Visiting artist displays work at a Vancouver intersection

Donna Szoke’s art, shown here on a colourful screen outside the CBC, is on display in Vancouver.A video installation by an assistant professor of Visual Arts is being displayed at a Vancouver intersection to celebrate the city’s 125th anniversary.Donna Szoke’s two-minute animation “Canoe” is playing on the CBC screen on Hamilton at Georgia. In the digitally altered image, the silhouette of a canoeist and a moving canoe are seamlessly replaced with the background image of the moving water and sky. The animation was created by digitally redrawing 1,800 frames.Szoke is a visiting artist at Brock’s Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Arts. She has also produced numerous video and film works and shown her work internationally.“Canoe” is showing as part of Vancouver’s 2011 Public Art Program.• See the animation