90 is the annual salary of 30W micro letter how they do it

Mark is a new media editor working for a Internet Co in Zhongguancun. This is Mark’s first job, he graduated this year, the University of electronic engineering. Because the push WeChat often typos, he was scolded by the boss. This is the third time this month that it has gone wrong. The boss asked him to calm down and think about their own true thoughts, he suddenly realized the problem.

"sometimes I don’t mind because I feel like a small potato.". Fans so little, I do these people will not know, and not much influence, who will look so carefully, always feel wrong one or two words also do not matter." Mark says. Since taking over the company WeChat, fans have been slow to grow, and reading has been hard to come by. Every day to find articles – line articles – send articles, repeat every day, and Mark do not know where their future lies. read more

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can’t live without my Baidu

my private publishing station after 3 months of efforts, and finally in the legend 3 legend 3, such as keyword ranking, although not ranked in the front position, psychological still feel a sense of success, such ranking

BAIDU brings me hundreds of traffic every day,.

I have lost, I also ah, but the next time a site is K good times don’t last long, a page, flow from a few hundred to tens, when the feeling is really heaven fell to hell, depressed for several days, return to reason, because of their greed, desire is too high, always want to keywords can improve the rankings, because this drives this desire, I insist every day to learn SEO and use online uuu4f station to do the experiment, do do, do today’s website appearance, also think do SEO optimization will have a good rankings, read more

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4 a website construction of reading

doing websites now seems to be a job for every enterprise or team – whether your industry is related to the Internet or not. On average, I receive one or two calls a week asking, "what are we going to do for a website, what technology should I use, PHP, Java, or?". NET? Where should we hire developers? What websites are we developing now always have Bug? What should I do? As a former technician and current Internet employee, let me talk about my experience. Years of website work tell me a reason: Although the site seems simple, but must ask the right people to do. Domestic developers generally lack experience, a person who has been 2 years of development may think he is very cattle, want a low price, and eventually give you a very bad result. Conversely, if you’re looking for the right person – even if you’re the only one – using the right ideas, the site is simple. read more

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56 criteria for testing the maximum availability of your e commerce site

yes, you have your own e-commerce site, but is your site valid enough,


the answer is different on a successful website and a neglected website. Through the list, you can verify that your site is normal.

1. did you answer the user’s questions? Users browse a website because they want answers. So it’s important that your website provides the answers that users need.

2. does your navigation clear and simple? Make sure your navigation lets users know exactly where they are, what they can do, and where they can go. read more

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The end of the Taobao alliance CPT

is the former Taobao Union, Ali Mama advertising alliance, called alimama.com, Ali Taobao strategy after Ali mother and taobao.com merge, is now Taobao alliance is an advertising alliance platform, the main business is to provide Taobao on the basis of paid advertising (Taobao, CPS) and advertising (long time and billing CPT).

Taobao guest advertising business. This model is a win-win situation. The seller to provide goods will set a certain percentage of the Commission, because of the Commission, that there will be more people to help the promotion of goods, equivalent to broaden marketing channels, and finally pay commissions on the transaction, the seller concessions in part to promote, puerile. To promote the selection of goods, according to the hot degree, reputation dimension of goods, finally through the respective network channels to help sellers to sell goods, some goods can be profitable, the commission rate is still very impressive, you like to Burkina (hereinafter referred to as the author) for goods, a T-shirt, a 89.85 Commission (enough to buy one). Taobao alliance platform charges 10% Commission for Taobao customers. In this way, this model can be very good operation, multi win, I believe that this model, Taobao alliance chairman time operation down, big Taobao is a channel to supplement. read more

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Lu Xiaodong the self reflection of blog traffic decline

recently, every day to see the 51 background, a day of IP up to more than 60, mostly from Baidu, GG and other search engines, is through some long tail keywords, few are directly enter the URL to flow through. Reason: blog should be updated recently.


, one thing I do every day is to write an article to the two original articles, after writing the article sent to other blogs to other popular websites such as Sina blog post, submission, iResearch, stationmaster net, some forums etc.. Every day, writing original article is very tired, racking my brains to write the article, the purpose is to let others can come to your blog to see, even if look at a second, or go. read more

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How to build a popular blog

believes that many bloggers do want to make their own blogs. More people know how to improve their blogs, and many even want their blogs to become blogs. However, in China, nearly 340 million of the Internet users, more than half of people have their own personal blog, so many Internet users can make their blog become a blogger, it certainly is impossible. So how do you build a popular blog? Let’s talk about a few points worth noting.

first, the orientation of the blog topic should be clear, read more

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Examples illustrate the importance of changing operational thinking

Baidu’s recent update algorithm let the webmaster depressed, if better operation site? Below through a real case tell us about the importance of change management thinking and thinking of how to grasp the correct operation.

some time ago of a station, is a friend by chance know the website called E fan network. The data of the website is very good. When I first met this friend, I talked with him for about 5 hours. I asked a lot of questions when I was communicating. Pick a few questions that you may care about: how many people are there in your company? What optimizations do you use? How much do you earn from your website? read more

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About website S log analysis search engine crawler description

Title: about website IIS, log analysis, search engine, crawler description,

IIS text: the default log file in C:WINDOWSsystem32LogFiles, here is the Seoer edge server logs, through the view, we can understand the search engine spiders crawl through, such as:

, 2008-08-19, 00:09:12, W3SVC962713505,, GET, /index.html – 80 –, Baiduspider+ (+http://www.baidu.com/search/spider.htm) 2000 64

1, is search engine spider asks the website IP,

2, Baiduspider representative, Baidu search engine spiders IP is read more

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A rookie in the network company in three months of promotion

I am a graduating college students, in the network company 3 months internship, engaged in website promotion work experience, I experience it! During the promotion period, I have extended the three site, respectively, depending on the game, billion billion shichuangwang and one is my love her fashion. In fact, my ability is not strong, the three months I have been in practice! Over three sites for three months.

In fact,

promotion of the work is not what skills, skills and methods to promote the network on a lot, you can put one of the skills to do it all, can bring good traffic to your website. The promotion of the work hard, difficulty is to adhere to, not promotion after a period of time, can not see the effect, give up, this website promotion is the most taboo! First I just began to take over the site, is also the Yishi gaming network, the first day of work, are busy in the registered account ten blog, 50 big forum registration finished, add up all the account has more than 100, I now registered account speed was out of practice, ha ha, in the past, lay a good foundation for now. Then second days work, began to top.baidu.com blog.sina.com.cn and find some hot topics and popular content to do my promotion material, then add anything on your own website, and then use these articles to promote, promotion in the forum, the account closure is a common thing, so you need to post wonderful, shock, there is no excuse for allowing administrators to delete your post, this depends on your material, your material to new, best can resonate with readers. read more

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What is the most beautiful web design 8 Web design trends

This article is translated from

website design company weavora.com, introduced in the eyes of their 8 Web design trends: single page, with photos, the background color design, oversized images, concise, focused response type design, parallax scrolling and emphasize the font, each trend behind a number of cases, I believe there will be a certain reference the value of web designer.

is like a single page

on Apple’s Web siteThe design of

single page was less popular (either client or designer), but now the whole network can be seen everywhere. A reasonable explanation is that users are now accustomed to using the mouse wheel, and it is much easier to scroll up and down than to navigate between pages. read more

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New station built fifteen days independent P thousand

has done several small websites before, and accumulated some experience in building sites, but these sites are some small stations, using the two domain name, free space, it is difficult to have good prospects for development. So I decided to do a regular website, not too much, but refinement.

said he did it and applied for an independent domain name for the new site. The next step is to define what the new website theme is good, download too much, video class do not understand, then, simply do a parenting class, called "beauty, said Tong family children are the flowers of the motherland, is the future of the motherland, I am also a contribution to the future of the motherland little strength. read more

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Simply put and my stall site wind and rain course

My name is Cui Yanlong

, high school culture, native soil in rural Henan, I am an ordinary person, very ordinary, not doing what things shaking heaven and earth after graduating from high school, went to work in a factory in Shenzhen, the work became popular, rural youth began to accept to work in the city, have a monthly salary of only 300-500 yuan, due to relatively poor family, need money, my heart is very anxious, see outside the factory there is a street vendor, there are several familiar factory colleagues in the stall, I also think the use of spare time to work outside the factory put stall point to do a little business to earn extra money, then hair get out of hand in the factory, also resigned, do full-time baidenan! Successively in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou, Nanyang, Zhejiang Hangzhou, Yiwu, Dongyang, Yunnan, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang and other places stall, doing the All kinds of street vendors, read more

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Teach your blog how to do 3 months 2 million traffic

a lot of people ask me, said his blog (http://huangquanyi.blog.163.com) over NetEase is how to do 3 months of the 2 million flow? Now, I sum up the experience, as long as we carefully read my experience, using some experience, you can ensure that your blog quickly become famous, traffic suddenly rose. Take a look at the number of visits are more than 500 thousand, and their own, only 500 people, is not a little envious of it? That’s OK. My experience here can immediately let your blog have super popularity. read more

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