Long tail keywords better do the traditional Shanghai dragon concept needs optimization

long tail keywords general words more often, from 2 to 3 words (words or phrases), it has strong features, extending object search precision, wide coverage.

can bring effective flow, the traditional Shanghai dragon view, if a web site can cover the long tail keywords involved in the industry rankings more good, it means a better user experience, can not only promote the website target keywords ranking, but also for the benefit of the construction of website brand.

but "long tail keywords" is the website to have the covering scale content involved in the industry (at least hundreds of thousands of pages) – not enough scale content being included in the search engine index, it can not form a long tail continuous production mechanism, it is difficult to obtain from the search engine, the size of the long tail traffic continued. read more

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The idea is too Share a love of Shanghai website rankings included abnormal records

The results showed that

feedback, I repeatedly went to see this grab failed:

what is this: my blog now love Shanghai included abnormal bleak! And I also told what love I reprint blog friends, do not reprint within half a month post, because I thought that to love Shanghai not included, ranking drop serious is because I have replaced theme –> months; in 360 sites guards –> articles are caused by quick transfer.

from the beginning of May, publish the article is no longer included, the index fell from the 4800 now about 1000 read more

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4 a website construction of reading

doing websites now seems to be a job for every enterprise or team – whether your industry is related to the Internet or not. On average, I receive one or two calls a week asking, "what are we going to do for a website, what technology should I use, PHP, Java, or?". NET? Where should we hire developers? What websites are we developing now always have Bug? What should I do? As a former technician and current Internet employee, let me talk about my experience. Years of website work tell me a reason: Although the site seems simple, but must ask the right people to do. Domestic developers generally lack experience, a person who has been 2 years of development may think he is very cattle, want a low price, and eventually give you a very bad result. Conversely, if you’re looking for the right person – even if you’re the only one – using the right ideas, the site is simple. read more

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Simply put and my stall site wind and rain course

My name is Cui Yanlong

, high school culture, native soil in rural Henan, I am an ordinary person, very ordinary, not doing what things shaking heaven and earth after graduating from high school, went to work in a factory in Shenzhen, the work became popular, rural youth began to accept to work in the city, have a monthly salary of only 300-500 yuan, due to relatively poor family, need money, my heart is very anxious, see outside the factory there is a street vendor, there are several familiar factory colleagues in the stall, I also think the use of spare time to work outside the factory put stall point to do a little business to earn extra money, then hair get out of hand in the factory, also resigned, do full-time baidenan! Successively in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Nanyang, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Yiwu, Dongyang, Yunnan, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and other places stall, doing the All kinds of street vendors, read more

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Ning Yu fast food

small entrepreneurs into the food and beverage industry, what project? Fast food? Bento? Snack? These can. The project is just a choice, just the way you choose. Right and wrong as long as you can be optimistic about the road to go down, I believe that in the end you are successful. Xiao Bian here to introduce a snack food brand – ning Yu lunch box

Ning Yu lunch to join in the construction and management of the chain system, the company adhere to the "integrity management, win-win cooperation; join to make money, we can make money" business philosophy, to our city, to lay a solid foundation for the national franchise business process as the goal, adhere to the "fair trade, delicious and inexpensive" as the guiding ideology. The integration of modern fast food management mode and management idea, establish the Chinese fast food industry raw materials procurement, production, logistics equipment, food processing and cooking staff restaurant operation standardization system, the delicious food and fast service and comfortable environment, establish a new image for Chinese fast food, become one of consumer choice meal. read more

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How to manage the curtain shop

curtain is a kind of indispensable decorations we Home Furnishing decoration, consumers from color to style curtains have a new requirement to open a curtain of stores to get the industry’s wealth is not an easy thing, so, how to manage curtain stores?

curtains selection of franchise stores. Even if the same kind of fabric, color variety. Select the choice of color, the form of design has a great impact. The main color of the curtains should be in accordance with the main color phase modulation. Complementary color or near color are allowed, but the contrast of changes in temperature is a taboo. The modern design can choose plain coloured curtain; elegant design can choose the curtain of shallow grain; pastoral style can choose the curtain of minor lines; and luxurious design can choose plain or large floral curtains. read more

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The only reason for investors to invest in venture capital

people have all sorts of strange things entrepreneurial reasons, there are a variety of power, but as a successful and mature investors, venture investment company for only one reason: asset liquidation.

The good news:

for the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is not a job but a occupation.

but the venture first need is the product development funds needed, then the valuation of the funds needed. Traditional lending institutions (banks) believe that the risk of start-up companies for traditional bank loans too high. Fortunately, 20    after the century; 25 years   appeared in a   called "venture fund"   emerging funding sources. The return on investment from the venture capital is not interest, but the equity of the start-up company. read more

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Novice shop should pay attention to what skills

many entrepreneurs are the first attempt, for the novice to open a good store needs to pay attention to many problems. Only a clear understanding of the shop note, you will be able to move in the direction of the development of their own stores better. Grasp the appropriate skills, in order to make your business easier.

read more

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Chinese HD digital TV set top box ten brands list the whole

now let the development of science and technology, digital TV is recognized, but want to receive more digital TV channel, TV set-top box has become the essential things, many consumers pay attention to high-definition digital TV set-top boxes, bring opportunities for entrepreneurs, many people choose the project venture, introduce for you below Chinese HD digital TV set-top box ten brand list.

digital video conversion box (English: Set Top Box, referred to as STB), often referred to as a set-top box or a set-top box, a TV connected with external signal source equipment. It can convert a compressed digital signal into a television and display it on the tv. Signals can come from cable, satellite antenna, broadband and terrestrial broadcasting. read more

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Datong County 3 new modern agricultural demonstration base

this year, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County to continue in accordance with provincial and municipal facilities to the park of agricultural industrialization and large-scale and standardized development of the overall layout, plans to invest 60 million yuan to build 3 modern agricultural demonstration base.

in recent years, Datong County focus on the construction of the whole city and the province’s modern agricultural demonstration base "and" security of supply, to provide leisure "development target, vigorously develop modern agriculture, has a new Hua Hao, flowers gardening, Sheng day 15 modern agricultural demonstration park, completed a total of 25 thousand high standard production in greenhouse building. August 2010 was named the Ministry of agriculture, national modern agricultural demonstration zone, the 2012 Ministry of agriculture and refine the formation of the chase model in the country to promote. read more

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Xining city court to provide legal help for the healthy growth of young people

this year, Xining City District People’s Court of juvenile cases courtroom in the trial of criminal cases involving minors, minors to imitate the film and television works in the plot, gathered together the implementation of intentional injury, robbery, kidnapping and other serious cases caused by the judges’ attention. In response to these characteristics, the hospital combines learning and practice activities, and actively create a healthy environment for the healthy growth of young people to provide legal help. read more

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Work as a career to open up a new sky

Work for him, and not just a day by day, but contact with different things, so that their work more thorough and comprehensive understanding. Zhang Peng never thought that work is boring, but it as a career, into the enthusiasm and hard work, to find their own new sky.

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Xining City the ten major themes of a series of activities to celebrate the birthday of the party

Always go with the party, build a Chinese dream. In the party’s birthday, Xining organized "build Chinese dream" ideal faith education, "innocence to the party" nursery rhymes sung, Party volunteer service team selection and other ten series of theme activities, continue to stimulate the advanced district of the city’s party members and Cadres Construction of national unity and progress and enthusiasm, to participate in the party’s mass line education practice with practical action.The read more

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Xining 2870 farmers brokers actively contribute to the promotion of agricultural development

July 23rd, reporters from the Xining Municipal Association for science and the supply and marketing cooperatives organized "Xining city farmer broker and plateau agriculture development of academic seminar" was informed that, as of the end of July, after the formal training of supply and marketing cooperatives in Xining City broker reached 2870 people, the majority of brokers and farmers signed orders every year about 5 acres, 2 sales of agricultural products million tons, has become the agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income and an important way to improve the competitiveness of agricultural products. read more

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The distribution center of 100 thousand tons full table

With the arrival of winter, I grown vegetables gradually reduced, in order to ensure market supply, stable prices of meat, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as the center) will take 100 thousand tons of dispatching reserve task, the maximum guarantee people to eat cheap meat, put the heart.

distribution center as the province’s largest vegetable basket project, since the official operation in November 16th, has taken a series of relief measures to allow businesses to get the greatest benefits. In combination with the city this winter and spring vegetable transport activities, starting from November 16th, to April 15th next year, will organize the distribution center more than 10 big business, three companies from Shandong, Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Henan, Yunnan, Guangzhou organizations transporting garlic, cabbage and radish, cucumber, eggplant, tomatoes, cabbage and nearly 17 varieties vegetables. Every day in the distribution center for transporting vegetables will reach more than 1 thousand and 100 tons, the city agriculture organization of vegetables from Sichuan Deyang big day transported 30 tons of Chinese cabbage supply market. All vegetables are in accordance with the principle of "low income". read more

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Provincial authorities to commemorate the 95 anniversary of the founding of outstanding literary and

6 27, the provincial authorities to commemorate the anniversary of the founding of the party’s outstanding literary and artistic performances in the Qinghai Convention center. Provincial Standing Committee, propaganda minister Zhang Ximing, vice chairman of the CPPCC Provincial Committee for the 12 outstanding literary and artistic program units awarded a certificate and a photo taken with the cadres and workers in the event of the.

performance report brings in Qinghai Lake scenic spot protection and utilization administration "praise dance youth" in the curtain, each unit carefully prepared the song, fashion show, chorus, sound poetry and dance, Tibetan dance show brilliant, eulogize the glorious achievements of the party, as the cadres and workers of the provincial organs of infinite love the party’s love, won the audience’s applause. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to increase the circulation of food safety supervis

this year, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry to carry out a solid circulation of food safety supervision, as a result of leadership attention, effective measures, so that the city’s circulation of food safety supervision has achieved remarkable results.

Xining City Administration for Industry and commerce to strengthen the food market supervision, increase the daily supervision. The city’s industrial and commercial system for key species, key areas and seasonal festivals, food market, carry out special law enforcement inspection, timely detect and investigate unlicensed, super scope and distribution of expired, toxic and other substandard food behavior. Increase the intensity of law enforcement inspection of the rural food market, and focus on the purchase of illegal channels from the sale of counterfeit trademarks and other well-known counterfeit food name, packaging, decoration and other illegal acts. During the inspection of food, 16492 households, 114 markets, seized no purchase invoice of small food 439 bags, 1663 bags of "three noes" expired food (bottle), expired milk products 11.2 kg, infringement of registered 124 bottles of beer. Clean up unlicensed 18 households, 21 households on the cable card tickets not all operators issued a notice shall be ordered to make corrections. This year, a total of 57 cases for investigation of food, the collection of fines of 142 thousand and 800 yuan. Xining trade and Industry Bureau and the relevant departments of the Xining municipal government, dairy products, food oil, health food, fresh meat and meat products, food additives for a comprehensive treatment. Focus on supervision and guidance of food operators to establish a sound food purchase inspection, cable card ticket, substandard food delisting system, strict implementation of food safety management system. Promote the integrity of the food business system construction, strengthen the classification of food business credit supervision, give full play to the role of a private association, guide and restrain the integrity of food operators. During the period, the city’s food business carried out the classification regulation for different categories of credit, business entities respectively formulate different measures of inspection and supervision, and is closely related to people’s living food wholesale market, grain and oil market as the key regulatory focus and key links. read more

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The show opens our eyes

August 31st, the reporter saw in the South International Convention and Exhibition Center, the first Cordyceps festival held not only attracted the participation of various businesses from the province, but also attracted a lot of foreign businessmen and tourists. People in twos and threes gathered in front of the exhibition, or to ask the staff to identify the true and false Cordyceps, or on their own goods and exhibitors interested in bargaining…….

Zhang from Shaanxi visited the booth one by one, he said, Cordyceps festival held well, here to learn a lot of knowledge about cordyceps. Now on the market a lot of fake Cordyceps, I do not know how to identify, here today also learned to identify the authenticity of a lot of harvest. read more

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