UAE Rejects Any Move Against Moroccos Security Territorial Integrity

Rabat – Emirati Ambassador in Rabat Salem Al Kaabi conveyed a message from the UAE president during the symposium on “Sheikh Zayed and his role in building relations between the United Arab Emirates and Morocco,” which opened on Tuesday in Rabat.In his message, Al-Nahyan said that his country rejects “any attack on the security, stability of Morocco.” He added that the UAE backs all measures taken by Morocco to face the challenges that threaten its integrity.The president said the UAE is determined to consolidate the distinguished relations between the two countries. He noted that the two countries maintain “fraternal and solid” ties founded by King Hassan II and the late Sheikh Zayed.Read Also: Tunisia Offers to Mediate Between Morocco, Algeria“Thanks to their patriotic conscience and their strong will, the [late leaders], peace to their souls, have managed to lay the foundations of a fruitful cooperation and a strategic partnership, one that is exemplary and privileged relations, which drew from their strength of spiritual rapprochement and a convergence of positions and interests as well as an unshakeable faith in the community of language, religion, civilization and destiny,” he said.The UAE president echoed a similar message addressed by King Mohammed VI to the participants of the symposium.In his message, the King said that the symposium aims to celebrate the “longstanding relationship” between the two countries.He also recalled Morocco’s pride over the relations uniting the two royal families.The UAE has long supported Morocco’s territorial integrity. In October, the Gulf country reiterated support for Morocco’s cause at the 4th Committee of the United Nations General Assembly.The country also supports Morocco’s autonomy plan, which it deems as serious and credible to move towards an agreed upon and mutually acceptable solution to the Western Sahara conflict.