Keywords bottleneck method and optimization of website of choice

search engine search webmaster tools, a bunch of out, including online type, there are also software type, the author recommends the use of online, because online type for the actual data is relatively close, because the update speed of online type relatively faster. Take the love of Shanghai index. Love Shanghai index is indeed a lot of search keywords, because he can give a detailed flow according to your search terms, compared to that of a day, a month, a quarter, a year can give you a list of. The search for the best keywords, don’t just look at one day and one month, at least from a quarterly perspective, to see whether the word flow stability, if you find a now flow, when they make up no flow of rotten words, then you cry. read more

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How to do a lot of stationmaster and different industry website optimization

talk about a webmaster how multi different industry site optimization

the Shanghai Longfeng owners are very clear, the first is the site of the shape, structure, title, description, content, keyword layout, domain name, space, program. These also do website optimization is done, these are good and we can like each big search engine submission site (Yu Ming), we can start our next keyword ranking optimization.


it is much simpler, because the first step of the whole optimization site ready on the left of the three step is to insist on doing every day, website update, Links, exchange chain. In fact, " read more

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Long tail keywords better do the traditional Shanghai dragon concept needs optimization

long tail keywords general words more often, from 2 to 3 words (words or phrases), it has strong features, extending object search precision, wide coverage.

can bring effective flow, the traditional Shanghai dragon view, if a web site can cover the long tail keywords involved in the industry rankings more good, it means a better user experience, can not only promote the website target keywords ranking, but also for the benefit of the construction of website brand.

but "long tail keywords" is the website to have the covering scale content involved in the industry (at least hundreds of thousands of pages) – not enough scale content being included in the search engine index, it can not form a long tail continuous production mechanism, it is difficult to obtain from the search engine, the size of the long tail traffic continued. read more

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Site is not in the analysis of keyword ranking home page

Xiaobian summary, the chain should follow the quality, not just quantity, Xiaobian this lesson is painful, Xiao Bian here to remind people of Shanghai dragon chain to do it, not concentrated release, and reduce the waste of the chain is released, do I have excellent people.

recently small website for a kind of let people remain perplexed despite much thought phenomenon, using the site query to find domain name website domain name is not in the first home page. Because many are the Shanghai dragon website site home is not the first judgment is the website down right behavior. However, Xiaobian careful inquiry love Shanghai Baike explanation, right down to explain the Encyclopedia also said so. Originally a small series of Web site keywords ranking should not be in the home, but the small query keywords, keyword ranking was first found on the first page. Why is this happening? Small after a few days of reflection from the following aspects of judgment. read more

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Taobao a year off site how to love Shanghai 7 100 thousand weight flow analysis

analysis of the website chain: the chain number 606; the main source of the website chain (see directly with a picture to explain everything!)

still feel love Shanghai 6.28 and "black Friday" for the website which will have Taobao guest website, why this seems garbage sites have not been K? What this site is "not secret"



chain does not have any advantage, a 1 year and 2 months the site only 606 outside the chain, and the chain is the most Shanghai dragon why forum signature and forum posting (or submission), and did not find the so-called high quality chain. read more

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Six tips on novice website optimization

: the first leak filled, site survey.


twenty-first Century is the era of the network, and now the site is a very common method of publicity. This method is low cost, easy, and saves much time, so everyone will generally use website propaganda. However, some people in the website publicity at the same time, the role is very little, the effect is greatly disappointed. If this is the case, what should we do?

second: the key outstanding, high quality content.

How much will affect the ranking website read more

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The enterprise website optimization ranking share tips

link strategyThe


1, the website structure

in the process of website optimization must be with the aid of statistical tools, statistical tools can help you find you need those keywords improved, can help you find your target customers are mainly distributed in the area etc..

chain for the emperor, so the enterprise must do station links, including links here, do Links, can also go to the website or blog post in some posts are outside the chain,

enterprise website pages are generally relatively small, the relative content is relatively small, regardless of the website ranking and customer is a loss, the same way, whether it is the search engine or the site’s target customers are willing to see a very full website, website rich products, so enterprises should add a a blog program, which can enrich the content of the website, a result is reached at the same time there will be a better ranking in search engines. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng practitioners how to make Shanghai Longfeng took website optimization

Shanghai dragon new site how to do practitioners took over Shanghai dragon

many companies found early professional person or company to do site optimization, the latter need to do the maintenance on the line. But because the investment is not enough so the novice to optimize the site, for the guardian of Yuan Kun’s advice is: under normal circumstances, the website does not have what problem, title, keywords and description of the website is more perfect and the maintenance work is mainly around the keyword of the website, users search words, customer needs to update the content, appropriate release of external links, exchange Links etc. do optimization. read more

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The rapid increase of the website included you really know how to do

search engine to a decision whether the content included, quality is the most critical content, and trust in your webmaster can know the spider love fresh and unique content, so also appeared in the Shanghai dragon optimization from the original content on said, a high quality original content not only good the user experience at the same time, the search engine is to give a high evaluation, this article is a kind of unique delicacies, let the spider love, then why not to search engine included? Of course we all know especially the new general is not easy all included, so that the original content is a stick with the process of accumulation. Perhaps the occasional day included a number, it proves that the original published content is released from the search engine, that is a surprise. read more

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The Robots txt file to the web site of the benefits

first, Robots.txt file save server broadband

We all know that

as a web site optimization personnel, we are well aware of the importance of the Robots.txt file on our website, Robots.txt file is a text file, it is like the site map, search engine to point the way, when a spider search site, it first climb to check if the Robots.txt file exists the root directory of the site next, if present, the search engine will be in accordance with the contents of the file to determine the scope of access, if the file does not exist, then the search engine will link to crawl along. The programmer should be aware of the documents to our website which has brought benefits when setting the Robots.txt file read more

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Use the bottle let your enterprise stand increased 50P

threw the bottle with the same important signature with the signature, out of strategy, not as clever small brush. My approach is: bastard!! so late to do PPT, who will put online logo pictures down? Do PPT want to use computer mouse vulnerable! (you) even if the poison can love Shanghai, thank you all good (look).

As for why

this passage first showed that I used to do PPT.

Ready to work:

I will not summarize, I will put my actual operation flow to you said it.


this depends on the individual creativity, for example: my company website (your website) to use my photo propaganda, fortunately photogenic oh. See this in front of the head with the signature, I believe that most people will go to see see. When others point in not just at home, but also for corporate image advertising there will be at least 4, click on the 5 page, you said this flow to read more

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The idea is too Share a love of Shanghai website rankings included abnormal records

The results showed that

feedback, I repeatedly went to see this grab failed:

what is this: my blog now love Shanghai included abnormal bleak! And I also told what love I reprint blog friends, do not reprint within half a month post, because I thought that to love Shanghai not included, ranking drop serious is because I have replaced theme –> months; in 360 sites guards –> articles are caused by quick transfer.

from the beginning of May, publish the article is no longer included, the index fell from the 4800 now about 1000 read more

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The optimization direction of Shanghai dragon r personal workplace talk

so, in full consideration of the actual workplace.

two, combined with the actual choice of strategic, low level of competition, even the long tail word

well, for a website to be optimized, three large, web site keywords selection and deployment, the chain optimization, the construction of the chain, the first one, in this chain, the workplace of Shanghai Longfeng R can not completely control, second fast, workplace Shanghai dragon r also faces the leadership of the company to optimize the effect of the test that is leading to the effect, result, purpose. If, 2-3 months, the optimization effect because of various factors, or not what effect, then, Shanghai dragon r workplace conditions will become increasingly embarrassing. This is why the workplace, Shanghai dragon R, the core optimization direction is "reason" of the selected keywords. read more

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