Re employment training courses to benefit community residents

Han Haihong is a single mother, due to her age, can only work in a small hotel. In the city of Xining City District Nanchuan Road Subdistrict Office Fu Lu Xiang South community held the re employment training, Han Haihong learned computer operation, she said: "learn a technology, it is very useful for my future work."

recently, Fu Lu Xiang south area community organizations 45 laid-off workers during the summer and returning college students to participate in the re employment training. Community invited a professional financial planner, vehicle maintenance professionals and cooks to teach everyone to experience. Residents said: "the content of the training course is very practical, we are confident of re employment." (author: Yan Zhuo) read more

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Seven enterprises in our province was selected as the national level of the integration of the two m

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced in 2016 two integration management system standards implementation pilot list of enterprises in our province, Xining Special Steel Co, Amperex Technology Limited, Qinghai times Qinghai Lee Fiber Technology Co. Ltd., Qinghai Tibetan sheep carpets (Group) Co. Ltd., sun energy (Qinghai) Co. Ltd., Jinke Tibet, Qinghai jingzhuzangyao high-tech Limited by Share Ltd industrial Limited by Share Ltd seven enterprises on the list.

refers to the integration of the two high level of informationization and industrialization depth of integration of the two management system standards aimed at industrial enterprises especially the actual two traditional industries and industrial enterprises to enhance the management level fusion, using ISO9000 and ISO14000 approach, making the integration of the two management system standards, to promote the integration of the two management system standards, guide enterprises to promote the integration of the two integration and innovation in concept, build the enterprise in the information environment of the new integrated competition ability, is the national industry and information system to implement the "2025 China manufacturing" strategy, an important measure to promote the Internet and other new generation of information and communication technology industry integration and innovation, promoting new industrialization process Chinese characteristics the. read more

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Xining started the new year the first battle of motor vehicle traffic regulation Luantingluanfang wi

Xining city traffic police detachment in 2013 of the first battle — regulation of motor vehicle Luantingluanfang 10 officially started, the traffic police detachment Chen Xinping said that in the future the vehicle Luantingluanfang will limit the amount of top punishment.

The primary and secondary roads

special focus respectively, Bayi Road, Jianguo Road, Kunlun Avenue, xiadou street, Republic Road, Dongguan Street, the public street, 71 Road, Riverside Road, Nanchuan Road, South Street, North Street, Changjiang Road, victory road, 54 street, West Main Street, the Yellow River Road, Tongren Road, Xin Ning Lu, Haiyan Road, Qilian Road, Chaoyang Road, the road. The primary and secondary roads remediation mainly is prohibited vehicles long time parking, parking together formed to eliminate climate, increase the correction, ban, punishment, ensure the smooth road. read more

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The province’s 370 thousand people benefited from the construction of high standard farmland

reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Department of land and resources, our province, 12th Five-Year high standard farmland construction comprehensive evaluation of the recent acceptance by the state. According to figures show that over the past five years, the province has implemented a total of 124 land remediation projects, the completion of a high standard farmland area of 67 thousand and 200 hectares, the project involved in the 5 states, the 2 cities and counties have 370 thousand people benefit from the 26. read more

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Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics actively participate in the commemoration of the 90 anniversar

According to the unified arrangements of the Xining Municipal Committee, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal organization department, municipal organs, municipal Party carried out in Xining city to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party Chinese theory seminar, Municipal Statistics Bureau attaches great importance to the leadership, careful arrangements, meticulously organized research activities

according to the unified arrangements of the Xining Municipal Committee, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal organization department, municipal organs, municipal Party carried out in Xining city to commemorate the 90 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party Chinese theory seminar, Municipal Statistics Bureau attaches great importance to the leadership, careful arrangements, meticulously organized research activities. The broad masses of Party members and cadres to take the lead, with full of enthusiasm, scientific attitude, the spirit of seeking truth, rigorous style of study and actively participate in the commemoration of the 90 anniversary of the founding of the theoretical research activities. read more

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Xining City Senfang station in 2011 to implement the forest pest control four indexes and task

Recently, Xining City Senfang station held by the three county Senfang stationmaster and municipal departments responsible person in the 2011 implementation of the objectives and tasks of forestry pest control, on the implementation of the 2011 Xining city forestry pest control "four rate" indicators detailed arrangement and decomposition

recently, Xining City Senfang station held by the three county Senfang stationmaster and municipal departments responsible person in the 2011 implementation of the objectives and tasks of forestry pest control, on the implementation of the 2011 Xining city forestry pest control "four rate" indicators detailed arrangements and solutions. Senfang asked departments at all levels should fully emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, focusing on biological control of "four indexes" and focus on the task of harmful forestry in 2011, Xining city forestry pest quarantine, forecast, prevention and control work, and actively explore new mechanisms for Senfang work around the focus of forestry pest control work, innovative management methods and means, comprehensive do a good job of biological control of harmful forestry in 2011. read more

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Xining city public examination work supervision by parents throughout the interview SWAT

recently, the author from the Municipal Personnel Bureau, in 2009 the city public security police SWAT examination and interview conducted in June 13th and June 14th, representatives of parents as supervisor, the interview was monitored by.

it is reported that the police interview work presents four characteristics: first, the examiner and candidates continue to implement the double draw system, the whole draw process, candidates, examiners do not meet each other. Two is the supervision, interview draw and score assignment, calculation, summary and other sectors, the city discipline inspection and supervision department staff, NPC deputies and CPPCC members, media reporters, representatives of parents were full supervision. The three is to prevent fraud measures tight, all interview examination room, waiting room and toilet and other places to install wireless shielding, eliminate the occurrence of fraud. The four is the job interview transparency, parents take voluntary registration, randomly selected, identified three candidates parents as the police recruit interview examination of the supervisor, and in the "Xining Evening News" for the parents of the publicity supervisor. At the same time, through the news media, network and site posting and other forms of publicity for the interview, take the initiative to accept social supervision. read more

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Xining Center for Disease Control and prevention to carry out the 5 15 prevention and control of iod

May 15, 2011 is the lack of disease awareness day eighteenth in order to promote the prevention and control of iodine, iodine deficiency disease prevention knowledge, do well in the prevention of iodine deficiency disease on CDC campaign, according to the Municipal Health Bureau, around the "adhere to the scientific prevention and prevention of iodine deficiency disease" this one theme, within the city to carry out various forms of publicity educational activities.
by carrying out the prevention of iodine deficiency disease in various forms, full of sound and colour promotional activities, so that the masses fully aware of taking iodized salt is the most effective way to prevent iodine deficiency disease, the campaign has received the expected results.
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Provincial fifth inspection teams to inspect the situation of the Provincial Academy of social feedb

7 10, fifth provincial inspection teams to the party Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, feedback of special inspections, inspection teams on behalf of leader Gao Xinrong conveyed the important instructions of provincial Party Committee on patrol work spirit, the feedback of the special patrol situation. Provincial Academy of Social Sciences party secretary Chen Wei presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Gao Xinrong pointed out that in recent years, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences party around the provincial government work suggestions, and actively create think-tank platform, enhance the external academic exchanges, grass-roots level to carry out research, better play the role of think tanks. In the inspection, inspection team found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some problems, mainly: weakening the party’s leadership, implement the main responsibility is not in place; all strictly lax is not real, life of the party organization is not perfect; there is a gap between the academic research on the implementation of the Party leadership team; violate the provisions of the central eight Jinerbuzhi and provincial spirit the provincial government 21 measures; making use of the work is not rigorous. Meanwhile, the inspection team also received a number of leading cadres involved in the problem reflected in accordance with the relevant provisions of the relevant departments to deal with. read more

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Xining summer tourism ranked thirteenth in the country

when the number of domestic stove temperature all the way hurricane, Xining people are still in the end to wear short sleeved or long sleeved tangled. Reporters learned from the Qinghai Provincial Tourism Bureau, according to the relevant departments to assess, in July, Xining summer tourism in the country’s 60 major tourist cities ranked in the top thirteenth. At the same time, according to the release of Chinese Tourism Research Institute "in 2013 Chinese City summer tourism development report" shows, Guiyang, Harbin, Xining as the representative of the domestic tourism destination image has been gradually established, "has been recognized by the professional organizations summer summer status. read more

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Sanjiang National Park media line departure today

to vigorously promote Sanjiang source pilot national park system, display the results of the source region of Sanjiang ecological protection and construction of the National Park Service in August 22nd, by the Sanjiang provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the source (chips), people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, Qinghai daily, Xining evening news and other 11 media to participate in the "Sanjiang National Park for the media" activities started.

this interview lasted about 10 days, the interview group will have to Yushu, Guoluo Prefecture, Haixi Prefecture, vigorously promote Sanjiang source of the national park system pilot work, which is an important measure of our province and an ecological civilization reform. read more

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Xining city court to provide legal help for the healthy growth of young people

this year, Xining City District People’s Court of juvenile cases courtroom in the trial of criminal cases involving minors, minors to imitate the film and television works in the plot, gathered together the implementation of intentional injury, robbery, kidnapping and other serious cases caused by the judges’ attention. In response to these characteristics, the hospital combines learning and practice activities, and actively create a healthy environment for the healthy growth of young people to provide legal help. read more

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Qinghai cultural publishing industry to cancel the decentralization of 28 administrative examination

Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of culture and the press and publication, Qinghai Cultural Press and publishing industry to cancel the decentralization of 28 administrative approval items. Since October 2012, the State Council issued a 3 successive cancellation and decentralization of administrative examination and approval decision; in July this year, the provincial government issued the "Qinghai Provincial People’s government intends to decide the cancellation and adjustment of administrative approval directory", again to cancel and decentralization of a number of administrative approval items, involving a total of press and publication of 28 administrative approval items. Among them, the cancellation and decentralization of cultural and news publishing and administrative examination and approval items 27, modify the Cultural Press and publication of the administrative examination and approval of the project 1. In order to fully implement the spirit of the State Council and the relevant documents of the provincial government, to ensure that the cultural news publishing industry administrative examination and approval work smooth and orderly transition, culture and news publication issued a notice requiring the cultural news publishing industry to strictly implement the State Council and the provincial government to cancel and decentralization of administrative approval matters, to ensure that the State Council and the provincial government decided to ask the implementation of hundred-percent.   read more

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The endowment insurance system reform of the public questions

with the State Council issued the "organs and Institutions Pension Reform decision", "dual track", the Chinese market economy reform in the process of special terms, in the field of pension is about to become history. This means that China’s civil servants, public institutions will no longer be fully funded by the financial commitment, they will be the same as corporate workers, individuals pay part of the pension insurance.

, synchronization establishment occupation pension and the basic old-age insurance system, that is to say occupation pension is a supplementary form of the basic old-age insurance. Occupation annuities as some of the benefits of good business, the establishment of enterprise annuity in the payment of the basic pension insurance for employees at the same time, the future of workers after retirement, can receive pension insurance + enterprise annuity, this way is a form of supplementary pension insurance. Similarly, the institutions established occupation pension system, monthly pay 8% of total wages, employee monthly wages 4% payment, the payment amount included in personal occupation pension accounts, retirement can be based on personal account accumulation and related agreement, occupation annuities plan hair. Currently, the relevant state departments are formulating relevant rules.

[Department reply Keywords: retirement benefits shrink]

institutions all in-service personnel, the implementation of "old methods and new system, people gradually transition". The so-called "old man", October 1, 2014 before retirement, this part of the crowd retirement benefits unchanged, and in the future treatment of adjustment; the so-called "new", namely October 1, 2014 after participating in the work of the staff, this part of the population according to the calculation method to calculate the new basic pension, basic pension = basic pension + personal pension accounts, of course, will have the occupation pension; the so-called "people", that is, after October 1, 2014 to participate in the work of retired personnel, the implementation of transitional measures to this kind of person.
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The National Model City Steering Group in Xining to create work investigation supervision

In October 20th, the National Office of the deputy director of Pakistan mouguo led national support office fifth steering group for investigation, investigation supervision of Xining city to create the national model city work. Deputy Secretary of Municipal Committee and Secretary Su Rong, municipal committee, political commissar of the Xining garrison Wang Kailin, deputy mayor Jin Jiuchen and the provincial Civil Affairs Department and the provincial and municipal double support office accompanied by the responsible person. read more

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Strive to build three areas a city of two states will set up Vocational Colleges

government work report proposed to set up an open university in Qinghai and Xining, Haidong, Haixi 3 higher Career Technical College, what is the Qinghai Open University? What are the 3 higher vocational colleges? How many professional? How to recruit students…… With these questions, the reporter interviewed the relevant representatives and members of the two sessions.

Qinghai Open University is a new type of University

it is understood that the Qinghai Open University is a new type of higher education based on the establishment of the Qinghai Radio and TV University open distance education. The school supported by modern information technology, academic education and non academic education, for all members of society, emphasizing quality education resources gathering, integration and sharing, that supported by modern information technology, to explore the integration of modern information technology and education depth. read more

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Volunteers go to the streets to persuade uncivilized

In order to solve the problems of uncivilized behavior and the city environment in the presence of the public, to further improve the city civilization and civilized behavior public image, from October 24th to November 24th, Xining will launch a month long guide civilized persuasion of voluntary service activities.

activities through the public uncivilized behavior of persuasion, guidance and environmental supervision, to further standardize the behavior of public civilization, improve the public awareness of civilization; by monitoring the appearance and public order, to solve the existing problems in the urban environment, enhance the comprehensive quality of citizens and city civilization. Through the guidance of civilized volunteer service activities, so that the general public to establish a good civilized behavior, to develop a good habit of observing rules and regulations. Through the supervision of the city appearance and environment, and urge the relevant departments to carry out the management, to promote the city more clean, more beautiful environment, better order, more harmonious society.  
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The delegation of Qinghai proposed to support the construction of renewable energy base in Hainan

to attend the twelve session of the National People’s Congress of the Qinghai delegation proposed to support the province’s Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and Haixi Mongolian and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of tens of millions of kilowatts of renewable energy base construction.

pointed out that the proposal, Qinghai abundant solar energy resources, the total radiation amount after Tibet, ranking second in the country, Haixi area can be used for solar power in Gobi desert land area of 99 thousand and 600 square kilometers, and the flat open terrain, convenient traffic conditions for the comprehensive development of ranks first in the country, is the best area to build large-scale photovoltaic power plant. Since 2010, the province to give full play to the advantages of solar energy resources, comprehensive development conditions and other advantages, to promote the development of photovoltaic power generation in the scale of more than 1 million kilowatts per year. As of 2015 grid connected photovoltaic power plant installed capacity of 5 million 640 thousand kilowatts. And has completed the planning of Hainan Haixi two renewable energy base, base planning target installed capacity of 66 million kilowatts, of which thermal, photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower is respectively 3600, 1300, 850, 8 million 500 thousand kilowatts, is scheduled to be completed before 2025. read more

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Work as a career to open up a new sky

Work for him, and not just a day by day, but contact with different things, so that their work more thorough and comprehensive understanding. Zhang Peng never thought that work is boring, but it as a career, into the enthusiasm and hard work, to find their own new sky.

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Xining city police in Chengdu seized 513 grams of methamphetamine

west of Xining City Public Security Bureau recently successfully destroyed a trans provincial drug gangs, arrested 4 drug trafficking suspects in Chengdu, seized a new drug (meth) and a total of 513 grams, drug trafficking vehicles of the car 2.

at the beginning of August this year, City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade in the investigation of drug trafficking cases together, found Mr. Han are suspected of drug trafficking, immediately set up a joint task force of Han to carry out the investigation, and formulate the detection program. Task force after careful investigation found that this is a complex group of drug trafficking cases across the province, the Provincial Public Security Bureau narcotics Corps will be the case as a provincial target supervision case. After nearly 4 months of painstaking efforts, in December 1st, the gang suspects carrying large amounts of cash to Chongqing. Police suspect may be analyzed to go to buy drugs, keep a close eye. But the cunning suspects temporary drug trading locations in Sichuan, Chengdu province. The group decided to close the net, overnight train to the city of Chengdu in the provincial narcotics corps and local public security organs under the strong support, in December 6th in Chengdu City, Longquanyi Longquan Street North Road will repeatedly transform trading location suspects Mr. Han, Jiang Jiang, army arrested, and seized the drug (ice) 513 grams, seized drug trafficking car 2. Tushen, in the area near the Beiquan road and the other suspects arrested Rui rui. Upon review, the 4 suspects confessed to the crime. read more

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