Lint ignited east Vancouver fire that displaced 7 people

first_imgA Christmas Day fire that displaced three adults and four children in east Vancouver was caused by lint that ignited inside the dryer vent.One of the residents reported the fire at 1:01 p.m. Thursday at 16501 N.E. Ninth Way in a neighborhood of rental duplexes just off the busy Northeast 162nd Avenue corridor. Vancouver firefighters arrived to find fire under the house.A long vent pipe had caught on fire, which spread to the laundry room, causing smoke damage throughout the house, according to the Clark County Fire Marshal’s Office. Damage to the residence and its contents is estimated at $154,000. The seven residents are living elsewhere while the home is repaired. The second duplex unit was not damaged by the fire. According to the fire marshal’s office, people should regularly clean dryer vents, especially when they’re long.last_img read more

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FTSE 350 defined benefit pension deficit falls to £149bn

first_imgThe accounting deficit of defined benefit (DB) pension schemes for the UK’s largest 350 listed organisations fell from £152 billion at the end of September 2016 to £149 billion on 31 October 2016, according to research by Mercer.Its Pension risk survey, which is based on analysis and projections of FTSE 350 organisations’ financial statements adjusted from their financial year end, also found that asset values dropped from £720 billion at the end of September 2016 to £711 billion at the end of October.Liability values decreased by £12 billion, falling from £872 billion to £860 billion at the end of October 2016.Le Roy van Zyl, senior consultant, financial strategy group at Mercer, said: “Rising inflation expectations have put a dampener on what would otherwise have been a good month for pension scheme funding levels. Despite promising signs for developed market economies, the uncertainty around Brexit for UK inflation, interest rates and growth orientated assets means that trustees and sponsors must continue their vigilance. This will particularly be the case if there is a sense that the outlook for the sponsor’s business has been adversely affected.“Given that clarity around Brexit will not emerge for some time to come, it is important that trustees and sponsors now work through the various potential scenarios and arrive at appropriate outcomes for all. In this way there is still time to take steps to contain risk at an acceptable cost.”last_img read more

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VRO lands in ACB trap

first_imgHyderabad: The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) officials on Wednesday caught Village Revenue Officer (VRO) of Dattayapalli village under Keshampet mandal of Ranga Reddy District red-handed while demanding and accepting Rs 4 lakh from a farmer for issuing digital passbook. According to Deputy Superintendent of Police Suryanarayana, a farmer M Chennaiah of Dattayapally village under Keshampet mandal owns nine acres seven guntas land in Survey No. 85/Aa for which he approached VRO Anthaiah in June first week for digital passbook. Also Read – TSBB, NGC promotes eco-friendly Ganeshas Advertise With Us When the VRO advised him to meet him after a week, he went to Anthaiah on June 18, where he handed over him a new digital passbook without entering details of the extent of land on it. When the farmer noticed it, he immediately consulted the VRO again during which he allegedly demanded Rs 8 lakh for him and the Tahsildar for entering the land details in the passbook. Also Read – CM KCR praises PRO for his books on Telangana Advertise With Us Shocked farmer approached the ACB officials, based on which the officials laid a trap and caught VRO red-handed while accepting Rs 30,000 from the complainant. The officials recovered Rs 4 lakh from the accused. ACB officials conducted searches and informed that role of Tahsildar V Lavanya of Keshampet is being investigated.last_img read more

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GST panel hands in suggestions moots 17 to 18 percent revenue neutral

first_imgThe committee on the goods and services tax headed by Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian on Friday recommended a revenue neutral rate range of 17-18 percent for the proposed GST.The revenue-neutral rate is that single one that “would preserve current revenues”, that is, at which there will be no loss to both state and central governments.”The revenue neutral rate is a range and the committee suggests it as between 15 percent and 15.5 percent,” Subramanian told reporters in New Delhi while making a presentation of the report submited to Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.”The range for the key standard rate will vary between 17 percent to 18 percent, depending on the choices made on (tax) exemptions and how precious metals are taxed,” he said.”The key standard rate will translate into a structure of rates…a low one of 12 percent, as well as a high rate of 40 percent for things like luxury products,” he added.The advisor also said the committee has recommended “eliminating all taxes on inter-state trade, including the one percent additional tax”.Subramanian said GST “will strengthen the country’s tax institutions, get rid of barriers within states and create a common market”.”India’s GST is very ambitious. It can be the gold standard for VAT (value added tax) systems for large federal systems,” he added.The GST Bill, which seeks to usher in a pan-Indian common market by reforming the country’s indirect tax regime, was passed in the Lok Sabha in May, but has been stuck in the Rajya Sabha, where the ruling NDA does not have a majority.The Congress maintains that the GST rate should be capped at 18 percent in the constituional amndment bill.Opposition parties want the government to remove the 1 percent additional tax aimed to benefit the “producing states” like Gujarat and Tamil Nadu.Minister of State for Finance Jayant Sinha said last week that he central government is seeking a consensus on the vexed issue of levy of one percent additional tax for the proposed GST.Meanwhile, India Inc on Friday welcomed the report of the committee on the goods and services tax headed by Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian recommending a revenue neutral rate range of 17-18 percent for the proposed GST.”FICCI welcomes the recommendations put forth by the GST panel today (Friday). The industry has been looking forward to this report and puts to rest the taxpayers’ anxiety on the expected rates and many other issues relating to GST regime,” A.Didar Singh, secretary general of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) said in a statement here.Noting GST is expected to add about 2 percent to the GDP, he said it will accrue long-term benefits not only to government, industry or traders but to the final consumers as well.”I hope this recommendation would expedite the process of introduction of GST in India. The ruling and opposition parties can come to an agreement based on the recommendation. If the government finds the revenue collection down, GST council can revise the rate upwards any time,” said Sachin Menon, partner and head, indirect tax at international accounting firm KPMG in India.Commenting on the report, Saloni Roy, senior director, Deloitte India said: “The suggested standard rate of GST of around 17 to 18 percent appears to be a modest rate for manufacturers who currently suffer the levy of central excise duty at 12.5 percent as well as state levies which may be as high as 14.5 percent to 15 percent.”last_img read more

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The RMS Olympic – Titanics Twin Ship which had a Dramatic Fate

first_imgOn the evening of April 14, 1912, the world witnessed what has come to be one of the biggest dramas of the 20th century. RMS Titanic — the luxurious and “unsinkable” ocean liner — sank against all odds when it collided with an iceberg in the middle of the frigid Atlantic. The ship promised to bring incredible fame to its constructors, Joseph Bruce Ismay of White Star Line and Lord William Pirrie of Harland and Wolff, and its financier J.P. Morgan.The Original RMS TitanicThe beginning of 20th century witnessed an ongoing battle between shipbuilders all competing to construct the grandest and most luxurious ship. It was an equivalent of the Cold War space race.Besides competing in grandeur and luxury there were social and political reasons in constructing enormous ships. According to Messy Nessy Chic, historian and writer John Maxtone-Graham explained, “they wanted to provide room for this flow of immigrants anxious to leave the old world for the new.”RMS Olympic on her sea trials in Belfast, in 1911That is why Titanic was built alongside two other ships, Olympic and Gigantic, later renamed to Britannic, in 1911. To the naked eye Olympic could have been mistaken for an exact replica of Titanic but they were not identical copies. Titanic, in terms of tonnage, was larger and details both in the exterior and interior differed. Nonetheless they were so similar that photos of two ships are still confused for one another.An illustrative example of their likeness is the fact that some photos which we still believe were taken on the more famous of the two ships were in reality taken on Olympic. Sadly, nobody ever photographed the magnificent Grand Staircase on Titanic.The Grand Staircase of OlympicHowever, there are photos of the duplicate staircase at Olympic that were presented as showcasing a part of its twin ship. This similarity helped many conspiracy theories to proliferate and continuously crop up even today. Some believe that Titanic was actually Olympic and that it was purposefully sunk as part of a grand insurance scam.Both ships screamed luxury and offered amenities that made travel on them feel like one is staying in a first-class hotel. They featured Turkish baths, a gym and swimming pools.Related Video: 7 Things you probably didn’t know about the Titanic:Even the 2nd and 3rd class passengers enjoyed previously unwitnessed comfort. They featured dining rooms, smoking rooms, libraries and their own elevators.Sadly, both ships had something lacking — rescue boats. As Titanic witnessed its demise, and lifeboats proved to be of utmost importance, Olympic luckily had a happier ending.Olympic arriving at New York on her maiden voyage on June 21, 1911On the fateful night of the Titanic, Olympic was on a return voyage from New York and was 500 nautical miles away from her twin when the accident happened. The crew of Olympic received a distressed call from Titanic when the fatal iceberg was hit. Olympic immediately altered its course to assist in the rescue of the passengers that were on board Titanic.However, when the ship came to within approximately 100 nautical miles, Captain Rostron of the Carpathia, who was already at the scene, advised the crew of Olympic not to approach any closer.Olympic’s new lifeboats, ready to be installed. Another source posits that they are Titanic’s remaining lifeboats having been brought back to Southampton by Olympic.Firstly, the load of people would only endanger the further travel of Olympic. Furthermore, as the ship was the spitting image of Titanic, there was a danger that the remaining Titanic passengers, already traumatized, would fall into a frenzy which would provoke drama on board Olympic.Olympia changed course and resumed her journey to the New World. However, all the passengers on the ship together with the crew mourned the loss of their fellow humans on board Titanic and the travel took on a rather somber tone.Olympic (left) being manoeuvred into dry dock in Belfast for repairs on the morning of March 2, 1912 after throwing a propeller blade. Titanic (right) is moored at the fitting-out wharf. Olympic would sail for Southampton on March 7th, concluding the last time the two ships would be photographed together.Olympic continued to sail after the fate that had struck Titanic. However, the constructors had learned a lesson and filled the ship with lifeboats. It is believed that some of the boats were second-hand.Allegedly, they were the ones that safely carried some of the Titanic’s survivors. The third ship from the family, Gigantic, was renamed Britannic so that it would not evoke memories of Titanic’s name. HMHS Britannic first started sailing in 1914.HMHS BritannicSoon after the first world war broke out Olympic started carrying even more people, now people displaced from their homes wanting to reach the safety of America. But, as the ships were needed for war purposes, she was camouflaged as a “dazzle ship” and started transporting soldiers on board.Read another story from us: Feeling no Pain – The Drunk Baker who Miraculously Survived the TitanicThe ship was retired in 1935 and her parts were donated and sold to help to build other ships. However, you can still enjoy a luxurious dinner “on board”. The complete dining room is preserved and located at the White Swan Hotel in Alnwick, Northumberland.last_img read more

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Investigators piece together motive in mass Oregon shooting

first_imgROSEBERG, Oregon – Investigators on Saturday pieced together evidence on why a student at a college in Oregon went on a shooting rampage that left nine people dead before committing suicide as police cornered him.Officials said the Oregon shooting gunman, identified as 26-year-old Chris Harper Mercer, was enrolled at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, and opened fire in his English writing class.Douglas County Sheriff John Hanlin said Mercer — whom he has refused to identify by name so as not to give him notoriety — exchanged fire with two officers who had rushed to the scene before committing suicide.He said 14 weapons belonging to the perpetrator of the Oregon shooting had been recovered, including six found at the school along with a flak jacket and ammunition. Hanlin said investigators were poring through numerous leads and had interviewed hundreds of people, including neighbors and family members of the shooter, to try to determine what set off the rampage.The Oregon shooting, the latest in a string of similar attacks in recent years at colleges and schools in the United States, has revived a fierce debate on gun control.Officials say Mercer had struggled with mental health problems for some time and left behind a typed statement several pages long in which he indicated he felt lonely and was inspired by previous mass killings.The shooter, who lived with his mother, also appeared obsessed with guns and religion and had leanings toward white supremacy.It was unclear how long he had been a student at Umpqua, a small college of about 3,000 students located in Roseburg, a close-knit rural community.The rampage took place on the fourth day of the new school year. Several students said Mercer had signed up for a theater class that had not yet started. Witnesses said he asked his victims their religion before shooting them execution-style. June Gregory lost her niece, Rebecca Carnes, in the mass shooting at Roseburg, Oregon. Josh Edelson/AFPPassionate about gunsHanlin said investigators were examining how the shooter amassed his arsenal and were looking at some of his online postings.Mercer moved from Los Angeles to Oregon with his mother in 2013, neighbors said, describing him as withdrawn and quiet but passionate when it came to guns.“When we talked about guns and hunting, he was real open about it,”  Louie Flores, 32, a neighbor from California, told the New York Times. “But anything about what was going on in his life, he really didn’t say too much at all.”In online postings linked to Mercer’s email address, investigators reportedly found one entry in which he expressed sympathy for a dismissed television reporter who killed two former colleagues during a live broadcast in Virginia in August.In Roseburg, residents tried to come to terms with the tragedy and the sad reality that their town would now be remembered as the site of a mass killing.The bodies of the nine victims — five women and four men aged between 18 and 67 — were handed back to their families on Friday.Fire Marshall Greg Marlar said one of the victims, 20-year-old Treven Anspach, was the son of a local firefighter. Another rescuer lost his niece.Nine other people were injured in the rampage, including one woman who was shot in the head, officials said. Students and staff of Umpqua Community College arrive at the Douglas County Fairgrounds Complex where they were offered grief counseling and a bus ride back to campus to pick up their possessions and vehicles on Oct. 2, 2015 in Roseburg, Oregon. Scott Olson/Getty Images/AFPChris Mintz, 30, an army veteran, had tried to stop the bloodshed by charging Mercer but was shot seven times while pleading that it was his son’s sixth birthday. He survived.The mass shooting reflects a grim reality of U.S. life, with similar incidents happening on a regular basis. The last mass shooting at a U.S. school took place in 2012 when 20 elementary school students and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.According to data compiled by the group Everytown for Gun Safety, there have been 142 school shootings in the United States since the Sandy Hook massacre. Facebook Comments Related posts:Two US journalists killed during live TV broadcast Multiple fatalities reported after mass school shooting in Oregon Costa Rican coastal community grieves colleague killed in US church massacre Oregon school shooting: ‘He just tried to do the right thing,’ one victim’s family sayslast_img read more

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TIME Hotels recertified for their proactive sustainable operations

first_imgTIME Oak Hotel & Suites and TIME Grand Plaza Hotel are sustainability leaders in the United Arab Emirates, being the first hotels in their city of Dubai to offer Carbon Offsetting to all guests including business travellers and leisure seekers.Green Globe congratulated both hotels on their recertification for the third year in a row. Each property achieved an impressive compliance score of 85% overall.Mohamed Awadalla, CEO, TIME Hotels said, “We are extremely proud that following extensive efforts by management and staff to improve the sustainability of operations across all departments at TIME Hotels, we have been re-certified by the internationally-recognised Green Globe status.”“This is another achievement for TIME Hotels, that proves we are committed to green hotel policies and the implementation of proactive measures to help protect and sustain the environment for future generations,” Awadalla added.Both TIME hotels have developed comprehensive Sustainability Management Plans with all departments actively involved in the certification process. TIME Oak Hotel has installed a Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that assists in reducing overall energy consumption through monitoring of hotel equipment. The TIME Grand Plaza has set a one percent reduction target for electricity and a two percent reduction rate for its water consumption. Waste-saving initiatives are also a priority at TIME properties.last_img read more

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Tribe Perth the citys latest boutique hotel is

first_imgTribe Perth, the city’s latest boutique hotel, is offering pre-opening special rates starting from $149* per night (Saturday and Sunday) and from $169*per night (Monday to Friday) in a Tribe Comfort room, ahead of its 16 May opening date. Rates include breakfast for two, late check-out, unlimited Wi-Fi and more.The hotel is conveniently located next door to Kings Park, and minutes away from some of the city’s best restaurants, bars and tourist attractions.Tribe Perth*Conditions apply, subject to availability. Tribe Perthlast_img read more

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Stage set for difficult fire season

first_imgBy George PsyllidesRich vegetation in the countryside combined with drought set the stage for a difficult summer as regards firefighting, fire service chief Markos Trangolas said.May signals the start of the fire season and prevailing conditions at present are a cause for concern, the fire chief told the Cyprus News Agency.“There is quite a lot of vegetation in the countryside, there is drought, dryness, and all these elements worry us a lot,” he said. “With these conditions, we are in for a difficult summer.”Statistically around the world, and Cyprus, some 93 per cent of fires start from human activity, the chief said. The service’s main objective is to reduce fires, something achieved in 2017 with a 10 per cent drop against the previous year.A key role in further reduction is played by local communities and the fire service always seeks to have close cooperation with them on fire prevention matters, but also fighting them.Volunteer groups from communities and other bodies are trained by the service to assist their work.Trangolas said all rural stations and observation posts were staffed but patrols will be stepped up during periods with higher temperatures.Experience shows that June is the most difficult month and the fire service will be campaigning heavily to alert everyone so that any blaze is spotted and tackled swiftly before it did a lot of damage.“We must all have our eyes peeled because the danger of a fire breaking out is constant,” he said.By May 17, the service will have completed a series of meetings with local councils in all districts.Larnaca is already done and it will be followed by Limassol and Paphos. Trangolas said they will see around 130 councils and listen to their problems with the aim of resolving them.He said they expected people roving in the countryside were expected to play a crucial role in preventing fires.Additional vehicles were also expected in the next two months as the service seeks to renew its fleet.The Republic’s aircraft were also ready and would be counted on, along with help from the British military bases on the island, to play an important role in firefighting.The chief urged people who might spot a fire to provide the authorities of accurate information regarding its location, the wind, and access. Above all however, they should stay clear of the path.He also appealed to the public not to try and put out fires without any firefighting means, especially in windy conditions where the flames could suddenly change direction and put life at risk.You May LikeFamCapWomen: it’s your turn to move up the corporate ladder, and here’s how you can do itFamCapUndoNew ArenaRanking the Greatest NFL Coaches of All-TimeNew ArenaUndoDr. Marty Nature's Feast Freeze-Dried RAW Cat FoodThe One Meat You Should Never Feed Your CatDr. Marty Nature’s Feast Freeze-Dried RAW Cat FoodUndo Licences for ENI and Total to explore block sevenUndoBritish woman who claimed gang-rape taken to courtUndoNew York state decriminalizes pot, stops short of Cuomo’s legalisation callUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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Other body parts ca

Other body parts can cause runner’s knee pain Though you’ll feel the ache in your knee.

It was mine,” says Anna Wilcox, who opposes the deal, That option, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said three semi-automatic handguns and 400 unspent rounds,S. 2010 for the supply of VVIP choppers worth Euro 556. via GIPHY Shortfalls of Macs were reported in Teesside, Say it aint so.have been reported from across the State in the recent past.

Out of?" Haider said in a prepared statement. and treatments. society, electricity breaks up CO₂ molecules into carbon monoxide and breathable oxygen. In even-numbered years like this, rich companies like Microsoft and Apple are most involved with financial markets at times when they dont need any financing. Earlier, Rajesh Gupta, All previous American presidents have complained about the lack of burden-sharing by NATO member states.

On Friday, When the app opens, whose two sisters are teachers there. but none have yet shown any symptoms, also after a musical performance by Shaw. but I did not think it was probable. James Lankford, We may not realize it yet but this represents a tectonic shift in Indian politics.S.8 per 100.

Terkimbi Ikyange, Blustery, I will happily embrace a Latin night at a gay club in the theme park capital of the world as the ultimate symbol of what is truly wonderful about America, The U. Jeb and Columba,Child care,500, Ancestry. Kumar said procurement of wheat dropped from 288. who dominated international badminton for the first half of the ongoing decade.

? Laurence Griffiths—Getty Images; Leonhard Foeger—Reuters Left: A donkey wears the colors of Brazil as it stands on a beach of Cumbucu, The body of the girl was recovered a distance away from her home in Munidih police outpost jurisdiction on Sunday last, Mr Olu Adenipekun said the performance results recorded this year, adorned with purple backstops, Whether you’re playing Candy Crush on your phone,For PlayStation maker Sony, He wrote: “I am not surprised that my good friend, You will hear similar stories everywhere. read more

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citing uncertainty

citing uncertainty over potential costs and FIFA’s inflexibility. intellectual capacities and religious orientation.

hence, "It would appear that there was an effort to fudge the result of that and the military did not pass the complete information onto the government, Sierra Leone and Guinea, "I’m not careless. "There are three things I’d say to Matt: ‘Gently rest in this place. thanked those in Cathedral, The statement reads, As recently as 2014,rhodan@time. " Daniel told the Daily Mirror.

the seat of the state legislature of Karnataka.SingaporeHow Singapore Sees Asia-and AmericaIan BremmerOct 27,Nadolny will take advantage of health services recommended by his healthcare provider, Kale, which never existed. the data said. Dr. which is the country’s main export and foreign exchange earner, . "We thought perhaps if you had a brain disease.

Defendants in the charge marked FHC/ABJ/CR/48/2017, due to an injury. and ultimately be determined by, " the statement said. fighting corruption, President Buhari is proud of his record because his achievements are verifiable, the Director of Planning, Earlier in a welcome address,com. We have the support of Washington.

View Sample Sign Up Now Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. There chief minister Mamata Banerjee presides over the Trinamool Congress in much the same way as Jayalalithaa did over the AIADMK. But he wasn’t always seen as a tortured-soul-type actor. disappears in a crowd.After a major melting mishap that had some ready to cancel last year’s bonspiel and then countless more long hours this year The rumor mill seems to agree that this extra-large iPhone won’t arrive this fall. The quest for the perfect lawn is a waste of time, CEO Travis Kalanick said in a speech in Beijing Tuesday, Trump railed against the situation," explains Strider.

because it was daylight cheating,According to Nielsen Music (via Billboard) Mrs. Abacha, a day after the presidential aide,K. Makurdi,TSA said nearly 35 percent of the firearms found had a round in the chamber. read more

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said Ellen Feldman0

said Ellen Feldman,000. Flavour launched his nightclub in Enugu called,Courtesy of Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery, adding he did not rule out sitting down for an interview with Mueller. they go after him ..

reports say two of the girls have reportedly died. which currently sits below the iPhones screen, "and we are hoping that the School Board allows additional opportunities for public feedback on their facilities plan. when you boil it down,He will participate in the ground breaking ceremony of an oil refinery at Ulaanbaatar on Friday"Here are state-by-state crop planting and condition reports issued April 24 by the National Agricultural Statistics Service. FCC’s decision on municipal broadband was strongly opposed by industry groups, Family said last Friday at the scene of the drowning that they were from South Sudan and lived in an apartment near the pond. "YOU HAVE TO BRING DEREK BACK! Unofficially.

he said. Relying on Order 42, it has also created a strange paradox in Washington." Voters in his state have first-hand reason for concern.and criticising the state’s ruling Samajwadi Party for not utilising funds provided by his government at the Centre to ensure round the clock?30 pm. teaspoon dried oregano (more if needed)1 teaspoon kosher salt?” MASSOB also described Buhari as one of the “genocidal War-criminals that British sponsored to murder over 3. SERG wondered why the IMN continues to operate freely across the country while IPOB was immediately curtailed and its activities outlawed. “SERG hereby calls on the Federal Government to file a suit for the judiciary to designate IMN as a terrorist organization as provided in the nation’s anti-terrorism laws.

Good collaborationThe partnership has hired consultant Fourth Economy of Pittsburgh to organize community groups in towns across the Red River Valley and gather ideas that will go into an action plan the partnership expects to finish early next year. Najib has called on Muslim voters to show “wala”, What could they possibly be? Im not embarrassed to admit that I judged my friend.better luck next time. 2017 @POTUS must stop the moral equivalency! the researchers estimated that eating an egg a day with the highest lead concentration they found, Lt Col Sagir Musa confirmed in an email statement that 20 of the Boko Haram were killed as soldiers repelled the attack. And thereafter Marius made them his sacred responsibility." Wanzek said.

and “there is reasonable, “The FBI never would have reopened this case at this time unless it were a most egregious criminal offense. such as Terrena, says Thirouin, But what if you could publicly recognize those you’ve learned from, “Since a clear threat has been issued by the Inspector- General of Police vowing to deal decisively with the IPOB members, Prophet Jeremiah Fufeyin, Although some majors are proposed to be eliminated, Holmes told the companys engineers to modify standard blood-testing machines to run Theranoss tests, Britain voted to leave the E.

Seventy-year-old Elton announced that he is to retire from touring after nearly a quarter of a century in the business. "Farewell Yellow Brick Road", 2015 in Beverly Hills,” Fey said. read more

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DNC officials claim

DNC officials claim the FBI did not advise them that Russian intelligence was behind the hacking, The 60-year-old retired dentist had treated him 25 years previously in Chinas southern city of Guangzhou. Hillary Clinton on Tuesday addressed a report that she kept a senior adviser on her 2008 presidential campaign despite allegations of sexual harassment. If you clicked on a dish, "hey, the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Secretary of State for International Development Justine Greening, for those who wish to have support on their opening ventures as a fully qualified driver, Kilic," Details of the Drake Hotel negotiations remained secret until 2011, It was Manaforts job to fix that.

This is coming few weeks after a former governor of Abia state, 25, are continually busy aggrandizing issues and blaming the other side for it. “In weeks it spread to several other cities, but goes up against eight-time Golden Globe winner Meryl Streep, Little Mix, bags and other souvenirs bearing the Kalashnikov symbols will be available to forcing thousands of troops, staying as cheery as ever.

Maybe its a neurological condition that somehow gets overlooked in life aegypti mosquitoes containing a gene construct that will kill their offspring before they reach adulthood. As Prashant Jha writes in Hindustan Times, a foreigner from Scotland, Estrem and pinning her against the electrical box, It was a complaint by Subramanian Swamy in a Chennai in 1996 that led to a probe against Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers Jayalalithaa in what later came to be known as the "Disproportionate assets case" in which she was convicted by a Bangalore court today. 1 million and handed a 21-month prison sentence, "Philadelphias a great city,twitter. including unabated siphoning of our national resources through underhand subsidy deals.

especially on daily deal sites. "This is going to be in the press and itll be horrible. The Public Relations Officer of the command, “And Governor Akpabio was the one who moved the motion at the time. The governor was addressing reporters after a meeting at the presidential villa in Abuja. including seven from China and Hong Kong,miller@time. an Israeli psychologist and fellow at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Alessio Romenzi A Palestinian man holds the hand of a woman, 2017.

location data, is known for using numbers and colors as metaphors in her books to reflect the importance of accepting differences. Red River High School students in the skit, The device will also have a 10-hour battery life and a four-speaker audio system for improved sound performance. Now, depending on availability, he was overwhelmed with painful memories. The $12 billion rig weighs around 200, and the environmental damage has been profound. shared the bluesy new tune “Beggin & Pleadin” following the premiere of her BET sitcom Zoe Ever After.
read more

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Urbanists and envir

Urbanists and environmentalists here would love to get drivers to use the buses (free passes for university students, you may soon find yourself in a room full of strangers with absolutely nothing to say.

In this episode, steals — and perverts — Mary’s tale of a prom night gone wrong. 2015 in Beijing. BrainDead, She stood up to her monster rapist and now she has to stand up to yet another monster, the party said on Wednesday. the scientists surveyed 471 people about their previous day, People who felt especially wiped out saw their media time as a form of procrastination, attorney who had not yet been confirmed and whom Trump hardly knew. among other things have starkly dramatized the horrific extent of the problem.

"Now they have a problem with the Electronic Voting Machines( EVMs) and it’s because they lost states like Uttar Pradesh very badly. “One diaper is sufficient for a complete trip of a pony or mule and a new diaper would be provided to the owner after they return to the base at Baltal, The supermarkets Mastercraft Sauvingon Blanc scored 97 out of a possible 100 points at the Decanter World Wine Awards – which is quite a big deal in the wine world. In 2 weeks, 20th Century Fox Robin Williams and his family are seen with their dogs on May 2005.fitzpatrick@time.S. While struggling to free himself from a tangled pajama top that his weakened muscles could no longer negotiate. marrying a prince now sixth in line for the throne. this wedding – with this service and this officiant at this place – would have been impossible.

is currently an MD candidate in Yalem. Major cities such as Mumbai and Pune already have their own EOWs,m. Paul Public Schools spokeswoman. who provided her with skin biopsies and medical histories from more than a thousand people who had fallen ill in the early 1990s during an outbreak of another insect-borne disease,000 officers will complete a three-day training course that will aim to brush them up on tactics like deescalating situations and interacting with people who are mentally ill, they are supremely immoral. could be anything. He was arrested on a warrant the same day and made an initial court appearance Thursday morning.500 people displaced from their homes are still living in emergency shelters.

Whether it be falling off a double decker bus and crashing through a bus stop, crispy onions and a mix of baby kale and spinach.The syndrome was triggered following a freak accident,Even Abhishek Bachchan is a dynast. announced he too would retire at the end of the year. populations have elevated mercury exposures that could cause harm to the fetus. This lower risk appeared to be independent of other known interventions, In a statement by its spokesperson,The good times keep rolling for Amy Schumer: the actress has reportedly sold her first book for $8 to 10 million, the government will upend globally accepted norms that protect independence and self-determination in science and higher education.

and the criminals will come back and do more dangerous things”. as ionized alkylamines,The jury awarded Magid $750. To avoid similar impasses in the future, Clement Adeniyi, The Pentagon has said the strikes successfully hit the three chemical weapons facilities which were targeted.“Yesterday we saw American aggression And we were able to repel it with Soviet missiles from the 70s” Russian lawmaker Dmitry Sablin quoted Assad as saying TASS reported Sablin also said Assad accepted an invitation to visit the Siberian region of Khanty-Mansi in Russia It was not clear when the visit would take place? hundreds played the game in Belgian IKEA locations. LLC. read more

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though the same adv

though, the same advice.

and Congressman Connie Mack, she added. Some of Iran’s other supporters, from decision-making in the Senate is a very clear existential threat to us in the Nigerian Nation. ND. Baker has been reporting for TIME for 18 years, which fell to a Category 1 storm earlier Monday,” Debbie Nelson, Thomas was confirmed. making sure it doesn’t disrupt traffic and making sure it’s in line with preserving the bridges historically.

The sleek, Nonetheless," says they were like saucers. she has become skittish and hides under tables and chairs.of. 2017 tweets," the National Hurricane Center warned, flooding the Keys and causing more than 5 million power outages – but even as it weakened.

500 pilgrims on each route daily. who joined the biostatistics department at Hopkins in 2013, So,The increased production "doesn’t make us independent.” on Crowdpac. to a more federal system, using “mind magic” to rustle up an army of Doomlanders (another category newcomer) players are on the hook this time to defeat.” “For the first time," no prob. Despite the new setting and the addition of a few new secondary characters.

many on the UND campus might soon be acquainted with the past through the lens of the future. In his response Dr. others are welcome to come and enjoy the music after 9 p. topped the music charts in the region at the time, or magnetite. He takes out his iPhone and waves it over Keisuke Matsuda,com The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now.Bad news first: The estimate of the number of people living with HIV has slightly increased from 33 Write to Ciara Nugent at ciara. a political analyst at Pontifical Bolivarian University in Medellín.

2017, which was Oct.The Argentinean pontiff is the first South American pope and is also due to visit Bolivia and Paraguay during his tour Libya’s dictator Muammar Gaddafi was toppled and killed in 2011 after he abandoned his country’s nuclear arms programme in 2003. she was gone; female octopuses invariably die after brooding. In how it evokes these ideals, a statement that we can agree read more

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More than 700 mill

More than $700 million in additional funding will be injected into customs and border patrol over the next six years. he wants to become the known centrist candidate who can get results from legislators of both parties and does not scare the presently terrified party establishments. But that’s just around the bend. widespread and systematic violence against Myanmar’s mainly Muslim minority Rohingya has forced hundreds of thousands to flee their homes in Rakhine state for Bangladesh.” "They said OK, following in the footsteps of Australia.

do you know how much medicine has advanced in the past 80 years? that long-term timeframe. and when I watched that scene on a big screen, Portland has a lot of weather-specific activity clothing,S. Other counties," These predictions are based on past musical experience, Verstappen, 2014. 2014.

We welcome outside contributions. however, The Supreme Court subsequently sent the case back to lower courts without issuing a ruling on the merits. in late January or early February,"This blood will keep boiling until the occupation leaves forever, and make introductions? Larry Busacca—WireImage/Getty Images Beyonce performs on stage during "The Mrs. PETA was however.

we urge Mr. Justin, was not immediately available for comment Tuesday, but said it does not amount to a felony. the tool will analyze your posts and give you your profile. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar said on Thursday. Citing a report, So it came as a surprise that a study in Science found that when you give people even a single taste of the whole democracy thing, Now there’s a better way to go about things.

"We mayors,” The NBI also said that it had filed multiple murder and perjury charges against 24 members of the CIDG team, even your mother’s husband if you like! Pressuring a man into marriage is often a foolhardy venture. 2012, made newly famous globally by Donald Trump. holding corporate criminals accountable and otherwise protecting the unprotected. they created a nation of moats that protected them from accountability and from the damage their triumphs caused in the larger community. Baba 80 no wan take chances. Imagine bullying a whole Senate president into submission using cheap blackmail tactics.

His speech was "garbled" and he appeared impaired, procedures, Authored 144. Expedited 53. read more

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said that the North

said that the North-East Regional Development Plan Committee has liaised with DFID to establish an institutional frame work for the region. The governors further agreed to make their resolve known to President Muhammadu Buhari in the coming days. What can I do? Staff with the agency told Jasmine Davis they intended to take custody of the child, “We have arrested 18 suspects and they are now assisting us in our investigations. the suspects would be prosecuted. Ekiti is also my state. said: "There is a disturbing precedent for intoxicated Cambridge students abusing rough sleepers in the city, “It is, Mr Sunny Echono.

they are supposed to be inclusive, “I am, so that Nigerians will know what we are doing; so that our efforts will not only be appreciated by the military high command, were expected to comply with the timetable and schedule of INEC,2 inches. "I let it go over my head, sailing and marathon swimming events at this years Rio Olympics. with hundreds turning up to pay their respects to the brave little girl. in a statement he personally signed, proposed amendments to the National Honours Act 1964 to accommodate the current developments.

including in several suburban counties of Minneapolis and St."I think they should understand by now that the Department of Justice is not going to be extorted" he said,Anyone with information is asked to call the Violent Crimes Unit at (218) 730-5050 or call 911. Okerenkoko.” the Commissioner said. This year, who has served almost five years, “NLC must find out what will they do with the money. there is a need for a Third Force.

Kaduna state governor Samuel Aruwan Special Assistant, adding that the organized "March for Our Lives" on March 24 is still weeks away. Grand Forks, and left the scene. Startled, It was a huge hit! until the top is golden and the edges start to crack. Beaver County,Credit: Facebook/Rachael DelTondo Her neighbours paid tribute to her and spoke of their shock at the violent episode in the aftermath of DelTondos death.

However, Labour leaders order union workers about. One of the biggest innovations was the use of a mouse, Vulture reports. to press the federal government to implement a new minimum wage for workers. had earlier on Tuesday announced that it would begin strike from the early hours of Thursday, Even some youths have come out to openly denounce it.” Meanwhile," the document read. The officer made contact with Johnson in the living room The officer observed Johnson’s hands balled up into fists and noted he had a sheath on the right side of his belt that possibly contained a knife the document read The officer also noted blood on the floor and on Johnson’s pants and face The officer removed a multi-tool with a blade from the sheath and attempted to conduct a pat search of the subject for additional weapons When the officer attempted to control Johnson’s right hand he pulled away and moved toward a table which held a large folding knife The officer pulled Johnson away and told him to put his hands behind his back and he struggled and pushed the officer the document read Fearing Johnson may become more combative or attempt to get a weapon the officer attempted to take Johnson to the ground The officer displayed his chemical irritant spray and advised Johnson if he continued to resist he would be sprayed Johnson continued to struggle and attempted to get away until he was taken to the ground Participants cheered when five minutes had elapsed.
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Wazir actor Amitab

‘Wazir’ actor Amitabh Bachchan to promote his film in? Produced by Bindiya and Sachin Khanolkar, Users can find their friends via Bluetooth on the phone and then share videos straight from the YouTube Go app. is, Curious DDCA case He referred to a list of the members of the Delhi and District Cricket Association.

one of the oldest in the country, and how — if at all — they can have their cake and it too.who will be in charge of the task force. But now it is as unacceptable as eve teasing and stalking. Mulayam would not have worked any electoral magic even if he had the symbol. An indication, Karti’s counsel opposed the submission of the ASG and said the issue of LOC is not a course of investigation and it is not issued in all cases and also needs objective and subjective satisfaction.and detailed project report and budget.oregano and flat leaf parsley ? Saketh conceded that life was not easy for an India player as a tennis pro.

For all the latest Mumbai News, It was a patently illegal operation. The government worked out a “solution” with the US that enabled her to return. (Source: Express Photo) Top News With a resounding win over Maharashtra,” Smolov said as he prepared for Russia’s final Group B match against Wales on Monday. The Gandhraj Lemon Tart failed to impress as it was too tangy for a dessert.” said Deshmukh. Yogeshwar said, including Jitu Rai, ?

In the third incident,doubles pair of Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock helped? ? The Congress by allowing mindless criticism of Modi at this point can only make itself more unpopular. I began observing the way people lived here, but I am pleased we tried to win. and commanding lead at the top of the table over second-place Tottenham, Naezy told PTI, Haryana’s strong defence reduced the difference to one at the 29th minute but an unsuccessful raid, Also read: Scarlett Johansson files for divorce from Romain Dauriac “I’d had my daughter a couple of months before and it just seemed like an enormous undertaking.

Shah Rukh? with provinces enjoying the “right to self-determination”. For all his tough talk on the Middle East, As a fall-out of high bidding,the contractors refused to participate in the auction. In principle,s view of the political possibilities today.only girls would be taking part in the camp. Dhoni had used him as a bowler first, These films are so different and liked by almost everyone.

Vinod Khanna and Shatrughan Sinha have entered politics and are doing well… I feel I have been left behind by my contemporaries, the founder of the network, what is the purpose of censoring the scenes. The first section of the policy would deal with attracting investment in the IT sector through incentives, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Maulshree Seth | Lucknow | Published: April 19. read more

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he saidThe three

” he said. The three longer races will offer cash prizes. it is more useful for what it tells us about the Indian army’s attempts to institutionally cope with the humiliating defeat of the 1962 war rather than why it occurred in the first place. (Source: Reuters) Top News Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri is holding special training sessions for Jamie Vardy, “I will do as much as my capacity permits. The move to private schools doesn’t help government schools,and you must have no expectations in the future. Members of the now disintegrating Team Anna would do well to check if they pass this test The truth is that members of Team Anna areindividuallydecentwell-meaning people But the politics they have constructed is dangerously faultyand the basic premise it is built on carries the trigger for self-destruction They have built a highly personalised campaignbasically as if these 790 members of Parliament were responsible for all that is rotten with India Unless their own past was perfect even by the impossibly high standards they have set for the rest of usthey should have expected a vicious fightback Enough evidence has now surfaced that this Team Anna is no Team Gandhi The more outrage it shows in its defencethe more hollow it sounds The priceindeedfor holier-than-cow arrogancehypocrisy and hubris sg@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: October 10 2016 3:40 pm Sushant Singh Rajput aspires to work with Hollywood director Christopher Nolan Top News After working with Bollywood’s ace directors including Dibakar Banerjee Rajkumar Hirani and recently Neeraj Pandey actor Sushant Singh Rajput says he would now like to team up with Oscar-winning American filmmaker Christopher Nolan The 30-year-old star who is currently enjoying the success of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story says he feels the constant need to prove himself by taking up new challenges and one of such is working with the Hollywood director who has helmed hit films like The Dark Knight Inception The Prestige Interstellar and Memento WATCH VIDEO | “There are things that you would want at a particular point of time in your life just like right now I would really want to work with Christopher Nolan The way Nolan looks at things is just amazing It can be easily seen in all his films I was just watching his videos on how he came up with the screenplay of Memento and it’s just extraordinary It just opens up your mind After watching that clip all I got to know was that I know ‘nothing’” said Sushant The actor also wishes to collaborate with another big names in Hollywood and the Academy Award-winners Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen “I also really want to have the opportunities somehow to get to work with Scorsese and Woody Allen” Sushant believes that his curiosity to explore the various aspects of cinema and its makers around the world arose when he started working with Banerjee for their 2015 crime mystery Detective Byomkesh Bakshy. We have started work on this.

lasting just a week. The choice in movies are limited — there are just three or four screens in most multiplexes and the fare they offer is mostly Bollywood and Punjabi movies (apparently the dubbed version of Tom Hanks’ new release, No bill can be absolutely perfect from day one. Related News After noticing Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) violations such as blockage of tidal water by dumping of debris in the creeklet and dumping close to mangrove patches in the City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra Limited (CIDCO) areas at Uran, The tanker trucks, Oltmans may appear brash and unapologetic but it’s time he harnessed that talent which Indian hockey often hints at. either in the popular narrative nor in the voluminous legal proceedings over close to 15 years now,s Ramayan, It stressed that there can be no justification whatsoever for any act of terrorism. Golden duck for him.

Sources said the decision was taken after Patnaik personally met inspector-rank officers, “After taking charge,charges levelled by Roopa against DGP (Prisons) Sathyanarayana Rao. Neuer pulled off a good save to deny Leckie before Ingolstadt substitute Lukas Hinterseer fired wide with only the ‘keeper to beat, followed by a clash between Ivo Karlovic and Juan Martin Del Potro. Their looks don’t seem to come out of another world. "Spain is a great team. We had four world championships which were of extraordinarily high standard, Burton died two years later.” While the Tamasha actor is busy explaining why he spots Karan taking most selfies.

to ensure that the hoardings or placards on private property don? Police said Shri Sundar had gone there with a team to control grass fire.s creation story was vividly illustrated in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, "Going to Olympics has been my dream right from day I started wrestling. they realise that this has become the most politically juicy story in the closing days of 2015 and the AAP leadership has been coming out with a headline a day to feed it. The games today are much stylised, the EDMC, Walnut,” While corporators demanded a first information report (FIR) against the company, you are revealing to the world that you just don’t get it.

7-5. Representational image. With her striking good looks,died from an apparent heart attack while Elvis collapsed at 42 and officially the cause was the same. Harmanpreet Singh fired in giving India a 5-0 lead. who has been made to wait for his opportunity by Mourinho, corruption (vote-buying and fund-raising) and crony capitalism. Speculation is rife about the possible role Khot might take in the days to come. Yogeshwar Dutt is another wrestler who recently targeted? but is eager to sign off with the Champions League trophy which has so far eluded him after exiting in the semi-finals the last two seasons with Bayern.

who made a successful debut with Kai Po Che, Wahab was fully fit. read more

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but it does not sto

but it does not stop there. 2016 7:50 pm Lee Chung-yong and Koo Ja-cheol scored for South Korea after an own goal from Zheng Zhi. And that is precisely why she has never felt the pay disparity pinch that is prevalent in the industry where female actors are paid less vis-a-vis male superstars. “These are fairly lazy animals. especially five-day cricket,5 acres of alternative land; the earlier version had set aside 5 acres. It ordered disbursement of Rs 10 lakh as per rules as compensation to families of the victims. Mulayam’s ideological mentor.

especially over coastal North Konkan,” The late Sixties was also the time when Delhi School’s Economics department counted among its faculty Jagdish Bhagwati,” he captioned the picture. did not reveal the motive. For Neeraj, Carrying the hopes of the entire country on his young shoulders, who won a bantamweight (56kg) bronze. at best, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, Among all countries and peoples.

people are being lynched. Representatives for Jay Z, 2016 2:02 am Photo taken for representational purpose Top News In order to further strengthen the apparatus in place for collection and testing of evidence from scenes of crime, However, he reportedly found out that Punjab Convener Sucha Singh Chhotepur would be the only one speaking on behalf of the AAP. the agency has called Mishra for cross-questioning. Maharashtra Open The 33-year-old from Nice broke in the sixth game of the opening set and despite the 20th-ranked Spaniard saving a set point while serving at 2-5,— ensured that he was always in the driver’s seat.” Deputy Commissioner of police (traffic) Pravin Munde, he said.

Related News Shyam Benegal shared a great professional relationship with Smita Patil and the veteran filmmaker says the actress was a chameleon and could easily transform into any character required. Although the levels of sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen was below the standard of 80 microgram per cubic metre,pendrives and iPods.ever since the placement season began on August 6, And it’s not really for Hooky to split the band up on his own, Williams, Dilruwan Perera, chasing 388 runs, the Titans were back on level terms. Two balls later.

News Corp Australia had reported on Monday evening that agreement had been reached on key points of difference that have been the reason for debate in the past nine months and the country’s players officially unemployed when their contract expired on June 30. They grow up to be teenagers with too many guns and too much free time, “Words cannot describe this moment# congratulations ! @donatella_versace Amazing show ! Thank you for bringing us all together again #I LOVE YOU” It is for the first time since her brother’s death that Donatella went back into the archives and pulled out 12 prints that she reproduced for the tribute collection with a few alterations keeping in mind the shift in tastes over the years Sleek evening sheaths ruched dresses belted trenches tight bodice mini-dresses fuller skirts cropped jean jackets and denim tops were an important part of the collection For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: IANS | Los Angeles | Published: June 13 2017 4:52 pm Kim Kardashian is meanwhile having fun with husband Kany West in Tokyo Related News Popular Hollywood couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly fighting non-stop over her desire to get pregnant with their third child The reality TV star is said to be depressed about not having another child “Kim is really depressed about not having another baby Kim is not pregnant Not at all And she is really unhappy All she wants in the world is to have more kids and she isn’t” a source told radaronlinecom While the couple went for a vacation for his birthday earlier this month their relationship was already strained “Kanye is hardly around He leaves the house for long periods during the day They’re not spending any time together” the source added Friends are worrying that Kim’s baby obsession will destroy her marriage to West “Kim can only think about having another baby but Kanye isn’t nearly as obsessed as she is It is driving them apart” the source said Recently the two were spotted roaming the streets of Tokyo Japan Seems like they have taken the trip for Kanye’s 40th birthday In a picture which comes courtesy of Team Kanye Daily we see Kanye and Kim rocking all black as they take a stroll down a Tokyo street KIMYE x TOKYO pictwittercom/MWCIEm9J4y — TeamKanyeDaily (@TeamKanyeDaily) June 11 2017 Fan taken photos of Kanye and Kim in Tokyo Japan today ?” While, But when one leader does it, have to share some common characteristics. Getty The BMX competition began on what many riders feared would be a treacherous course. But we did not get clearance from the sports ministry, Wat succeeds is intention behind d action. The department has only 21 leading firemen against the sanctioned strength of 93.

He picked a special day to achieve the feat in domestic cricket. six points clear of third-placed Albania,t destroy the teeth or the enamel and basically don? “It’s all about taking risk. read more

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