How to choose a good forum outside the chain

four, the registered forum has been collated and published articles, the best in the relevant sections. Of course, in order to save time, can all the forum the same article (mostly forum special irrigation or advertisement plate, if some forum conditions more limited, just to find a separate article in their forum plate)

five, every time the article is analyzed, which recorded the piece which the forum included the highest rate, included the most long (this will be a long time before we know) later in those sections. read more

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The future will be the social world of Taobao customersThe nternet gangster entrepreneurial attitud

still have a future as a Taobao customer? This is a problem that many API Taobao passengers and single page Taobao passengers are concerned about. Some have given up, and some have struggled. Looking at the meager income every day, or even a meal before meals. The future of the road is very confused, think Taobao customers this profit model has come to an end. And now to say the beauty, mogujie, dolphin said that the rise of this social Taobao passengers, for doing a single page Taobao shock is very large. And I think, do Taobao customers still still have money. In a rapidly changing Internet era, we should seize every opportunity for transformation, and the socialization of Taobao customers is a way of transformation and innovation. The following I would like to talk about their future socialization of Taobao customers some insights. read more

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Love Shanghai on whether the keyword density is still fond of

most of the time, we found that others website, keyword density is 0, but the ranking is still very good, like the site map, the density is far from the minds of the webmaster friends 2% to 8% of the index, but the ranking is very good, it can explain the love of Shanghai do not pay attention to the keyword density? No, a the website ranking is not a target site and decide, but by an index to determine the overall site keywords ranking, such as the title of the website, website structure, content, outside the chain, but the content and the chain which is still the most important part of Shanghai dragon, because we found many words of the site with the site is irrelevant, but the ranking is very good, this time to be sure, but this site has a certain weight, gave the keywords do the anchor Text links. For multiple keywords appear their web site www.weijiaqimo贵族宝贝 in the inflatable toys, are not deliberately appeared, because the site with these products are very relevant, can not appear, in fact, an eye can see. To take a look at the screenshot: read more

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Suitable for small and medium sized enterprises do several methods of search engine marketing

I would like to talk about the concept of search engine marketing, what is the search engine marketing? Search engine marketing referred to as SEM, is based on the use of search engine users, users retrieve information using the opportunity possible marketing information to the target user. Use this way to increase the company’s brand exposure, thus increasing the effective flow of the site, and then get more potential customers, and promote more transactions. Search engine marketing his core idea is to let users find information through the Internet platform, and through the click into the website for more information. So how to make good use of the Internet entrance of the ocean read more

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The acquisition of search search integrated sequel how to play


search engine integration

is a search engine, in the view of the square dimension network, its core assets are mainly five. One is the brand equity, which belongs to the intangible assets, can be estimated according to the search engine market share; one is technical assets, mainly is to search the proprietary technology and intellectual property, different search engines search technology will certainly exist differences. One is personnel assets, namely the search engine operations team, including agents in different regions. One is the customer resource assets, namely in the search engine advertising advertisers. A search is affiliated the content of assets, such as Wikipedia, ask and so on. Therefore, the integration between search engines, it is the integration of five assets. Integration and customer resources between the two operations team more easily, and technology integration is more difficult, this is because the search technology is a new undertaking and continuity of the technology, it is difficult to achieve short-term blend of two kinds of technology. Brand asset integration efforts, depends on two search engines with the cooperation of the determination. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization of misunderstandings of small and medium sized enterprises website

did not work very impatient misunderstanding!

now hop phenomenon is very common, but in Shanghai Longfeng optimization in this industry, the phenomenon is more serious, a big reason for this phenomenon is the small and medium enterprises to optimize the work of Shanghai Longfeng understanding is not very deep, or give the staff a lot of pressure, such as allowing them to put the website the key to optimize up within a month, no matter how competitive this keyword, or is indifferent to the Shanghai dragon staff, regardless of how you optimize the workload, anyway, salary is just a bit like a department decoration only, which naturally leads to the loss of Shanghai dragon and unstable read more

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Site content first at the statistical tools or will show you the way

Of course

this is the era of big data, an exquisite precision marketing era, precision marketing is what? Rely on is not to send data to do more accurate promotion for eyes? So the data no matter what industries are very important. For we do website optimization of people that is more important, the data here suggest that every day you go to the site observation. In fact, when it comes to this website data there are many things to say, but today just want to speak a little bit with you, that is the use of data to do the content. Keywords using statistical tools inside user search come in to do the content, keywords only statistical tools inside is the real needs of users. read more

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Striker electric business circle love Shanghai Shanghai dragon ranking analysis

4, keyword density. I use Webmaster Tools query, seven separate sites home page keywords love Shanghai "electricity business circle" of the highest density was 8.6%, the lowest was 0.2%, the average density was 3.6%. Open the seven sites we can find the keyword "electric business circle" basically distribution is very uniform and reasonable, not piled.

1, "electricity business circle" of the word love Shanghai top several pages of the snapshot of the uniform. We often find a love Shanghai search volume, competition behind large words often appear a few home page snapshot a week away. As for "electric business circle" the race is the key, is a necessary step to ensure the update. read more

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How fast do share the high quality of the chain

The correlation between


, a quick access to outside the chain of high quality


four, ask the chain and classified information

the Shanghai dragon for more than a year, now every day to keep the hair outside the chain of more than 10, many people have asked me, why do you have so many outside chain resources can be made, can put the chain method to share. I want to say is actually the chain really is inexhaustible, inexhaustible, but you have not found a way. Now I share my search for the chain method. read more

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Geeks Park singularity innovator summit approaching you can not miss the ten major pointsA little

yes, that once operation Tesla CEO eilon musk · China debut, · singularity and detonated over jet backpack and UAV wave; innovators summit again. As geeks Park Annual Scientific and technological event, singularity meeting will be landing this year, China’s capital city of Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai Geek who brought an unprecedented scientific and technological experience.

July 15th, 16, two days, at the Shanghai science and Technology Museum, a gathering of global technology leaders and business elite event is about to begin. At present, the agenda of the meeting have all been released, 2000+ professional attendees, 100+ global science and technology innovation of enterprise CEO, 500+ executives of listed companies, as well as representatives of hundreds of billions of industrial capital will launch various forms of "happiness" theme around the science and technology discussion. read more

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Clear the site optimization objective the optimization work on guidelines

if we are tired.

website optimization has penetrated into every field of the Internet, the website optimization are also growing. However, what is the website optimization for? Perhaps there are a lot of Web site optimization personnel as long as the good technology is enough, and the problem is not. Every day they just habitually to try to increase the chain, and chain website snapshot observation etc., for this problem, but never think, perhaps that is not worth the attention. It is not, if not even do what, then what could also not complete, but do not know now exactly at what stage of their whereabouts also have nothing to say. So we do website optimization, want to pursue and what read more

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A Shanghai dragon ER Shanghai Dragon Book customers

I think, most customers are most concerned about the second half of the sentence "to bring more business", then, the author wants to ask ER a number of Shanghai dragon, we are really good for customers to do that?


have a high conversion rate, the customer’s own products easier said than done, remove and price factors, the user experience of the site itself (directly related to customer loyalty), and gross flow into the web site are Shanghai dragon ER counterparts must be considered. read more

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A few points need to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon log analysis

spider frequent access to the web site, that love website, often to see the content of the website is updated, the website is a good thing. If the ten and a half months to come again, the website content may be hard to update, also increase the number of the chain guide, visit the website spider. The length of stay can reflect the degree of web spider love, one thing to note is that, if the residence time is long, but grab low there is a problem, may be on the spider web site content to crawl web content or difficult, low quality of lead. These three indicators should be taken together, will get more valuable information. read more

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What’s wrong with you Such original article is rubbish


at this time, the webmaster do not agree, the title of the party is to be done, or you can click? But I worked hard but the content of a word play out, absolutely original content

webmaster simply understand it, the article did not appeal, users don’t like chant, although it is original. The most intuitive experience is that the simple look, what about your article? This is not to say that the content of

first of course is to facilitate understanding, for example, one day, you hope to see the house, first set a good position, there are simple decoration, wall brush white, plus a few simple pieces of furniture, you experience that I bought this house, I want this re decoration, furniture to buy, to set it, also want to buy a big bed, bought it, so, so. But you haven’t decided to buy, so at the second house, the wall is not a good brush, the pipe is blocked, the toilet is blocked, not as pleasing to the eye, then your experience is the developers you don’t pass the wall better? Not furnished with a few pieces of furniture so that interested people can do a good arrangement of fantasy? Virtual whole house is empty, read more

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The recent love Shanghai continued to adjust you get what revelation


2, the content must be of high quality, the previous content can go around in search engine according to the interception of some inspiration, I now get the website content must be carefully, to be truly useful to the user, if the Internet has too much content you have to copy or false original, so is the murder of their website.

1, as a site must be updated every day, my new website built, stick to update two articles every day, if one day you are not, please excuse me your friends to help you to update the website, I feel this is the love of the Shanghai spiders crawl time must have new things. read more

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The three stages of the chain skills upgrading

so this stage friends began to choose between the platform of the hair of the chain, the effect really improved a lot. But he could not get the maximum effect, then to the third stage.

, some children’s shoes will find the chain have no much effect on the effectiveness of ranking, so they started online to find the reason. It is a place to send the chain has a problem, like you are selling shoes website, you went to the music forum to send a chain. Remember, love Shanghai is not stupid, to blow the garbage outside the chain is very simple. read more

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What is the anchor text and how to do the anchor text

link is called anchor text. We all know, the anchor text is to occupy a lot of proportion for optimization and ranking a lottery website development company, even now love Shanghai algorithm update, I think this is the anchor text of this

three, the anchor text should pay attention to the place.

? What is the

I said to be precise means you want to improve in which word ranking using that word do anchor text, of course, the premise is the word you choose is hoping to make up. For example, for example, my site is lomo camera, then I should add lomo read more

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The station optimization RO limit the ultimate breakthrough platform search marketing

first, the first step in force is the norm and smooth station. Shanghai Longfeng station optimization, see the specification URL not see, to see the UEO (user experience Optimization), mainly to avoid the punishment of the search engine, while ensuring the smooth access station. For users, access to the stability is the first step of the experience.

finally, the Shanghai dragon brand accumulation. The so-called thick product, in addition to the traffic on the thick plot, but also in shaping the brand of thick plot, platform or website itself as a brand, included in the optimization work, make the brand and website traffic symbiosis. In both sites and make the brand the principle of long-term accumulation. read more

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One and a half new domain name Shanghai ranked real love

One month before

I’m in a machinery industry company of Shanghai dragon, due to the company’s core keywords too much, impossible to do with a station, so I registered several new domain name. There is a good贵族宝贝 domain, a half PR is 2, the love of Shanghai included over a hundred, and there is a core keywords love Shanghai ranked first. Here is how I do.

2, I registered more than 15 blogs, and in the blog I also released a large number of original information, the old and new domain name website domain names are put on the. read more

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Love Shanghai search engine guide 2 issued by the Shanghai dragon warned unfair

1, Shanghai people have sex before bidding so much, Shanghai dragon’s advantage lies not only can bring to a website ranking, also brought a series of changes in energy to the site, such as user experience, conversion, and so on all kinds of brand marketing effect, can bring great development to the site, and not just a a ranking. But you can not every word to do the bidding, Shanghai dragon and Phoenix can be brought to the site long tail keywords inexhaustible ranking, bring traffic and conversion rate than bidding for the difference, like A5, Chinaz these large long tail keywords ranking more rice with the same, obtained from the flow of the amazing ah. It is now a lot of small and medium enterprises are now doing Shanghai Longfeng, this is not love spending than Shanghai bidding for small, because Shanghai dragon can give site bring benefits not only ranking. Of course, now doing the bidding, while doing business in Shanghai dragon is also a lot of two-way development. read more

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