Create your own sales circle with a new promotion modelNet money common trick

first look at the three mode key: Taobao shop is a pure trading relationship, the face of direct customers, the success rate depends on the product, customer service; Amoy promotion is the intermediary, the intermediary life is prestige, promotion is not only the product, is the credibility of the establishment, from the sale of this artistic point of view to cultivate the emotional foundation than the trade relations; site has the advantage of both of these two functions, to provide interactive applications. Look at the similarities: three patterns require active traffic to maintain success rates. "Active" traffic means the amount of traffic that must be created and maintained by itself. Once not maintained, the flow will be significantly reduced or even not. passive traffic is just the opposite. It can automatically generate traffic without maintenance or very little maintenance, and has an expansion mechanism. read more

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nternet worker’s road to entrepreneurshipCompared the sentiment of the three station on the search


Xia Tao: you know little about me in this respect. I graduated in 97 years, worked for Alibaba in 2001, and worked in global resources for 05 to 06 years. 06 only started my own company. In the field of foreign trade marketing, I have done for 10 years, for the export industry, for e-commerce, I also spent a lot of thought. Contact nearly 3 foreign trade enterprises, and they have also carried out the corresponding practice. E-commerce for many enterprises, individuals are greatly affected, and great room for development. read more

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nterviewed 2000 entrepreneurs or emotional intelligenceHonest not bully me a beginner in for the e

do Wangzhuan is this right, there is no other way but lie. In real life, people is illegal, not to jail, but in this virtual world, some people Wangzhuan, can say nothing, just cheat you to did not discuss. I think of the childhood love of martial arts novels, feeling like Wangzhuan industry arena almost everywhere, sinister, evil power, a martial art has been raging like a storm, all-powerful eventually disappeared. So I lose heart for a long time, basically no longer visit Wangzhuan forum, see those who make hundreds of thousands of words is not. read more

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Discussion of website operation Part one the way of profit of local portal websiteWhat areas will n

vertical segmentation in the field of major Internet services industry

to earn the money, the premise is your site flow, the visibility of the region is very high, with this environment in a "flea market" free information column, free and fee issued such regulations, of course, you have to ensure that people pay the effect. The flea market in Shenzhen information port is doing very well.

brief introduction: www.szinfo in Shenzhen port, the friends call him "Niu Niu", "Lao Niu" or "Niu Ge". Computer training, enter the society for more than six years. In six years, has been inside in the Internet industry practitioners, as a real player, and to know and do not know the pioneers together to promote the domestic development of the Internet industry, and made some excellent application case. E-commerce, network marketing, website operations, profit models, SEO, personal websites and other fields have a certain amount of research. read more

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92% of the SEO workers are so optimized moon cake group buying networkLeft hand grey hair right han

right, from the dark TUZUOQI in dust, a mixed open blog, forum, network security for interested students, a sixteen year old boy, such as age of consciousness.

he’s just a teenager, a hot blooded boy.

        9100 mobile phone that I used to pick a shot, night sight Xinshou browsing, but can’t move.

Xiaobian as a SEO worker, for this seasonal products, not for many years to optimize. This project is a long story, precisely because friends began to let small operation from last year, but just try to hold a common heart, because it is not a boom in group purchase at the time, two is when the small series is just the pursuit of a website ranking, which is also called the most simple SEO. Here, Xiaobian want to remind you, if you are new to SEO, you can use the most simple method SEO to accumulate resources and experience, but if you do have SEO a year, two years or more, you should do is Jiangmen moon group purchase network for users experience rather than ranking. Like the junior salesperson, when selling their products to customers, the most important thing in mind is the bottom line of the price of the product. The vision stays at the price of the product, and finally goes to a dead end. But a senior sales manager, he will forget the product cost to the customer, after the purchase of our products from customers will get what benefits of personal field for customers to consider, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing, with a goal, but with the way of thinking of the different methods, thus the rate of return is also different. read more

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Electricity providers practitioners must see every guest is doing so mobile nternetOn behalf of mem

6, where customers find, the best application stores and channels, including 360 mobile assistant, sh419, 91, pea pods, Tencent application treasure, Taobao Amoy applications, millet software mall, etc.. I think these app stores will account for 70% of all channels in the future.

"I had the worst should be the question of money, for example when we open the hotel, at that time I did not expect to do so, the money decoration, like sand to flow into, I only have teeth, then quickly collapsed, also do not know how to find the bank, how the money, because the bank must have collateral, only everywhere to borrow money," the National People’s Congress, Jiangxi GOLDENCOAST industrial company chairman Hou Yuwen entrepreneurial road, from the beginning of laid-off maibing gun. Recalling the hardships of entrepreneurship, she feels that money is the biggest bottleneck. read more

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Where is the way forward for the novice TaobaoThe Li Xiang review business for 16 years to write thi

for the grassroots webmaster how to make Taobao customers, make their sites survive? I am thinking Taobao + + customer information advertising alliance, for the novice webmaster, this chance of survival will be larger. Compare a month, space, domain name and other expenses is to take out.

time to about half of the dial, BBS Fido net to pop up, we use 14.4K Modem to start dialing, and mailing list as to discuss issues including recrimination. By the time I was in my sophomore year, I began to have personal websites, and I was able to surf the internet. I applied for my personal website, which is called the home of the video card, because the 3D display card was the hottest one at that time. At that time, I was ranked first in my port of information and another competitor ranked second. The second, who became my partner, fan zheng. read more

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On the nternet to make misleading to the beginner’s tutorial classUnicom lift remediation storm 21

I have a little time to contact Wangzhuan, deeply felt, after earning 300 Wangzhuan tutorial is not possible, although there are a lot of money to Wangzhuan branch blocks have to slow money. Although you can click on the type of money fast, do not invest in a day but 3-5 yuan of money, that is the webmaster Wangzhuan hang others advertising. New station, where there is flow, there is no traffic, then there is a click rate?!

now the ads are written so Wangzhuan class students finished the day to earn 300 I guarantee this is a conservative figure, make a lot of new entry Wangzhuan people think they learned to tread on air, earn 300 days, at least I don’t have to go to classes prompted by a sudden impulse to spend money, I feel very glad that my choice is correct. read more

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Taobao Trump if guests do promotionCai Wensheng from selling make up powder to beauty can’t live

, is my sworn brother Cai Baozhong. I knew from the precious and the first grade primary school, at the age of 7, we have sworn, at the age of 9, they moved to Hongkong. In 1984, Bao Zhong came back to see me, bringing back a 20 dollar pair of trousers to me, when a pair of pants, 20 dollars is unthinkable. Bao Zhong said he could make 3000 dollars a month, and for the first time I knew people could make so much money. You know, at that time I felt that if I could make so much money, my life would be perfect. In 1991, when I went to Hongkong for the first time, Bao Zhong took me to eat McDonald’s. I thought then, "how can there be such a delicious thing in the world?"". He also taught me to use ATM for the first time, and the two of us put it in and out of the ATM. The Enlightenment of my money concept comes from Bao zhong. read more

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Exposure 21 methods listed companies make the fake investors must52173 mom in practice increase th


example: if an enterprise’s new plant is recognized as a fixed asset, the cost after being put into use should be included in the current profits and losses, but it is included in the initial cost.

four, expense withholding / deferred / selective allocation

will belong to the cost of the project expenditure accounting into cost to achieve the purpose of the current tax deduction, costs or expenses will belong to the project in order to control the proportion of pre tax deduction and exaggerate the current profit objective. read more

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Media force entrepreneurship services the success of O2O businessWeb interaction design drop down bo

in the simple independent drop-down box, its options in different order, for the user’s eye movement and mouse movement, and click on the number will have a greater impact. Let’s take a simple example of figure A-:

diagram A

drop-down box is the main content of "+ + belonged to the type of property price". The order of the three is basically determined by the user’s search psychology for the new house and the logical relationships within it.

and titanium media was later not successful, take another road, is to ignore the line service organization, only vertical media advantage, but can only stare at last realized more difficult. read more

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Junior Girls since hemp beans open shop 10 people shop 9 people supportNational brand policy boost

"having an event is equivalent to having a money printer.". >

statistics show that in 2016, China’s outbound tourism spending amounted to 109 billion 800 million U. s.dollars, an average of about 900 U. s.dollars per capita. Although the number of outbound tourists accounts for only 3% of the total number of tourists, outbound tourism accounts for 16% of China’s travel expenses. This reflects a growth trend, but also contains many opportunities for sports tourism.


small West home in Hubei. A few years ago when I first entered the University, there is a small West open shop idea. In July last year, a friend after graduation, business shop is very successful, eventually quit working full-time. "People can succeed, I can." By this incentive, Xiao Xi decided to try, and her roommates and fellow. A total of 500 yuan of funds to start. read more

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How does the gem bubble break upDo Wangzhuan let my life become more intense

doesn’t have a good product experience, and where will it go back to

intelligent hardware, really is not you say is the subversion subversion, said the anti can, before the paper Hanvon technology was shot dead on the beach, after the music as it was besieged on all sides — excitement.

people do business with the government, is a popular hot drink, Enjoyor gross margin has declined in recent years, the latest to a quarterly has only 22%. What kind of smart city is this, and what’s the difference in gross profit margin between the factories that do shoes and toys along the coast? read more

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How should we correctly to understand the word WangzhuanDo Wangzhuan do need to start from the user

Sui with the development of economy, people’s living standard is getting better, the hands of the tickets and more, will Joseph, of course more money, spend too much money, everyone has many opportunities, who captured the hearts of customers, is equivalent to catch customer wallet.

in the studio for Wangzhuan good luck. Let’s develop together, work hard together and make money together,

second, perfect laws and regulations.


so this Wangzhuan studio, is such a combination of Wangzhuan what are introduced, what techniques are provided, that is to say, as long as the Wangzhuan relations will have mentioned, there are technical information. Here, let you know what is the real website, what is the real site planning. What is your book for wangzhuan. read more

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Many stations grew into a liar accomplice still in the darkFifth horizon mportant Notice

League pop-up ads are routine maintenance, maintenance period 08.2.13 15:00-18:00.

5., and then click the submit button, which shows the server error when processing URL. Please contact the system administrator. Don’t worry about it, turn this page off. Then go back to the home page of 91pm mall, refresh. Do you see M coins: 5?. Ha ha, if you see is also, the explanation is successful! originally thought that as long as repeat fourth steps repeat charge, will repeat recharge, the result found that at most can seem to charge 5, a little disappointed… read more

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Hand in hand to money with 51wan achieve 3 the year of the ox jumpWangzhuan feelings and future plan

through cooperation to promote connectivity, bringing new registration users within six months.

3, good faith team

51wan China’s first web game platform, while operating 10 different balance of different styles of web games, military, martial arts, animation, magic, everything, can provide more choices for players. The website only registered, the RMB can be replaced at any time to enter the game player game, the consumption cycle will be longer and more stable, to ensure that the joint promotion can obtain more lasting benefits. read more

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Online enterprise brand building to help companies solve performance and sales problems

yesterday we explored the importance of enterprise online brands and how to build brands. I wonder what business CEOs feel?. For enterprises, both listed companies and small and medium-sized enterprises have to build their own corporate brand. Enterprise brand is tantamount to your identity card. And now the enterprise has done a lot of promotion and Optimization on the internet. When the network marketing company also boast without shame say "my Internet business has been done not need" here I can not help but ask Mister 1: since you have made the Internet, why your business performance is not done? Why are you the enterprise product sales compared with their peers fall but so much? The answer is self-evident: This is the brand power! After all, the brand online can help enterprises to open sales channels to expand the market; establish and there can be no click performance solution enterprise Internet online brand, there is no flow problem read more

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The development of the website needs the team the way of my website development

before 2009, the construction and development of our focus on the site and their owners, in 2009 after the first legal portal website locates in the Hebei station, are faced with the problem of their energy is too limited, in their work on their professional tendency is more and more obvious, professional development can not meet the development of the website. Since 2009, I have set up a number of sub stations in my website in accordance with my plan. I have made great progress in both the specialized substation and the regional stations. The development of the website is really a complicated and interesting thing. I feel that no matter how much time and money it seems, I am thinking about it all the time. I think the development of the website is like a market. The more shops and more customers, the better the business will be. The development of sub stations was the same. After I set up the sub stations, I began to study how to set up the market". He is only a member of the team, every member of the team should benefit from it, of course, the premise is that we must work together and benefit together. Regardless of their own factors, the site how to develop greatly, the team is essential. My development train of thought: read more

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Site navigation transformation where will it go

Abstract: once the site navigation only need to consider the correct path and comprehensive coverage of the site, but now need to focus on differences and user experience, whether it is to survive, or after the entry, without exception.

feels that the site navigation seems to have been forgotten, but this is not the case. This year, 2345 site navigation to 2 billion 650 million yuan price was acquired, personalized navigation products iBox new into the market, a few days ago hao123 set up 15th anniversary commemorative, these let site navigation again lively. For Internet users who access WEB content, searching the home page (search engine) and navigation home page (URL navigation) have become synonymous with the Internet home page. As users demand more and more Internet experience, a change is taking place in the home page. At the end of July, Baidu search engine home once again face, advocating minimalist, and the user interface is more concise, feedback to the user is the result of "more accurate information Box Computing". For the navigation home, changes are taking place. read more

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H5 responsive station enterprise transformation new focus

H5 responsive website with its unique advantages, occupy the whole network marketing of new traffic entrance, the transformation of "Internet plus" for business success brought infinite possibility. In the mobile Internet era, we should thank the birth of H5 responsive website!

1, what is the H5 responsive web site


H5 responsive website using simple words to explain is to make your site in any size, any resolution and performance on any equipment can be perfectly presented, without pictures failed to load "defects and disorder arrangement may affect the browsing situation. read more

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