Why is it so easy for some people to start making money

maybe it’s life. When you graduated from college a few years ago, you really didn’t understand anything. From a carefree student period, you suddenly moved to a real society.

life may be like this, he has good, and he is relatively bad. Remember just graduated that time, oneself go to the job, that time really just know what call hard, what call live. We think that time, the computer is already quite popular, perhaps go bad, I was a computer science major, and science or application, hey, now, the University in recent years is really memorable school life, learning about it is only a kind of as soon as possible the real life experience, learn some knowledge of employment after rarely used, more is the principle of life and some people doing things like. read more

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WEB site planning analysis of the purpose of the station

wrote an article about the planning and purpose of the recent Web site sharing:

The purpose and function of

website planning is to determine the direction of the site and determine the way to achieve this goal, but also to determine the site to achieve the function. For example, customers often make such demands on Internet service providers, and by distributing sites on the Internet, the information is spread to buyers and suppliers of raw materials all over the world. Customers say their hearts desire, but to be specific, which requires professional guidance, according to the customer’s objective conditions for analysis, come up with a complete site planning. read more

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Personal webmaster in your insist will be successful

network in this winter, some people can stick to the station has been very good, there are a lot of abandoned. Personal webmaster do not have relatively perfect team, some have no technology, earn money not much. I also belong to this kind of did not earn much money, but I think I still should adhere to it, because I have been doing this for three or four years, has accumulated some experience, below and share master, do not laugh, and I hope some webmaster like me to grow with.

from the beginning of doing stand mixed, only to flow to survive, really sad Oh. From the beginning of the site, did not seriously consider the characteristics of the site. Now understand, do stand must have their own characteristics, so that you can be a long-term tens of millions of down, in fact, to survive and look forward to profitability, that is, to attract visitors eye place. Otherwise, the website does not have the soul, give up sooner or later. Even if you stick to the end,. read more

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Now the nternet business is to find and change

"now the Internet industry is to find and change!" this sentence is one of my brother said, a Internet Co he founded, is people and money to solve the most difficult problems encountered.

running a website definitely involves a lot of problems. It must be more than just two aspects of money and people. But when you start to do this, or just start, you will find the two most troublesome. A person’s strength is very limited, and Ma Yun’s success is also a combination of many cattle talent created, so before you start, you must first perfect a team. This involves the "human" factors. The early entrepreneurs need to find someone, because you do not have all, even with this ability, your time and energy is limited, to oneself is not good washing effect, easy to health broke down. To find the right partner, at least there is a bright spot is to identify with the agreement. The first is that he agrees with you, and believes in you and is willing to cooperate with you. Second, he thinks your project is promising and worth fighting for. One is right, and the other is right. The simple two points are really hard to satisfy at the same time. So many entrepreneurial teams are college classmates or colleagues who work together for a long time. Meets the suitable poineering partner, looks like looks for the male (female) friend, needs to touch, needs the fate. read more

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The core competitiveness of local websites does not win by quantity

more than two years ago began to engage in the website, strong in the webmaster nets, although not too famous, but also a few struggling in line website. In this year also wrote many soft Wen, someone said not long before I finish, but two years apparently those comrades could not find, I 809 generation (the previous name) is still alive, low-key fashion now, but for the new website, and I share a little experience, experience here is real real experience.

used a soft discovered network, it is doing what the website income how many, very attractive, but now more and more people see this article are rational, because they don’t work. So a lot of time in the blind could not find the project owners to start the local flocking industry information website, I was one of them, as to what the project is not mentioned, sad ah. At first, I did a silly idea. Now that I have occupied a site, I have done a few more of these websites and occupied other areas. It did not take long before I built 4 websites in this city, the 3 local ones. read more

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Shenzhen local dating site offline activities obvious effect

Shenzhen is now dating sites, can be said to be what kind of forms are various types of dating, the major portals are a superb collection of beautiful things, a dating column or channel, here is not for example now dating sites, can be said to be a variety of types such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, making the major portals are a superb collection of beautiful things, there are friends the column or channel, here is not for example

this kind of dating station, audience, a wide range of people, the flow is also very large, then I do regional friends station, how should we respond to? read more

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Analysis of the impact of Google exit on personal websites in China

went through Baidu’s black affair yesterday, and this morning learned that Google announced it might withdraw from the Chinese market. In 2010, Baidu and Google were no strangers. For Google suddenly announced that may withdraw from the Chinese market, ordinary Chinese Internet users may not care about, and will not be as much as Baidu can not open, resulting in tremendous impact. If one day, Google really quit the Chinese market, the most striking thing about this is the personal webmaster, especially in Baidu can not get the number of personal flow station. read more

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9 years of entrepreneurship 6 times Twitch founder taught you how to spend the capital winter

Abstract: entrepreneurial success is a small probability event. However, as long as there is a successful experience of entrepreneurship, then the probability of re starting or continuous business success is very large.

"if you’re not on vacation, you’re embarrassed to say you’re investing," he says. "This is a popular joke in VC circles. Some people even joked that, in the world famous scenic spots, can encounter vacation Chinese VC.

according to statistics, in 2015 the growth rate of private investment was 10.1%, unchanged from previous years. In the first half of this year, it fell to only 2.8%. With some investors in the exchange of everyone laments, in 2016 this year investors not only when the speed is much slower than last year, even many have got the financing of start-up companies, was also dead died. read more

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A basin of succulent plants caused by the economic sub categories of adorable pet market segments

flowers and trees industry potential in the end how much? Taobao data show that flowers and trees category has 80 thousand sellers, the number of goods for 7 million 580 thousand, the daily turnover of 6 million 10 thousand. Although the figures are not conspicuous, but from the experience of Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea, China’s flower industry is on the eve of the outbreak, and the online market may become the explosion point.

and in the moment, flowers and trees in the C end of the line, mainly in flowers, potted and other products to carry out the emotional shape of the realization. Among them, the impressive "MOE economy" is an important representative, through the gathering of people on the road to rush enthusiasts gathered, with a temperature and emotional way to do business. read more

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Me and my industry website

in order to note, especially December 1st started, the feeling of a new beginning, a new progress, and let stand a sense of history, a great background. Ha ha, not much gossip, mentioned below, I do some summary of the station, like to communicate with you,


1. Content selection:

South Korea clothing net (website omitted) is a central and South Korea to build clothing collocation of clothing, women’s clothing collocation mainly includes the information portal!, fashion, symphony of women, clothing culture, fashion jewelry, women, beauty salons and other related information class. Do Korean clothing in the choice of content and I spent a lot of time, before the station has been confused. And this station in the early stage, I made some investigation and analysis, do Korean clothing this kind of website is not much, positioning and I stand close to less, forming a certain scale of the station is even less. Therefore, the Korean clothing network hopes to break through. At the same time, I also can use some combination of its own factors, such as I have some knowledge of the Korean fashion net silver, so in this respect, compared with other information website, Korean clothing network has certain advantages. In addition, visit these sites basically belongs to a relatively high consumption of high-quality fashion groups, the effective use of this group will get a good return, can be transformed into a commercial profit model. Of course, there is another motive for this station: personal needs. It is conceivable that many people have the information needs in this respect. read more

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Decoding knowledge knowledge organization framework model big analysis UGC website optimization how

depth analysis of the current content architecture model, for community applications, developers can extend their architecture thinking to the general UGC site product optimization.

knows that the average quality of the current domestic users of the highest web site, the average daily access to IP in more than 600 thousand. For such a high degree of user activity, output a large number of high-quality content (UGC) sites, how to better organize the content of the presentation, and the quality of the part of the value maximization is very important. read more

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Google included less than two hours Baidu almost half a month not included

do for a long time, for other website BBS do promotion, for personal promotion or more experience. In order to further study the network of things, recently made a small station, using the CMS system.

do when standing, think too much, just learning network promotion of things, so use the SEO tool to check some information, the last position in the joke, according to some data in the network owners to see friends, so in the choice of domain name is very careful. After the choice, found that the main domain name Xiaohua has been registered, and later thought of the recent fire net domain name kaixin01, so brainstorm, chose http://s.xiaohua01.com/ as their own domain name. This is consistent with the title of the website. It should be good for the future SEO. read more

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At five in the morning what are you doing at this time of the station

has been at five in the morning, did not rest last night, looking at the computer next to the coke, to think the original bottle cap is not opened, only 20 cigarettes left 3, from entering the network career that day is the last day!! is still a sleepless night, this night, this life of I was quite normal, if one night I 00:00 before the break, certainly not normal, illness is not too tired, countless nights there is always a little sad, medical graduates, do their work did not go well, they began the utterly ignorant of website, maybe this is God! Do not know how you love it! read more

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Create a good first impression network marketing will be half done


like interview clothes dressed more likely to win in Western dress and leather shoes, the interviewer. In website construction and network marketing, a good first impression has been half done. If a good first impression is abstract and not easy to understand, then a bad impression is not conducive to the development of network marketing. For example, when we open a web site, we can’t open it for half a day. It is not easy to wait for the page loaded, but found that the website content has not been updated for a long time, and a lot of content page art design is generally wide of the mark. Users experience such a general site, if it is not a special factor, presumably will be abandoned by many users. Say something simple, the website to the user’s impression is actually the user experience, but this experience is not limited to web design, and network promotion, website copy writing and many other links. read more

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China’s top 10 e commerce in my eyes

5 years of online trade experience and China comprehensive B2B e-commerce 10 comments

years ago, drink, blew my online trading experience, this time always have a friend to ask me some questions I answered many times, so I’ll just write an article, send out for everyone to see.

According to the investigation report of the

authority, the next 3-5 years, the electronic commerce is the outbreak period, the next 5-10 years, the maturity of e-commerce, this more than a few years ago we said the future of the company is the e-commerce company to feel more specific and reliable. Things are different now. read more

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Friendship link friendship or naked business

my blog, in addition to the website collection, there are several sites frequented by myself, the link has been controlled in a certain number, the future will not be more than 20. Many webmaster crazy to do links to improve PR, but in fact, the role has become less and less. For example, you and web site do, even if it PR10, there can be hundreds of connections, according to the principle of PR share, PR10 website share hundreds of sites to connect, you can get only 0.1 less. Google PR to now, it has become garbage, my friend registered last month domain name, this month PR 3, long lost the original meaning. read more

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From the initial site to enter the SEO industry five months of experience

I am a

entered the SEO industry of small webmaster, remember that in stationmaster the threshold is a chance, because when I first learned the choice is the electronic commerce (which is making the website construction, the optimization of SEO) can be said to be utterly ignorant of, once for a we want to say the website customer website optimization (PPC) promotion, remember when customers want to do is the word "loadometer" (a popular keyword page is full, promotion) customers want to have your website do second pages can through technical means to achieve read more

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8 guidelines for sharing game station operations

games, is a rigid demand for the development of the Internet today, with a strong user stickiness and profit depth, can be said that once the hold of this direction, then bring the owners more than we do when the harvest QQ expression station. But things are always two sides, the industry has overheated, but also led to some of the webmaster began to grasp the game station marketing focus. Spell resources, play novel, finally get nothing, and even drop a pompous, unrealistic reputation. This is not shocking, there are many such friends around, think to keep up with the times, push a few popular games, and then help social marketing, everything is easy to do. But is the game station really so good, read more

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How to do well in the forum community


Web2.0 swept the Internet, website activity into a large number of small and medium-sized community forums in the eyes of the "lifeline", I personally think that the forum is a kite, is the wind, is a member of the line, if there is no wind, the wind will not drive, so as to let the kite fly in the air. The forum and community activities are divided into two parts: online activities and offline activities.

online activity

is currently the most online forum community with active way, such as the house365 forum, an online activities every week, and weekly activities are very novel, perhaps only such frequent activities, in order to transport fresh blood to the forum. read more

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A shortcut to an annual net income of over ten million dollars

for Internet into this pool of muddy water in the fish’s entrepreneurs, has influenced too much on the Internet making the rich mythology. From the outstanding student cadres pacesetter Chen to rely on a "legend" writing billions of rich legend, to this year’s holiday gifts of Shi Yuzhu on the "journey" to win the Internet journey, from simple 265 website to let Cai Wensheng from the hands of Google to earn a lot of money, not astonishing Ma created in the stock market Alibaba super myth, raging like a storm the Internet arena was born so many entrepreneurs for chiefs. read more

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