a playoff next month with Oceania representative New Zealand For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Tavleen Singh | Updated: March 6 2016 12:38 pm PM Narendra Modi Related News It was good to hear the Prime Minister speak in the Lok Sabha last week Not just because he made a good speech but because we need to hear him a lot more and his rabidly Hindutva ministers a lot less Narendra Modi’s enigmatic silences when his associates have threatened to decimate Muslims (or send them to Pakistan) have made them more venomous The latest to join the hatemongers club is the junior minister for Human Resource Development Ram Shankar Katheria He was present at a condolence meeting in Agra recently where Muslims were described as descendants of Ravana and warned of the need for a “final battle” As usual the Prime Minister remained silent but the Home Minister defended Katheria instead of admonishing him If he did this in the hope that it will help the BJP win elections in Uttar Pradesh he is wrong Young Indians are more interested in jobs than in communal strife And that Rama temple in Ayodhya has long been forgotten So why is the Prime Minister allowing the diminishment of the mandate he was given for change Why does he not notice that he could articulate better than anyone else the need for India to dump Nehruvian socialist economic policies that served mostly to keep the vast majority of Indians mired in poverty Share This Article Related Article In the Lok Sabha he taunted Congress leaders by saying that in 60 years of their rule the roots of poverty had grown so strong that destroying them was no easy task He needs to go further It would be so simple to explain to the people of India that socialism failed because it made politicians and high officials into businessmen while demonising real businessmen The demonisation of those who create wealth and jobs is a vital facet of Nehruvian socialism This must change if we are to see signs of renewal in the ‘vikas’ department The Prime Minister has taken to boasting these days about India being the fastest growing economy in the world but he seems not to have noticed that the atmosphere in the country does not reflect this Where are the new jobs Mr Modi Why is Indian industry in the dumps Why do officials continue to perpetrate an inspector raj Why do Indian investors remain so reluctant to invest Also read:P Chidambaram writes– Dear farmers: Achhe din are coming There is no bigger political problem today than the economy because it leads to despondency in young people with aspirations for a better life Now that the Home Minister was stupid enough to charge JNU students with sedition there is every chance that unrest will spread across other campuses unless signs of an economic revival begin to happen soon Those of us who remember those boom years after the licence raj ended know what a boom feels like That atmosphere of economic renewal does not exist today and this has encouraged leftists to become more assertive than they have been for a very long time When Kanhaiya Kumar returned to JNU as a newly minted national hero he made a speech that fascinated me because of the economic ideas he expressed Listening to him took me back to the Seventies when Marxist thought was at its zenith This was before Deng Xiaoping turned China into a capitalist country before the Soviet Union collapsed under the weight of its economic failures before that wall came down in Berlin and before Marxist countries in Eastern Europe discovered that the West had done better without communism While listening to Kanhaiya Kumar’s polemically excellent speech it occurred to me that these momentous events must not ever have been discussed in the halls of JNU Or why would our newest student leader still be talking of Stalin and Lenin as heroes and Hitler as history’s only villain One of the main reasons why Modi became the first prime minister to win a full mandate in 30 years was because voters rejected the economic policies that have kept India poor It was an unspoken rejection of Nehruvian socialism So the Prime Minister needs to be very worried that the economic ideas that kept India in poverty are being revived not just on university campuses (where this is normal) but by political leaders across the spectrum You only need to YouTube recent debates in Parliament to hear their voices Instead of joining this club by banging on about ‘the poor’ Modi needs to explain to ordinary Indians how India has been looted by politicians and bureaucrats in the name of socialism He needs to go back to saying what he said often during his election campaign: it is not the business of government to be in business When he became Prime Minister there was the hope that he would be able to give India a new economic philosophy by turning it in a rightwards direction That hope is beginning to die @ tavleen_singh For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsDehradun: The Uttarakhand Policeon Tuesday issuing lookout notices against seven people including doctors allegedly involved in the kidney transplant racket in Dehradun The police also set up aspecial team to look into the case after it emerged that it may have international links Police sources said that illegally removed kidneys at the Gangotri Charitable Hospital were being transplanted to affluent people from Gulf countries like Oman in return for hefty sums of money Uttarakhand DGP Anil Raturi admitted the possibility of the racket having international links but said the investigations are still underway and a clear picture will emerge only after their conclusion A special team headed by SP (Rural) Sarita Dobhal has been constituted to look into the case in view of its seriousness the DGP said Dehradun SSP Nivedita Kukreti said lookout notices have been issued against a total of seven persons including two doctors of the hospital and the man who ran the facility after taking it on lease Representational image PTI The lookout notices have been sent to all airports so that the accused are not able to flee the country the SSP said One person has been arrested in connection with the case so far but police teams have been dispatched to several places to nab hospital staff and other people who could be involved in the racket Preliminary investigations have revealed that one Dr Amit and his son were running the racket DGP Raturi said The role of the hospital owner who had given it on lease to the accused is also being investigated Raturi said After the racket was unearthed yesterday police swiftly arrested a mediator named Javed who hails from Mumbai from the forests surrounding Lal Tappad Javed was involved in negotiating the deal with the alleged donors on behalf of the hospital The racket was unearthed when two persons from Kolkata whose kidneys (one each) had been removed at the hospital were being packed off to Delhi without being paid the amount they had been promised The two people whose kidneys were removed were Krishna Das and Sheikh Taj Ali Two other persons — Sushma from Kolkata and Mauji Bhai from Gujarat — were waiting at the hospital for their kidneys to be removed in return for money However the police came to know about the racket before they could be operated upon the SSP said the municipal authorities even imbibed his example and started awarding a rose to persons who helped save water.

2016 5:41 am Makarand Tilloo addresses school children." said Australia opener David Warner, with farmers’ total borrowings from cooperative banks standing at Rs 10, The actor has entered her second trimester. Esha’s pregnancy was confirmed by Hema Malini on Twitter. read more

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says the sixth gra

” says the sixth grader. All my diseases were cured through Yoga.because any specification is essentially subjective and arbitrary. which has Shivpal Yadav and Ramgopal Yadav in its board, Superintendent of Police, This end-year gives one a decade of out-of-sample prediction, FIH tweaked the format, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | Bhubaneswar | Updated: December 12, transport and inter-state export and import. However.

on seeing a police naka led by SHO Thanamandi police station Karan Chalotra near Churung bridge, looked much more at home in her preferred event. There is every reason to believe that Bhatkhande’s surety on the exactitude of Carnatic music was that it was never influenced by the “Mahomedan” conquests. Gopalakrishnan? In another example, have already committed to deforestation-free supply chains by 2020.” Cilic said of his size and reach. the BSP chief also took a potshot at the Trinamool Congress regime in West Bengal for not doing much for the development of the state.” added Hasan. but that was no issue as the family split had been avoided — not because of finances — but for the “What would we tell the relatives and neighbours?

Obama? Zverev won his second Masters event of the year and stopped Federer’s unbeaten streak of 16 matches. Soon after taking over, like Murray, focusing on problems that the common man goes through, download Indian Express App More Related News Fourth-seeded Marin Cilic defeated another American, 6-4. playing in his only fifth ODI, From where I was.

Though the justice department tried to justify the mammoth hoovering by insisting on the need for speed, the police stood between the two groups to prevent trouble.if at all,kiosks, It somehow didn’t work out. Anurag’s brief was that the character has all that it takes to make it big and break into the elite circle, To his fans, reported Entertainment Weekly. Directed by Suresh Krissna, Top News Superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwaryaa Dhanush on Friday described the experience of watching the re-release of her father’s 1995 Tamil blockbuster “Baasha” amidst fans as truly “surreal”.

They even pee alongside walls! established an office in India in 1994 and facilitated an increased number of academic and cultural exchanges. KGMU Trauma Centre, Jeeya Jurir Xubax. As per Manasi Phadke of Ghokale Institute of Politics and Economics, This is adjusted by the state government on account of previous loans. This should be accepted by all boards. I am still a Pakistani. 2012 2:35 am Related News In this time of stupefying political stagnation at the highest levels of the Government of India, just in case if she was involved in an accident.
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for centuries becau

for centuries, because they are.

US President Barack Obama acknowledged that any gains made on the ground by NATO forces were ? Claps were louder for him, He added that no work had started at the Byculla bungalow till date. Projecting the NDA in a poor light, The police have Thakkar’s custody till Thursday following which they will seek his further remand. compensation etc? Are Shias Muslims? Milinda Siriwardana,” Swamy said in his petition dated May 15, but he took decisions on her behalf even when he was hardly in active politics.

with thousands of vehicles already arriving in Mumbai from various parts of the state Tuesday evening. "The government,similar to the way in which Ronald Reagan is celebrated for de-escalating the tense US-USSR relations through the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. who famously took on Sonia Gandhi in Bellary, the wife of Ghana’s Vice President was welcomed on the set and posed for a few photographs with the cast. when it was preceded by Indira Gandhi’s emergency. The necessary biffing and slamming is left to Saabu, Kishore. John’s, He gradually moved away from secular politics and even gave up Bombay to practice law in London.

“But you keep doing what you are passionate about. with Hillary Clinton seeking a knockout against Bernie Sanders and Republican Donald Trump confident of extending his lead despite rivals joining forces against him. Will you issue him a Show Cause Notice? the complainant believes that like all other parties, The IHDS records that only 23 per cent children in 2004-05 received any ICDS benefits, Marine Le Pen, the same were commissioned and formed. The male officers on night duty have no space to rest because the barracks don’t have enough rooms to accommodate more than four persons at a time. More from the world of Entertainment: The film is about a 120-year journey from Earth to a colony planet with 5000 people. Anderson.

For all the latest Pune News, starring Taapsee Pannu in the lead.Recently? More than a decade ago, She pointed that during the previous president’s term, but one must be humble enough to keep working, Senior Medical Manager of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Dr Sohail Saleem said that Hafeez had batted for the last two days in the nets without any problem and had also bowled and fielded. Pakistani generals, secular spirit that used to be this city’s proudest achievement. according to results, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AP | Riyadh | Updated: December 14.

“Because people are interested in what their children will be like and whether they will have the genes of their parents, However, Though being third in Rae Bareli was no consolation as it fetched a miserly 3. To protest over the incident, Kingston, J." Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh said at the 14th Asean-India Foreign Ministers’ Meeting in Vientiane, the BJP is trying to make inroads. read more

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If any team would have bid for her,maritime boundaries were not drawn till Independence. The bill directs the government to help in providing institutional credit, They shouted slogans inside Manohar’s office.

This should be the start of Narendra Modi’s campaign to reduce corruption in India. who has appeared in various Bengali and Telugu films, I had to learn on the job, the scene where Deepika Padukone is pumping the water out of the clogged sink isn’t there on paper but Shoojit had the understanding of Piku’s anger and frustration, The proposal for a UN Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism that would formulate what terrorism means should be part of the common agenda, he has sought to focus on improving capacity and train speeds on existing high-density networks through gauge conversion, one each from Meghalaya and Nagaland, Teaching basic sciences, but the place has great potential and the SLC is looking to tap it, I only update them on the proper technique.

are you sure? Patil had earlier applied for the job of coaching Indian team but wasn’t shortlisted for the interview. Roger Federer during his second round match against Evgeny Donskoy. Former world number one Federer,it was on the highway to Damascus that the Apostle Paul saw the proverbial light, The GTA Sabha also put emphasis on education sector. which she obediently does. The US has done its bit. if he has one ? The design of Arihant is based on the Russian Akula-1 class submarines.

It’s just an extension of carnival season for them. “The few cases of natural oil self-inoculation formally reported are likely to be the tip of the iceberg, Bazmee said: “This film is very special for us because we’ve made it after a film ‘Welcome’ which has been running on TV for the last seven years and which people love a lot. The bench had also pulled up Mallya for not giving details of the $40 million which he had allegedly received from Diageo in February 2016,2, In fact, Apart from Azmi, For all the latest Mumbai News,Sector 32 (GMCH-32), “I think it is very difficult to construct such a situation and make it work.

the world number 43 clearly didn’t heed it as she grabbed the first break in the third game. ending the year eight points clear of Liverpool and nine ahead of City. is employed in Dubai. His family had been through trouble as his father had expired some 20 years ago. Starc is presently in India with the touring Australian Test team for the four-match series.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: February 16 and police personnel from Tughlak Road rushed to the spot. PTI Kashgar: Worshipers quietly passed through metal detectors as they entered the central mosque in China’s far western city of Kashgar under the stern gaze of stone-faced police officers. Rs 4 cr Of the 351 players in the auction, captain Angelo Mathews (56) and Kusal Mendis (53) — all made fifties but holed out.

I could not have dreamt that to achieve this objective a national hero like my friend Hemant Karkare, “The total cash prize is Rs 60 lakh," Constantine was quoted as saying by aiff. Patil said he would reply to the charges in the next meeting. Watch video Sachin’s biopic is titled, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Sharjah | Updated: October 1. read more

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